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How Not To Start A Business

Decided to share his observations and conclusions. I'll add and refine until you'll create a book 'How not to make START UP START DOWN! 'Let's start 😉 If you read this – it means that you or correctly decided to first learn the mistakes of others, or time to start making your own. In any case, nothing in business is not incorrigible. It is only necessary to estimate a starting point, his strength and go, finally, in the right direction. Because the general business laws – UNIVERSAL! 1.Biznes children – not a toy! They need to do PERSONALLY! 24 HOURS VSUTKI! 2.

In business – no FRIENDS! There BUSINESS PARTNERS! 3. In business, there is no loser, there are lazy! 4. All figures calculated theoretically, we must multiply by at least 2, and the terms and the necessary investments – 3! MOZHETBYT and they last! During his time in private business, noticed a few that when starting your own business, we are typical, only without resentment, that the following errors: – For some reason it is 100% sure that 'as soon as our product will be offered – the customer lomanetsya to us in all haste. " This is not always the case, since he does not know us, and often does not know the quality of our products. – 'The main type of specialists – the rest is rolled on as maslichku'. But you and do not :-). Experts built the Titanic, Noah built kovcheg.Da and who told you that your business will keep you employed as your spices? You – the owner – they are MERCENARIES! And most importantly for that of a mercenary? That's right! Time and a specified amount of currency paid to labor.


When you explain to clients what and how exactly do you do in your system, it will immediately allocate you and the crowd of competitors. Availability of systems automatically raise your expert status, so you do not just "doing the same thing and all the other, "and" working on their system. " Become, at last, especially in the eyes of his audience! 3. This will speed up the process of selling your services – Correct description of systems in an oral interview, during a presentation, or on your website help customers better understand your work and results that can be expected. They can quickly make a decision about working with you. That is, now you do not chase every new client, on the contrary, they will seek opportunity to take advantage of your unique system. Help your customers make a decision in your favor! 4.

This will improve the results that will get customers, working on a system – when they know the specific steps through which they must pass to obtain a result, it will help them "not to go the distance" and focus on the result. For them, it will mean better results and satisfaction. And for you – a stable job, absence of catastrophic failure of further cooperation and increase your income. 5. There is another important advantage of this system – it can be converted to multiple sources of income. Each of these will highlight your expertise and increase your income. You can build your own unique system for only three days! That's what we'll do a new intensive coaching to develop systems that will be sold by itself. Just three days training in your business such changes will occur: – You create your branded system (even if right now you can not imagine it!) – You build it in an existing business system or make the basis for new business – you have created at least three new sources of income on the basis of their systems (You'd be surprised how simple and logical! Surprisingly, very few use it!) – you do such a description of systems that will attract customers to you like a magnet – you'll learn how to use systems to raise the price of their services, to accelerate the sales cycle and receive our regular customers and improve their results in working with clients and all this in just three days, not leaving the house, sipping tea beside a computer and performing practical tasks in time! Come to my new online training on "How to create a branded system, which will sell itself": Registration has already begun, and Training will begin May 25 at 20:00 msk.vr.

What Business Is Best For Beginners ?

What business is best for beginners? When asked why a person wants to create his own business, most respond that business would be for them an additional source of income, a kind of assistant in dealing with what some domestic and financial problems. Some people say that the business would make them more free men, and they could spend with their families longer. But if a person is to ask what business (specifically), he would do, most respond that they do not know. Just business, which would give revenue. And not knowing the answer to this question, the person must continue to work for someone else (government, entrepreneurs and businesses). It's "only business" to moment, which allows him to be – to sell their labor for money. And everything is nothing if not for one thing.

The catch is that working for someone else, we are paying as much as they want our employers, and not us. Some people pay only enough to survive. There are several reasons why most people still prefer to have as their source of income job, in state or in a private company and not your own Business: 1) Guaranteed monthly plata2) Guaranteed output and otpusk3) Sots.paket4) No direct responsibility for one's business. Only responsible for the specific funktsiy.5) Career Development. There is a possibility a few years later to take high-paying job. But at the same time, a person working for someone loses a number of advantages, not having your own business. 1) Ability to have a solid income (in some cases unlimited) 2) Ability to have more free time.3) Ability to live on their own stsenariyu.I others …

Business Success for Future

In order to build your own version of the future, to achieve success in business, to achieve any goals in life should be reduced to a minimum while translating in the life of your decisions every month, and day and even hour to that you put the implementation of its decision – it is absolutely wasted time for you, which will never come back to you. This is the time in which other people are moving toward their goals, leaving you behind, forcing you to foreign version of the future. In your future, as well as everywhere in nature there is no absolute emptiness. If you do not fill it with your goals, actions, implemented solutions to their business – there's sure to be present materialized Model of the Future, created by other people. And in this case, you necessarily will write to you live on the scenario, implement other people's dreams and ideas. The fact that you do not – do for you more. No time waiting, and never will not wait.

Just some people use the time to achieve their goals, while others just lose it. And in business it can be seen especially clearly. Successful business people do not put off till tomorrow, a week or a month. He works now and today. And vice versa. The result is that the winner is the one who was able to realize before its decision. As an example, think even plastic windows or clean drinking water.

