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Identifying different parts of the British Empire

Latin America

Panama has been benefited by its blend of city and nature and also has used celebrities to attract tourism. Nicaragua this beautiful country is in full tourist development and represents a potential competitor for the zone. Nicaragua chose a slogan short and easy to remember, but it is easily associable with the country; Nicaragua, only. original. This motto is identified with the combination between nature, culture and traditions that still offers Nicaragua. Less exploitation has meant that many traditions have been maintained, as well as offering numerous artistic exponents among which the beautiful colonial city of Granada, which truly make Nicaragua an unique and original destination. All Honduras is here, the Honduran slogan speaks for itself.

Honduras has wanted to convey an easy message and to indicate to people that the country has everything you need to guarantee the satisfaction of tourists. Honduras has very well exploited its tourism product, knowing combine its beautiful beaches, lush nature and of course his Mayan heritage. The Honduran Pearl is the island of Roatan, which besides having beautiful beaches, was an important enclave for pirates and the last redoubt of African slaves, being a true marvel to visitors. Guatemala this country cradle of one of the richest history of Mesoamerican cultures, not could choose a slogan that better represents your identity; Adventure in the Mayan world. This interesting country brings together artistic wonders of the Mayan world, represented by its Chief exponent Tikal (largest city in the ancient Maya empire) and the Spanish colonial era, represented by the city of Granada; one of the best preserved colonial cities of Latin America. In addition to all this cultural wealth, Guatemala also offers magnificent beaches and beautiful nature, all accompanied by great adventure and fun. This small but interesting country El Salvador has opted for the slogan, El SalvadorImpresionante. The country wanted to demonstrate with this motto that Despite its small size, there is a magnificent world to discover, in which we will find from majestic volcanoes and beaches, to pyramids of the ancient Maya world.

Empire State Building

Looking for the ideal city to disappear a few days? Go to one of these cities, and you will have an excellent urban vacation! This country’s capital Amsterdam has much more than the red light district, a stroll through the channels, feast and Coffe-Shop. It’s a world-class city, with museums and galleries worldwide fame, not to mention its beautiful architecture and an incredible system of channels, ideal so that couples can enjoy a romantic walk, especially at night. Amsterdam, known for its classical music concerts, is also home to several Jazz clubs, and live music notes flooded areas such as Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. The capital of the Emerald Isle Dublin is a vibrant city with many activities for have you busy and happy. You will find cheap flights to Dublin from almost all major cities of Europe, because Ryanair has its main base there. Perhaps the most famous attraction of Dublin Guinness factory. Paying tribute to the most famous export from Ireland, the tours take visitors through the process of brewing, the history of the brand, and may remind some of the best-known marketing campaigns.

Once you have your free pint of Guinness, at the Gravity Bar (the bar higher in Ireland!), go to the the Temple Bar area, where you can enjoy a true Irish feast. BARCELONA if still do not know her, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Prepares the camera, get your flights to Barcelona, and get ready for some unforgettable days. First you can stroll, visit Las Ramblas, close adorned by the Gothic quarter or the Boqueria market. Must be observed, even if it is its facade, Sagrada Familia; sure that you start more than one reflection (which is not little). Where your mind will not stop flying is the Park Guell, highest naturalistic expression of Gaudi, to the delight of all visitors. This city of wide avenues, fascinating architecture and airs of city portena, blends the best of Mediterranean culture: hospitality, history and a great kitchen.

New York City whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth visit, there’s always something new to do in New York. Places like Times Square, the statue of liberty, the Empire State Building or the Metropolitan Museum of art, are almost obligatory visit. The Gotham Tours you will introduce in the history, culture, architecture and gastronomy in the city, while you walk and talks with a new yorker, by the streets of Manhattan. Those who fly to New York have the option of three main airports. The JFK is comfortable and centrally located, but is also the busiest airport in the United States. London although in principle, London is an expensive city, one of the advantages of the British capital is that almost all the major museums are free. One of the best and most popular is the Museum of Natural history. In addition to the thousands of interesting exhibitions of the natural world, you’ll love the impressive Romanesque interior of the building that houses them. The British Museum also worth a visit, even if you need more than one to see its more than 7 million of exhibits. And in the evening, a city that lights up and opens its doors to everyone who wants to enjoy their famous clubs, pubs and concert halls. London, a city to be not bored ever.


(Ratzinger) He could not prosecute a very close friend and confessor of the Pope, as Maciel. El Pais of Madrid, April 5, 2009). All no matter that the honest majority of the priests that integrate the same institution may be unfairly sprinkled with suspicion. Then, among the seven deadly sins one, pride, can only come to break the chain of religious, political and ideological obedience. Only arrogance can llagara to question power. More reason to remove it from the root identifying it, from childhood, with the terrifying possibility of being one server daemon.

