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Russia Stone

Russian Mosaic distinguished by the fact that fitting the finest records of the Urals gemstones due to the complicated work on curved surfaces to create a sense of monolithic volume. To the development of this art in Russia was a direct relation Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Ancient mosaic pattern can be found, perhaps, in all parts of the world. This is not surprising, because not only beautiful mosaic. By filling it with rocks, she has borrowed unprecedented longevity.

Therefore, the memory of the works of masters of mosaic art is not just for centuries, does not erase it, and through the millennium. At the new turn back to the traditions of the past is very characteristic of our time. That mosaic after temporary oblivion again released in the vanguard of architectural fashion. This case can be called a repetition of history at a new stage. Mosaic inlaid patterns, so similar to the ancients, are created using a fundamentally other technologies. Take, for example, processing of stone. In Rome, the slave labor-intensive operation on the formation of cubic tiles are not an obstacle to the creation of masterpieces – with the help of primitive metallic wedges and stone hammers naturally rounded shape with difficulty, but gave the correct geometrical shape. Architects of the XXI century is most often used for this purpose a completely different technique – saw cut stone elements on the machine. Ready-made cubes must pass in a special grinding device. Only after that will appear on the sawn surfaces of color and texture of stone, very similar to the old.


This last figure is interesting to connect with the most important precept that surrounds the operation of this law: like attracts like. What does this mean? It is much easier than you can imagine: If you are engaged in negative thinking, then the universe will return negative things, if you’re surrounded by positive thoughts, then the universe will return positive things. It’s all about the energy radiating: ENERGY POSITIVE = POSITIVE ENERGY, ENERGY = ENERGY NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. “You get what you think” and “Your decrees determine your experience” are some of the most common requirements in the area of the law of attraction, which surely will help you understand a little better this issue. And that our body is a union of molecules that give off energy, so energy is the energy we project that the universe will attract and then return. An important point is that the universe can not distinguish what is good or bad for you, simply return will attract and energy projects, so, ultimately, is you choose what you want in your life is negative energy or energy positive, it is about you and nobody else. If you want to get something, just focus on it, visualize and project the best of you towards your goal, then be put in place the mechanisms of the law of attraction and the universe conspire to get him. Maybe it’s more fun if we explain this in the form of steps.

What you have to do to manage your energy? 1. Ten clear what you want and then ask him to the universe. 2. Focus on what you asked for projecting positive feelings. 3. Thanks.

Act as if you had already got what you wanted. 4. Be ready with every body and your whole being to meet him. Simple steps forward with what you might get a host of benefits in your life. We encourage you to put them into practice! Eliana the founder and editor gives to all its subscribers the digital book “Eight behaviors that will take you to success and prosperity” only you must subscribe with your name and e-mail at the address below and get the digital book and gift the best information on the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, success, prosperity, cases, tips, exercises.

Sports Lottery

In life, too many accidents and too much depends on luck. Well, what can you do? We can not change its strict laws. Everyone is different. They are different physically, mentally and spiritually, they have different personalities, different education. 'No luck in my life – lucky in love' – everybody knows that chorus of popular songs.

Ah, if so. Then a happy people would be so much more. What I'm all this? And besides, that love to be a perfectionist – so wait happy event, good luck and good luck as a big win in the Sports Lottery. Maybe lucky, maybe not. And how to wait, too, is unknown. Maybe a month, may the year or years and can not wait … and all.

And when you consider that love – it cuts two ends (that is, it must be even and mutual), it is quite sickening. It is not necessary to follow the example of Romeo and Juliet, this one must have at least their appearance. Love – this is not a commodity, it can not get in the store. What remains for all those who are waiting for their sole and unique love as a miracle? Tip one – to be pragmatic, that is to get rid of unnecessary emotions and temper its enthusiasm, to move away from extremism. Try to find is someone you like, a good man, to reveal its strengths and … love. Let not so ardently as you imagined it before, but reliable and mutually. Do not forget another vital rule: "Each cricket – his perch." I am sure you will find it. The crickets are all different, so the perch will be different. Do not kill the time with empty illusions and delusions of hope. Be realistic. Soberly evaluate their data and relying on them, choose a 'hearth'. In this case, you and only you Run the Show. And the share of 'Lady Luck' will fall quite a small percentage. Do not play with love to gamble – most likely you will lose if you are not in the 'weight class'. Indeed, the trend however. With a little luck, and the rest – a reliable and long love for those who want to love and be loved.

