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The Employee

Interview method is widely used in psychology and sociology and is a conversation in order to identify or other personality characteristics, motivation, intelligence, attitude toward work and personal life, his temperament, character, self esteem, etc. Descriptive assessment method is used as an extra and is used with to describe and identify the positive and negative traits appraisee. Classification method based on the ranking of employees in a specific criterion of best to worst by assigning an appropriate sequence numbers. The comparison method, or rankings, is designed to identify compliance with the employee position held by scaling the personal qualities of the employee. This method involves making a list of tasks and staff study of its activities taking into account the time spent on these tasks. This method takes into account how economically employee spends time and money. Quality of staff are assessed on a 7-point scale.

The method of independent judges included “cross-examination” of independent experts on various topics, including all areas of the employee. Typically, this type of evaluation is done by computer. During the testing officer offered to answer questions that give some answers. Testing technique is good because it allows you to reach a large number of evaluation criteria and allows computer processing. As a rule, the proposed tests are divided into psychological and physiological qualifications.

First allow us to estimate the personal qualities an employee can help determine the second degree of qualifications, while others reveal its physiological characteristics. In the framework of business games to evaluate personnel are specially designed simulated game situations to help evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork of staff, their ability to share the challenges and to identify the individual contribution of each participant. Decision is made by an expert observer commission. The method involves the achievements of joint identification of the key objectives of the employee, as well as the time frame. At maturity, the performance of the employee are estimated as a percentage. Comprehensive method, assessment or circular will assess the employee of his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. In addition to the professional assessment methods, there are criteria for assessing personnel within the company for which we can determine the quality and quantity of work, discipline and loyalty to the leadership. For example, assessing the quality of the work is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 – high level of accuracy and precision, the lack of need for additional testing, etc., and 1 – low quality of the work for errors, the need for constant validation. Similarly, assesses the amount of work performed. Score of 1 is assigned to the employee, who does the work slowly, spending a lot of wasted time and can not cope with the planned scope of work. If the employee does more than is expected of him, full of energy and ideas, it is assigned 5 points. Methods and forms estimates vary, depending on the specific goals of a company. Preparation and implementation of the method, as well as evaluation should be carried out by specialists in order to avoid distortions obtained results. Often certification is anxiety or negative attitudes of staff. To avoid such reactions, it is necessary to inform the staff about the aims, methods and consequences of an attestation. In evaluating need for appropriate conditions, including privacy and exclusion of distracting and annoying moments. Evaluation results must be reported to staff at this observing literacy, confidentiality and sensitivity, even if the results are unfavorable.

Modern Shower

Given the fact that small size of bathrooms in many houses of Soviet-built, modern showers today are becoming increasingly popular and are pretty strong competition baths. But let’s look at advantages and disadvantages of showers in more detail. First, the undeniable fact in our day-to-date with the introduction of water metering – to save water when showering about four – five times. The second fact, which is important for business people – when you shower you usually spend two to three times faster than when taking a bath. And of course, as mentioned above, shower good saves space and gives a lot of living space. If consider health, then in the shower is easily washed off the dirt and soap residue that makes shower more hygienic to use. And if these facts add all sorts of “bells and whistles” that are equipped with modern shower enclosures: control panel with backlit clock, CD player, radio, etc., the shower is just a fairy tale for you do not mind to pay any money! However, before you run to the store for buying costs slightly acquainted with the designs as shower stalls, and the brands represented on the Russian market.

First, we note that the showers may be open or closed. The first fence soul band only partially as between the walls of the shower wall or placed door, while the latter is completely closed around the perimeter and have a roof top, which contributes to condensation on the walls and creates the effect of steam. If you are used to steam in bath, the cabin would be ideal, but it is somewhat expensive. The doors of modern showers are usually made of a special – high-strength glass. Such glasses can be as transparent and dull or rough. Shower enclosures are made with sliding doors, and more wings, the less space inside the cabin, but at the same time, stronger frame itself shower. Choosing a shower, remember that it should be no smaller than 80 80 cm, as otherwise it will be a limit of space, especially if a family has a big man. For pallets used for showers, iron and steel, ceramics, artificial marble and acrylic.

