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Internet Recruitment

To speed up the process, you can hire the services of recruitment agencies. Such agencies in addition to the above methods have their own regularly published and updated database numbering many resume professionals. With this database you can set more complete and accurate search criteria than the Internet and find suitable specialists, among whom are not only all of the candidates presented by the Internet, but also the applicants found through other sources. Here, Electrolux expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The database can also contain information about the conducted interviews with candidates and test results. Search experts also carried out on professional workshops, forums, exhibitions and other events, which are often present experts from a certain area. All the above technologies are helping to find more potential applicants than for self-searching, as staff recruitment agency can cover virtually the entire market of available specialists. If you go to the well-known, proven company in the market where experienced researchers and analysts, trained by special techniques of recruitment, search is much quicker and efficient and saves you time and money.

One of the advantages of professional search is almost 100% guarantee that the employee needed to be found. By searching a specialist in the position of Chief accountant, you should remember that this profession has its own specifics. Requirements for these professionals are rather high, since the accountant must keep a track of all changes in tax and accounting legislation, which occur very often. In addition, it is worth remembering that their results are noticeable immediately, but after a while.

Candidate Probation

By passing this candidate probation in the new place of work (usually 2-3 months) we will pay you the agreed fee in advance. Benefits to the referees: – The more the circle of your acquaintances, the may be more your earnings – you can submit an unlimited number of candidates for an unlimited number of open positions – you have the right to receive royalties retained for 6 months after we receive a summary of the proposed candidate – you earn money at any time convenient for you – You do not need proof of qualifications and the proposed candidate is not required to have his resume, it's – our problem – we guarantee confidentiality for you and your candidate. Rules and restrictions for referees: Please Do not send us your CV with Job-site! These candidates, as a rule in our database. We are interested in before all, the so-called "Passive" candidates who are not currently looking for work. Recommend only suitable candidates clearly meet the requirements of the vacancy.

Do not throw us spam, otherwise we will have to place your a "black list" … Be sure to pre-check for "your" candidate in our database. Trust us, since we are interested to pay you a fee to create a wide network of referees, take advantage of your services and continue to maintain its reputation. We offer special conditions the most effective recommender, including freelancer status and bonuses. You can not recommend itself.

But you can just send us your resume if interested in any vacancy, or "the future". You do not have to ask the consent of the recommended candidate to the vacancy. If one person recommends several referees, the fee goes to the right of the first. The fee for advice paid any of the methods: – cash in our office – bank transfer – money order. In case of need issued a standard contract for personnel selection and paid taxes into the budget. Please promptly inform us about the changes their phone numbers so the fee is always found you!

Interview Preparation

You have decided to change jobs, write resumes and the right have been invited for an interview. You have prepared an appropriate costume and read about how to behave during the interview and what questions you can ask. What else you need do and what to prepare to enjoy a potential employer? Most importantly, you must understand that on the one hand, there are no irreplaceable people, but on the other hand, every person has a unique combination of experience, knowledge and skills that can be applied to future work. It is the totality of all abilities, as well as your desire to work is the driving force that encourages the employer to choose whether or not choose you. Without hesitation Douglas R. Oberhelman explained all about the problem. Why still want to work? Yes, because all have the necessary knowledge for the job in principle, impossible, and the employer is well aware. If the applicant does not know anything, then it can be teach, or he learned in the process. How quickly this happens will depend on the strength of his desire. Thus, we must show willingness to work and bring money to the company are greater than the employer should be invested in you. Learn more at: Ben Horowitz.

Who needs to work this issue is one of the most important of those that still need to figure out before the interview. The same specialist can perform various jobs, and it can be called differently. For example, the difference between the post of Chief of the training center and lab computer room is large enough, but only if the training center is more than one computer class. .

The Employee

Interview method is widely used in psychology and sociology and is a conversation in order to identify or other personality characteristics, motivation, intelligence, attitude toward work and personal life, his temperament, character, self esteem, etc. Descriptive assessment method is used as an extra and is used with to describe and identify the positive and negative traits appraisee. Classification method based on the ranking of employees in a specific criterion of best to worst by assigning an appropriate sequence numbers. The comparison method, or rankings, is designed to identify compliance with the employee position held by scaling the personal qualities of the employee. This method involves making a list of tasks and staff study of its activities taking into account the time spent on these tasks. This method takes into account how economically employee spends time and money. Quality of staff are assessed on a 7-point scale.

The method of independent judges included “cross-examination” of independent experts on various topics, including all areas of the employee. Typically, this type of evaluation is done by computer. During the testing officer offered to answer questions that give some answers. Testing technique is good because it allows you to reach a large number of evaluation criteria and allows computer processing. As a rule, the proposed tests are divided into psychological and physiological qualifications.

First allow us to estimate the personal qualities an employee can help determine the second degree of qualifications, while others reveal its physiological characteristics. In the framework of business games to evaluate personnel are specially designed simulated game situations to help evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork of staff, their ability to share the challenges and to identify the individual contribution of each participant. Decision is made by an expert observer commission. The method involves the achievements of joint identification of the key objectives of the employee, as well as the time frame. At maturity, the performance of the employee are estimated as a percentage. Comprehensive method, assessment or circular will assess the employee of his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. In addition to the professional assessment methods, there are criteria for assessing personnel within the company for which we can determine the quality and quantity of work, discipline and loyalty to the leadership. For example, assessing the quality of the work is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 – high level of accuracy and precision, the lack of need for additional testing, etc., and 1 – low quality of the work for errors, the need for constant validation. Similarly, assesses the amount of work performed. Score of 1 is assigned to the employee, who does the work slowly, spending a lot of wasted time and can not cope with the planned scope of work. If the employee does more than is expected of him, full of energy and ideas, it is assigned 5 points. Methods and forms estimates vary, depending on the specific goals of a company. Preparation and implementation of the method, as well as evaluation should be carried out by specialists in order to avoid distortions obtained results. Often certification is anxiety or negative attitudes of staff. To avoid such reactions, it is necessary to inform the staff about the aims, methods and consequences of an attestation. In evaluating need for appropriate conditions, including privacy and exclusion of distracting and annoying moments. Evaluation results must be reported to staff at this observing literacy, confidentiality and sensitivity, even if the results are unfavorable.