For a while ago it was all unnecessary and costly technological innovations. The results of the actions of people who took up implementation of these ideas to life, not waiting until it becomes clear to all and the ordinary – we see every day. A similar situation is now online. A couple of years ago, and sales sites in the network were an order of magnitude smaller than today. After a couple of years, creating an online business without the significant investment it will be impossible. And this is the case in many and many areas. While you drag the calculated and proactive – others have been promoting your business in this direction. Need to implement their decisions quickly. If desired, any process can be extended over a couple of years, and can be conclude, for example, a couple of months. Delay in active operations – that's the main mistake of entrepreneurs. And not just beginners. This is one reason why 80% of new businesses fail in the first years after its creation. Need to be proactive, to make maximum effort and effort to not miss a chance to have you today. Offered me training courses are just one of many opportunities to do so, even with my help Simple arithmetic tells you that the business benefits the person who makes more per unit of time of action to advance the goal. It is appropriate to compare with the defeat of the purpose of automatic weapons and pistol, single shots. All other things being equal, more likely the shooter, generating more shots at a time. As chances of a successful business is always greater than the one who implements the decisions without delay, without delay 'sighting' in the months and years. Success in the early implementation of planned!

Limited Liability Company

In accordance with Art. 3 of the Law 76-FZ of an individual with its registration as a private entrepreneur is assigned a primary state registration number of the record of state registration of entrepreneurs (OGRNIP). Legal basis of the LLC, Limited Liability Company – founded by one or several legal and / or individuals commercial company whose charter capital is divided into share; members of society are not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses associated with the company's activities within the value of their shares in the company's charter capital. To implement Business Company has the right to: generate extra capital by issuing bonds in accordance with legislative requirements; to plan their economic, financial, commercial activities; to fix prices and tariffs on primary production, their goods and services to meet the requirements of legislation, to invest their own money in the activities of Russian and foreign organizations and individual entrepreneurs, to work to attract Russian and foreign experts, to independently determine the shape and size of the system of remuneration of staff Company; make any transactions and other legal acts that are not directly prohibited by law. To register a company in the declarative authority must submit the following documents: Application form for R11001; Charter Ltd.; The solution of a single founder (or protocol of the founders) of the registration of the LLC, Guarantee letter from the legal address, copies of identification documents of all the founders, a receipt for payment of state. fees; After the state registration of the LLC, as a rule register is about 5 working days, you have to give a package of registered documents: Evidence of the BIN, TIN, the Charter and the extract from the register. So, briefly familiarized with the legal aspects of various organizational forms, you can proceed to the next step – to the choice of your business. The next article will detail the main differences and pros-cons choosing one or another form of business..

Premium Clinics

To become a premium clinic you should really be the best in the provision of certain services. Patients should be sure that you are referring to, they will receive a quality which will not get anywhere else. Only in this case you can safely put the highest possible price for their services. Premium segment requires significant investment, but for maximum efficiency in the correct formulation of the work. Feature of the premium is that the cost of services is not limited by the market, so the profitability of the clinic can be . opening a dental clinic dental clinic opening feature is that you first have to fully prepare for the opening of the clinic, we have to find room purchase and install equipment and hire staff, and then to obtain a license.

Thus, at some point you will be completely finished with the clinic staff that you pay the salary, and permission for treatment in You still will not. And the staff and equipment will be idle, but labor costs, interest on the loan and the rent will be charged to your account regularly. That is why the bar entry into the dental business is quite high. In addition, the license is issued for a specific address, so change the room you can not. So the increase in advance of a costly business plan for contingencies and pristupayte.Vybor the legal form of the present time there are several legal forms of enterprises. Complete list of forms found in Civil Code.

Organization Growth

As organizations grow entrepreneur is losing direct control over the activities of their subordinates. One 'idea' is becoming a little professional guidance is required. The need for delegation of powers is becoming urgent. End of the first stage is the 'leadership crisis'. Step 2. 'Growth through policy guidance.

" If the organization can be overcome 'leadership crisis', it goes to the second stage of development in which professional managers are building an organizational structure prescribed many of the functions and responsibilities. There is a system of formal communications system of rewards and sanctions and monitoring system. Gradually growing organization begins to diversify and expand. A rigid functional structure begins to show its weaknesses. At the lower levels do not have enough information and freedom for rapid response to changing external environment.

A crisis of autonomy, which is allowed as the first stage, only the delegation of authority. Step 3. 'Growth through delegation. " The first in a growing organization confer significant powers heads of individual business units and geographic areas. In the organization are new, unique system of employee motivation, such as bonuses and profit sharing organization. Middle level managers delegate enough authority to break into new markets and new product development. The top of the organization gives up part of its mandate, focuses on the overall strategic development that will undoubtedly helps to strengthen the position of the organization of the market, but with time management loses control over the sprawling and complicated organization. Managers in the field, often spend more time and resources to achieve objectives of the enterprise, even if it goes against the common goals of the organization.