All these materials have their own characteristics. So, cast iron enameled pans are strong, but long heated, steel trays, make noise at high water pressure, and pallets of ceramic can break if dropped heavy object. Marble pallets are durable and convenient, have beautiful views and create the effect of luxury. Acrylic trays also look very nice, but their surface is not resistant to scratches and damage. True, and scratches on acrylic can be removed easily at home, it does not require special skills. In general, the requirements of Pallets can be defined as strength, resistance to mechanical damage coverage (Scratches, chips), quick warm-up, external decorative and, importantly, the presence of corrugations on the surface of the pallet, slip. The functionality of showers is not limited to the ability to take shower. Modern shower is capable of replacing not only a bath, but may combine functions of a Turkish bath, massage and therapeutic salons. Shower stalls are fairly simple to install: they do not require special Construction: main only bring water and sewer riser to hold out until the drain pipe. So when should you choose a bath or a modern shower is important to weigh all the “pros” and “no” when receiving the decision.

Senegal Day

The following extracts ire putting little diary I wrote during my stay in Senegal, which was impossible due to logistics to go hang. Day 1: This is very rare. It does not seem real. Wherever you look, something catches your eye. Since the roads to dust, literally, there is little asphalt among some people, not that I’m in very good condition for us to say, the people made entirely of straw and wood. This is tremendous. I left NY at 5 in the afternoon to get me a flight of almost 8 hours under his belt.It was quite comfortable as the car was barely half full, so I could move at my command between the seats and even lie on the center row. That does not mean to take a rest, because for some unknown reason, I can not sleep on airplanes. Before it could, not now. Am I doing too old. And it was a pity that most of the night flight we did, so it might well have used that time to rest. If I find that I expected to arrive in Dakar, I take sleeping pills thousand. And is that the arrival was somewhat curious. The airport, even international, such as Menorca is very little one. The arrivals area is a pair of police booths you passport control (no vaccine) and a guard that you collect the piece of paper without looking at immigration in the face.In my case looked at me, as I had no one of the data needed to enter the country, which was none other than the address. Neither short nor lazy I said no wise, but a guy was supposed to come to get to the airport and surely the know. Having no operating phone, the guard grabbed his and I call my contact. Very majete. Finally I could leave the airport with my suitcase pink thousand kilos, and the door step as I rush a bunch of guys with huge wads of banknotes in their hands, asking if I wanted to change currency. I had been warned of calico, so I decided to pass and wait for the type of project might be with me, not to deceive me more than anything. It did not. I presented a type well-dressed, saying something wrong (they speak Wolof), and I know something about a project, so I think it is.But, after a minute I realize my mistake, and I find myself in a back room of the area “commercial” airport, with a little light, and with more people with money in hand. Nothing to pringar touch. I tell him I just want to change 50, and type a little disappointed, I change about 5 tima. That farem. We left the airport together to search for my driver, and as we walked toward but not the type to ask me a tip (tip, if I cheat just mamon) to give him a ticket. Since I came to realize where the shots were going this month. Finally I got in the car with Harouna, one of the drivers of the project, which led me, even with dark, a walk through the suburbs of Dakar. I had to pick one thing. I got through streets of sand and dust, with half-ruined houses and hardly any lighting that was scary to see them.The house that we were not bad, but also needed reforms thousand. Here also do as in Melilla, that does not cut steel waits in anticipation of continuing to build apartments in the future. After a while, we went to Louga the most dangerous road I remember (this was the first I had seen, so this assessment is renewed every few years).

Your Own Internet Business Again

In September 2009 he was born a company committed to consumer society HispaniNet call or n combines the distribution network or also called Network Marketing with the power supply industry ion, products and daily necessities. What you need to consume your product selection or n every day, coupled with the power of network marketing and the simplicity of their system, become the veh id t or neo ass that helps us to achieve “Financial Freedom” for us and our family aportarte Our goal is to you the benefits that the supermarkets carry every time you purchase products that we all need every d y. to survive while your ORGANISATION dasarrollas n. From this wonderful business we want to help you make the ordinary extraordinary because for the first time you will get delicious ny pay to consume your checks and get your network to consume products also absolutely necessary in our daily shopping cart, the same as today we find in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc … They have A varied cat logo to high quality products designed to meet all demands of distributors and consumers. The Company will progressively increase the Online Store products in order to have available a wide and varied offer that meets the needs and tastes of the vast majority of our distributors to supply products as well as a bazaar, Diet, Personal Hygiene , cleaning, home textiles, decoration, DIY, and many others that the Company will be adding and adapting to various marketing campaigns such as Christmas, holidays, etc, etc. All with a touch of basic necessities, or in response to consumer demand for our Distributors. The more products to choose from, more options for your business.