Previous Important

Its better to have on a vast open area or site, such as in front of the yard. In this case, he successfully combined with other decorative plants and flowers. To create such perennial grass used thin stem stunted grass. Most frequently used mixtures of Poa pratensis, red fescue or bent pine. But the mixture should not combine more than two components. Lawn grass in the lawn parterre different homogeneity, high density and velvety texture. However, it is the most whimsical kind of lawn that requires professional care.

First, the important ground on which to planted green cover. She should be fertile and cultivated. Better than before transplanting well drained and level the soil. Secondly, you need to regularly give a haircut lawn, carefully monitor its purity and state of plants. But it is important to understand that the parterre lawn is primarily a decorative function, so it is not resistant to trampling.

To avoid this, take care of the lanes in the places where to be constant walking. Landscape (ordinary) This turf grass is very practical and enduring. That's why he deserves his popularity. Lawn grass in gardening lawn is not as dense and velvety in the parterre, but color and uniformity, nor what he does not agree. This kind of grass easily experiencing frequent walking on it, not only animals but people. The choice of soil for this type of turf is not as strict as in the previous version, most importantly, to it was complete. Grass mixture allows to achieve perfect form and color of the lawn.

Soul Blueprint

This concept can be expressed in the phrase "raise the beds," ie, open records savings to be converted to light through the understanding and adoption, use in translating an understanding of the cosmic laws. This – "the harvest" and its method of processing them through a consciousness of the Soul Light, "fueled" once "seeds" – the light code. Twins Shower Light of the Soul of the gods are embodied only once, when the cycle ends Manvantara and need to get experience embodiments blueprints. Soul of Light in the embodiment can divide energy for twelve blueprint to get experience in different realities. – At the level of energy multiverse Sverhmonada divides into twelve Duhomonad coming into incarnation at different levels of existence (a large sector). – Duhomonada in one of the star systems in which "seeded" the light of its code of Rod and divides the energy into twelve Monads on Level solar system.

– Every monad provides energy for twelve incarnations blueprint embodying its implementation plan on one level, the planetary system. Every Soul Blueprint is working on the program one of the Rays, that is, from incarnation to incarnation "is in a circle", embodied in different individuals as long as one of the divine qualities will be worked in accordance with the requirements of the Soul. Then it was transferred to the program the next beam, and so – for Manvantara. Others Blueprint are similar programs, but each – on their level space. It turns out that the particles are working with the same qualities and energies, but at different vibration levels.

Web Site Fabrication

Over the past few years, Internet sites were transformed from one type of HTML pages with a couple, three of pictures and logo of the organization almost works WEB-art, with amazing graphics and a huge features. Now, the creation of sites is a multidisciplinary process in developing its design and smart content selection, ie, its content – pictures, media – files, and of course literate writing text, which in turn contributes positively to the search engine optimization of your website on the Internet. Today we will focus on creating sites – on the layout. Layout of any site must be discussed with customer and need to have their individuality. For the novice web designer need before making your first layout is worth a visit sites such topics as the one that you are going to do for itself to analyze the positive and negative aspects of those products which are already represented in the network.

Web site layout begins with a choice of screen resolution, which will be calculated and your website, provided that you do not will use the so-called "rubber makeup" of the site. That is the screen size and will influence the size of your pages. At this time, the CIS is the most popular screen resolution of 1024×768 computer pixels. Further important detail is the layout of all graphical elements and processing them for the WEB in specialized image editors. The layout of the design is carried out mainly in ph (pixels). Graphic design when creating the site must start with a selection of backgrounds. It is on the background to the success or luck you bear in his career (this principle holds studio web design agency "Tao", the creation of Sites Chelyabinsk). Background of your site plays an important role in the perception of information as well-chosen background makes reading your eyes rest, but not correctly matched background strain your eyes above the average, that inexorably lead to the loss of visitors, which is done product. Initially, at the dawn of saitostroitel'stva was adopted in gray shading, do not strain your eyes and increased readability site. After that, the period when the concise and competent approach to design was fill with white, which can give a good effect on contrast. This concludes the first article about web design in the continuation of this Topics cover all guess the layout and selection of backgrounds and graphic elements of the site.