Thus, any individual who used his own critical reason was and is now in superb subliminal way, an agent of the devil. Superb are who declared the rights of man, women who claimed the rights of women are superb, superb are blacks who got tired of being lower by its color and their customs, superb are workers who claimed the rights of your class, have all been superb not We believe every story a priori without asking where it comes, who serves, how to test and why should I accept it. All those who believe in laigual-freedom of every human being are superb. The Christian tradition preaches the imitation of Jesus, but the pride of the son of God is condemned for inconvenience. Or the Empire and the religious establishment of the time not condemned the Nazarene by their dangerous and disobedient dignity by his calm arrogance brought Pilate, the judges and the most powerful army in the world? Pride, the dignity of the oppressed is a threat to the power, and it must therefore crucify who porta this Sin moral, demonic. The moral humanist prescribed pride on Earth and humility in the sky.

Religious institutions, without revealing their priority for social power, prescribes humility on Earth and pride in the sky. For the former, this metaphysical arrogance is an instrument for the morale of the oppressed. For the latter that earthly pride is an instrument of the devil. Jorge Majfud Lincoln University, April 2009.

Gorbachev Union

There is more to look through the telescope, as begged Galileo to the Cardinals who condemned it; but they would not do so to no doubt their faith. So there is no more than look at a map and have a look at the history of Russia and other Slavic countries.Ukraine is the second largest country in the continent by extension after Russia. It covers the so-called black land of great fertility and grain barn. Since 1991 it is independent, taking advantage of the disintegration of the USSR, proposed by Gorbachev. Love follow the vicissitudes of these peoples who, much before there is Russia, had done the enclaves of Kiev and Novgorod milestones on the road towards Russia, the third Rome, heiress of Constantinople. Let’s look at the map, let’s look at the resources and the movements of peoples spurred by a totalizing and exclusive, religion that confuses throne and the Altar. The Soviet Union continued the imperialism of the tsars in search of hot waters.

He had to dominate the Black Sea, as he had expansionado to the Pacific by Vladivostok and face to the British Empire for control of the Afghan lands to win the Indian Ocean. With the rise of oil and gas there was nothing to invent from the tsars Ivan, Pedro and Catalina. While Europe organised their interests by means of the Treaty of Rome and other agreements that led to the European Union, the Soviet Union disintegrated shedding the COMECON and the Warsaw Pact. Against all logic and agreements, Westerners strengthened NATO and pressed the former members of the Soviet Union. They showed that they did not intend to a Russia integrated into free and Western democracies, but some peoples humiliated and subjected to exploit their immense wealth and open new markets. Russia went on to establish the second world, prelude to the third.

Luxury Leather Goods

Most likely, you at least once in his life took place near gazed at the man or woman, marveling at the presence of taste, style and imposing? Meet on clothes … This part of the Russian proverb, we know almost from birth. By the way dressed man, formed the first, even if it is a misconception about it. An important part of your image, but expensive trendy items from top brands, it is considered leather goods – products made of leather. Articles of leather is not just clothing, it is also a stylish purse and leather card holders, which may surprise people, and they soon became a permanent part of our wardrobe. Production of leather goods – the process interesting. In a nutshell we can say that in the manufacture of leather embossed leather is used and its marmorirovanie.

We need also a number of tools: various sizes punches, metal parts and cutters. Buy leather products – a simple task. These days in any city is easy to find company store leather goods, where there is a wide range of wallets, money clips, business card holders, gloves. If you do not like those things that are, in fact, able to get everyone in this case, you’ll like the elite leather goods. What is the last will be different from normal? Just often elite leather accessories made of leather of exotic animals (snakes, crocodiles, elephants), and outside, for example, are decorated with stones, Swarovski, that this thing is already doing unusual. Leather products and are now facing the company: rarely can be found employee of a large corporation without Portfolio or a leather strap. After all, business leather goods – are items which give the convenience and unique design, they gather the views of partners and can cause a surprise.

Market leather is extremely high. In this day and the truth is hard to find a good manufacturer of leather goods, which are able to become a reliable assistant in the organization of the business (wholesale leather goods – profitable business in crisis). Manufacturers of leather goods, the company Askent, representing the full range of leather goods from handbags to leather charms and housekeeper, who proved to be excellent. This company has enough often organizes exhibitions of their own products, where there is an opportunity not just learn about the latest areas of leather goods, but also to make their possessor. Askent – is a supplier of leather goods with a wealth of experience and manufacturer of high quality leather goods.