HispaniNet offers one of the best plans or Clearing n exists in the market divided up to 50% of its return to its distributors based on a binary system up to 8 levels deep with no limit in front, all this is explained great detail on his website that do not have any kind of problem understanding because of its simplicity and easy understanding. In our network we will help you reach the road to success by simply doing what you do when you go to the supermarket and do your shopping for the week from the comfort of your home and through e s of the computer from an online store where s seeing all they have in stock products, beverages, cereals, pastries, pickles, snacks, sausage, etc. .. once you have registered and make your first order to serve you in your home through e s of s urgent transport to enjoy the quality of their products and s will be able to immediately start organizing your team at any time will pay you the help you need and you will have classrooms at ion formation on which to lean. If you start your business with HispaniNet means your cart will not only be free quickly and easily but also obtain substantial residual income and bonuses that could be dedicated to buy when, where or how you want Debit card using the Company will make available once you generate commissions. We invite you to accompany us n is on the road to success!

HVAC Systems

SKAYVENT company offers you a complex of services to create a comfortable climate in your apartment, country house or office. We have made the delivery, installation of air conditioners, and service all types of ventilation systems. In the catalog you can find HVAC equipment from leading manufacturers in the world. Whatever the installation of air conditioners (single candy bars or complex industrial systems), you can entrust this work to us – installation of air conditioners is our specialty, and we will do it for you at the highest level. We offer you: 1. Design – before the installation of air conditioners will be implemented, it is necessary projected climate system, to determine its level of complexity, scope of work, to take into account all the important nuances – only in this case, the installation of air conditioners can be considered qualitative. Once the project is compiled, it is possible confidently talk about the cost, which will cost installation of air conditioners.

2. Delivery of the equipment – we only work with the best HVAC equipment. Installation of air conditioners of this type is advantageous in the first place namely the owners of the premises. 3. Installation works – installation of air conditioners and ventilation systems shall be in accordance with building codes and regulations. Installing air-conditioning professionals a high level that eliminates the possibility of any mistakes and shortcomings. 4.

Start-up operations. After the installation of air conditioners has been carried out, conducted pre-commissioning, during which system to be tested, quality of work. After that, installation of air conditioners is completed, run a stable system put into operation. 5. Warranty and service. Installation of air conditioners and ventilation systems have longer warranty period – we guarantee that the products we install air-conditioning was carried out by all the rules. We provide not only a guarantee, but postgrantiynoe Maintenance – installation of air conditioners has never been easier! Our customers know that the installation of air conditioners – a complicated process, are needed to truly qualified. Delivery and installation of air conditioners – that is, on what our company specializes in its fifth year, and we strictly control the level of his works – installation of air conditioners and maintenance of ventilation systems is carried out with high professionalism. Why installation of air conditioners should be entrusted to just us? The fact there are many reasons: Professionalism. The entire staff received appropriate training and has extensive experience in their field, so installation of air conditioners is performed at the highest level. Benefit. Installation of air conditioners made in the most favorable conditions for customers. Quality. Design and installation of air conditioners is the use modern technology which, combined with the experience of staff and quality equipment allow us to guarantee excellent quality. High-quality installation of air conditioners is very important! Service. After will be completed the installation of air conditioners, we provide warranty and after-sales service system. Complexity. Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems of any complexity. We value each customer and are ready to mutually beneficial cooperation – if the supply, design and installation of air conditioners cause you any questions, just call us, our specialists will give you all the information on your issue!

How To Choose A Serger

How to choose a serger overlock sewing machine, the main purpose of which – cropping and edging fabrics for sewing products from bulk tissue. Several strands tightly covered section of material and forming kraeobmetochnye joints, prevent the dissolution of the material. Overlock trims in one pass over tissue, grind down the details and buttonhole cut. In addition, some flat seams perform overlock and chain stitches, decorative stitches, and used to Implementation joints and many other operations. Overlock does not replace the sewing machine, but only serves as its complement, allowing you to do those operations, which sewing machine because of its structural features unable to cope. Overlock stitches is a feature of their elasticity, making it indispensable for overlock sewing articles of knitwear. The first thing to decide for yourself, it's what you are buying a serger.

If it use will be limited to whip slices of medium and thick fabrics, and simple works for knitwear can be recommended to purchase one of the following overlock: Pfaff 4752, Janome 9002D, Family 244D, Necchi 670-150 or Brother 1034D. All of these allow you to do overlock trehnitochnye and chetyrehnitochnye obmetochnye seams. The first three cars in this list is almost complete "twins", are produced at one plant from a single component. Is that Pfaff some plastic parts are replaced by metal and better instruction. It is quite common, reliable and whimsical machines to the same time-tested and, importantly, they can easily find spare parts. However, the fill yarn in the lower looper for these models uncomfortable.