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Tourism in our beautiful country increasingly possession in the mind of the Ecuadorians, thanks in part to the recent Government and the enormous investment that bet private enterprises, they have stressed that tourism is a source of income for Ecuadorians. Currently in Ecuador discusses community tourism, ecotourism, agro-tourism, adventure tourism and now with the latest addition to astroturismo, but in spite of such forms of tourism, still find the deficiency in the services provided by many tourism businesses to their customers and their lack of creativity to promote their services in an effective manner. In conversations with many owners of tourism establishments I’ve seen the lack of training for effective use of the Internet, some at best know how to use email and have their own Web page nor which to speak. Would like to contribute with a few tips for those who want to take their tourism company a foot forward with very little investment: 1) creates your email account on Hotmail to use Messenger and Gmail this last use it for sending photos large, try to sign each time you send an email. (2) Learn to use MSN and use it to give assistance to future clients. (3) Open a file in Word and type the following:-title: name of the company with its slogan.

-Description: Describe your business and the benefits that you get tourists. -Information: Phone, Email, location, opening hours and how to get there. -Insert images in your establishment. (4) I sent an email to all your contacts with the attached file telling you that it is your business. (5) To invest in its website, hire the services of a company so that you can develop your Web page. (6) Google search ads directories and begin to put your company’s information. (7) Do your business cards, and put the address of e-mail and its Web site. (8) Type reports of something that can attract tourists to the place where this your business and send it by email to friends and the media.

These are some of the few things initially that would help them to their business of tourism through the Internet begins to take a few steps forward. Always try that with God’s help and Internet exploit the service that we offer to the tourists. Christian Echeverria E, is CEO & President of the company ECHEVERRIA biz and directs WelcomeEcuador. com whose Office is in the city of Guayaquil, working in the Middle more than 5 years.

How Wonderful Of Sms By Internet

The days in which the SMS are associated only to younger generations were left behind; the text messages are now part of the daily lives of people of all ages and condition: from friends who scheduled their next meeting until business people that keeps abreast of the latest developments. Many of us opted for the option fast and easy SMS messages, rather than relying on phone calls, which are more time-consuming and costly. While many telephone rates offer a number of free as part of a package text messages, the amount not perhaps sufficient if you see SMS as something essential. And if you pay to send SMS messages, keep you release with friends and family could cost you a small fortune. If you really think that your contract does not offer the best value in relation to the amount of free SMS messages per month, this could be the right time to look for other options. Therefore, increasingly more people choose the SMS over the Internet as a way to send important text messages without having to pay much for them. With messaging by Internet services, you can write messages with the keyboard of your computer, which has the advantage of being less complicated than with the phone, and send messages to the telephone number of the contact in the same way that you would with a normal SMS message.

In addition to saving you money, you can save lots of time if you write characters and symbols, compared to do it with a normal phone. In addition, if you prefer the option of sending text messages when you’re not at home, also you can do with your phone, if you have installed Internet SMS software. In the same way that you worry about compare prices for other aspects of the phone service, you could also consult the different offers available to you to find the best rates of SMS, which can vary considerably when you send messages to numbers from abroad by. It is possible that texting by Internet to certain numbers is free, what It includes up to a certain size of file image and video messages. Messages sent to other numbers, and why Yes you have to pay a charge, they cost much less than the SMS messages sent through your usual supplier. When you have an insurance provider, your SMS via Internet can be sent with as fast as a standard message, or you won’t have delays. The recipient of the message nor notice the difference between the SMS messages sent by Internet and those sent through a mobile phone, since the format will have the same appearance. When you evaluate all these advantages, resorting to the Internet to send messages SMS makes sense in practical and economic terms.

Solutions Practice For Success

If you currently are not having success to sell their products, I do not see why it goes has it if he is dedicated to congregate or assemble a community so that they also sell them. This could be serious, because if you have not discovered the way of how to do this for their benefit, it will hardly do it for others. The day that have success selling its products as its own entity and want to form a conglomerate based in successful knowledge already acquired, it is worth doing so. I know that these words are strong, but why do I say this? Because many people trying to start marketing on the internet is to directly compete with people who have enough experience. I will place an example: Marketing and Internet business is aimed at people who are looking for additional sources of income for this medium; entrepreneurs who want to start a business on the Internet; people looking for work from home; small and medium-sized companies that have no presence on the internet or, if either are, not they are positioned. They are all part of our target audience. However, every day appear people who aims to teach tricks how to do marketing on the internet.

But this is funny, even when not even they themselves have been applied or have had positive results; they are trying to teach without being expert and without knowing what they are talking about. This kind of people is doomed to failure are, simply, excellent copiers techniques of others, but without the correct methodologies to implement them. A blind man trying to lead other blind really, is very difficult. If you want to enter to compete or you want to have a presence in the market, you must first have passion but, also, you have to be expert in the topic. If you are not specialist in the subject, doesn’t mean you may not have a business in this market niche, should only surround yourself with people who do have the experience.

Not necessarily have to be specialists in what one does, but if there is need to link with people that it can make. In fact, I know many successful cases of people who have no idea of how to do marketing on the internet, or not know how to develop a product or a service. However, create a product from interviews that have with familiar with the topic, and so are able to enter the market, are released and pass to become figures recognized in their field in a very quick way.