They come with the old tactic of the complaint and the disqualification of any person who is depending on Government. Now, the fight is to demonstrate how corrupt can be an officer of the revolutionary Government, to achieve the attention of the people and engage in some sectors of chavism in his media manipulation, and present them now, as Paladins of honesty and probity. It clubs, like the blade, they mark the beginning of a new popular and alternative journalism. A journalism that is supported by the popular sectors, and makes them not only receivers of news and information, but also creators of new forms of journalism. The Empire and its internal alidados crashed against this effective communication strategy. First the people can express themselves and overcome almost two centuries of silence imposed from representative democracies and the most cruel dictatorships of right. Now the people can speak, hear and see, because the exercise of information broke free of entrepreneurs – information and media surrounding merchants, in which they had locked it.

The people stopped seeing cartoon and roses novels, to write the reality of everything that happens in our country with their own hands. In Venezuela, Lords of information, are no longer the only who have access to information, the news and its dissemination. Broke the monopoly of a few, and begins the new era of democratization of the news. The information ceases to be a commodity in capitalism and an instrument of domination of the right, to become an effective weapon, to build the truth and history. The people also can wield the power of inform, but truthfully, with respect, with ethics. The town becomes protagonist and constructor of their own history, and there is no mediatizadoras agencies, or media manipulators.

Persian Empire

Other competitions with animals had been enclosed, as a race of mounted horses and another one of charretes pulled the mules. In 600 the C., was raised the temple of Hera (wife of Zeus), where they had passed to be deposited crowns of parrots for the champions. The stadium gained honor tribunes. Originally the athletes competed naked and the women were excluded from the games.

After an episode that of the trainers was even demanded the nudez. The athletes who infringed the established rules, were fined rigorously. The winners received a palm or crown from Oliveira, beyond others reward of its city, for which the victory represented great glory. Although the competition spirit, we cannot forgetting in them that the Olmpico Festival was before everything a religious occasion, where the center of all age the great temple of Zeus. 12) Helenismo the Helenismo appeared when Greece was decaying. In this period, it was suffering innumerable invasions. The macednicos were one of which they had invaded. Under the domain of Alexander, the Great one that it conquered Lesser Asia, the Next East arriving until Egypt, advanced on the Persian Empire and with its troops it arrived until the edges of the River Going, in India.

Great as he was the pupil of Aristotle decided to cast the culture Greek with the one of the east and to this fusing he gave the name of Helenismo. The sculptures and the paintings in this period became more realistic, stating the violence and pain with sensuality. The architecture had luxury and grandiosidade. Example: colossal statue of Apolo, in You twirl. The helenismo brought great impulse sciences, astronomy, started to believe the geocentrismo (Land in the center of the Universe), in geography it had Eratstenes that it calculated the measure of the circumference of the Land, in the mathematics and the physics detached Euclides that created the base of geometry, Aquimedes discovered the basic principles with the handspike and of the sheave, it formulated laws of fluctuation of the bodies. In the philosophy, it croiu new doctrines. The estoicismo Zeno that considered that happiness was in the attainment by means of the virtue. Another one was the epicurismo derived from Epicuro, its creator. Its thought supported that the happiness consisted only of search attainment of the pleasure. had Pirro that it defended that the happiness consisted of not judging the things.

France Constitution

Comparative reading of the constitutional precepts proves a constant in the essential of the institution, although with nuances differential profiles. Firstly, since the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812. Has excelled, with justice, the transcendence that the Constitution of 1812 had on the development of contemporary art in Europe and America, as Cadiz standard became the model and on the banner of the demands of freedom of many peoples of the old and the new continent, a model, Cadiz, which gained more momentum because Spain became, during the war of independence, in a laboratory forms of struggle, theoretical and practical, against the former regime. In general, it is well known that the constitutional example gaditano jumped the Atlantic and it was followed in America, mainly in the former colonies of the Spanish Empire, which in the emancipatory process and its own consolidation as free Nations, followed the text of the Spanish Constitution of 1812. As already recognize the own Carlos Marx, the Constitution of Cadiz, which responded to the needs of Spanish society, was exemplary for Europe at the time because she was in with juridico-constitucional more appropriate solution to common issues such as the ownership of the land, abolition of feudalism, the adaptation to the development of capitalism, etc. Is from this legal paradigm that all constitutional texts of the 19th century prohibited the imposition of the penalty of confiscation of property of guarantee of the right of property at the time that support the compulsory purchase provided that is legitimized by a specific cause Expropiandi, which at the beginning on certain constitutional texts was stated more as a cause of common utility, public utility, social interest, as it is the case Mexico, Spain, France and Italy and public need in the Peruvian case. Precept laid down in article 70 of the Constitution of Peru; In addition to the public need, Additionally it is considered national security, as a ground for materialization of the expropriation.