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A Dream, A Singer And His Unusual Way

Steven Morrys a songwriter from Mainz to help calls in the realization of his debut album. If one does a journey a dream, a singer and his unusual way. Finding yourself, or at least his road is difficult and tedious. Some never succeed. Well so if you have people that one stand on this way to the side. Steven Morrys has found its way and looking for people who help him to go this way to realize his dream now using its Internet site ( Please visit Ben Horowitz if you seek more information.

His debut album. Morrys is singer, with body and soul but not only that, he writes songs, experienced processed in his lyrics and themes that move him. But the inner voice is louder, the desire not only to write the songs, but to carry the messages in the public is growing inexorably. But, how does one, to produce a CD album, without the necessary finances? Without a record contract? Without vitam-B? Without casting shows or other ways? How do you get the chance to be heard if they no CD has to offer? Homemade recordings are not sufficient, semi professional recordings will be judged as an “official” production and fall due to each grid. ERGO – we need a neatly produced disc. But how? This question turned Steven Morrys and came up with the right answer. “I must make it easy!” Steven Morrys is born as Stefan Martin in Mainz in 1968. Soon he discovered the music, mimicking former stars and dreams of becoming a singer, dancer, actor or comedian.

He sings in the choir, playing xylophone, later he dabbles on the guitar. His interest in computers and their creative possibilities changed his way first. So he founded an advertising agency at the age of 21, works as a Creative Director and is one of the first who understand the Internet as a medium of the future. Learn more at: Reade Griffith. in 1995, Morrys suffers a stroke and takes stock. From then on he deals extensively with music, writing songs and takes singing lessons. He sings in various formations, collecting stage experience, opens the Sing his intuitive knowledge into itself and learns its inexhaustible wealth of centering, presence, power, creativity and playful joy. After he discovered to his voice as a source of strength and Ambassador. As a vocal coach, he is now to make next and trying to remove – harmonious voices his students his experience. As a singer, Steven Morrys wants to reach his audience and touch, especially with a crossover from pop, rock and jazz. Morrys lives with his wife Sarah and son Samuel in Mainz, nationally occur on private, business and public events in different occupations. Morrys is now ready to take the next step, to realize his own songs. His first album is aptly named “Debut” and is currently in the works. The release is planned for 2009/2010. His first title “shit happens”, a good mood reggae, is currently underway and a first small part is already on its Internet site. Anyone who wants to can the title and There also equally his texts, partly German, partly English. He leads a diary, a forum and a chat – his goal in the Internet, the emergence of the debut album should be publicly to pursue. So, opinions and discussions of the registered site visitors can have quite an influence on the production so Morrys.

Jerry Seinfeld Rejects Oscar

The comedian Jerry Steinfeld, the many from the last bets on that… Result is known, now has made, that he had no desire to moderate the OSCAR ceremony. He has said that his show was probably nothing for an audience excited and stressed. He would rather deliver a show where the audience goes with and not from nervousness, no sound fro rausbekommt. For more information see Howard Schultz. He turned down other events also a moderation. In an interview with the British magazine Empire, he said: “if I was host of the Oscars, and I would make my deal quite well, then would you please do me, and again and again.” Then it would be boring at some point”.

“Know, for me, it was already a great honor to be asked, but it’s a different environment and atmosphere. I’m really lucky, that I can do things that other people might like, but everyone sits there then there has no desire to listen to there, because he’s too nervous. There is no offense by them, because they want only their award. You are not as fun to have. I would like to but the fun has an audience”, so Jerry Steinfeld next. We may be curious about who moderated the next Oscar ceremony now, definitely not Jerry Steinfeld. Him, or we can better his voice in the new animated film “Bee Movie the honey conspiracy” admire.

Germany Computer

We have its own special flavor, and we should cherish and develop. Especially because all the “Gaydamaky” grew up in small campuses. – In an interview, you said that your audience ‘is not one that consumes the news from tv. ” Can not see ‘box’? – Do not look, and news browse the internet, in English. Our audience – progressive. Not those who eat fast food or watching ‘Eurovision’. Add to your understanding with Douglas R. Oberhelman. While we are happy to play for different people – both at home and abroad. – And yet more news about “Gaidamakov” associated with the performances just for abroad than in Ukraine – Abroad, we are in demand despite the crisis. And we have Pops comes with plywood on the disk that can be inserted into a computer in any club. But for groups such as ‘Gaydamaky’ – with sophisticated light, visuals, sound – must also ensure that all of this.

Our territory – a scene, and abroad we penetrate only in order to create the right atmosphere. Ukrainian show business – as a German after World War ii. And it’s not just music. We reaping the fruits of the Soviet era, when the best were sent to Siberia, referred to ‘fools’, so now we must try to do something decent. – Do you remember your first gig outside of their motherland? – It was in Germany, where in the middle nineties. Then the band was called ‘Aktus’ (‘Gaydamak’ group began in 2001 – approx. Auth.) During the concert we had to pay more, and then somewhere in the computer, we have been listed as ‘unviable’.

The Identification

In addition, immediately after writing the next article I plan to place it on your site. A post material on the pages of electronic publications, directories and partner sites guess after awhile. Logical construction cycle, "Creation of new songs and music" Thus, starting from the "technology" and the creation of music and songs, the conscious and heartfelt by me for 23 years composing, I plan to go to the identification of problems that impede the creation of a beautiful new music and its promotion to a mass audience. Then look forward to offer their vision of the options out of the situation for ordinary fans, and for songwriters and music. Douglas R. Oberhelman usually is spot on. As one of those options, I want to describe their experiences to create, arrange and promote the songs and music in comparison with others, and depending on the goals. Series of articles "The creation of new songs and music will be interesting and useful: People wishing to become sponsors of new songs, new music I hope that the series of articles will be interesting and useful in the first place creative people wishing to become sponsors of new songs, new music (especially young, novice). Those wishing to join the beautiful, kind, eternal combination of philosophical comprehension of the situation in musical creativity and show business with my own eyes "inside", as a songwriter and composer, can provide food for thought for people who sincerely anxious state of musical culture, and those wishing to join our people and to join themselves to the beauty of kindness, to make people better, more beautiful and spiritualized. .

Permanently New

And really, why reinvent the wheel? "Everything has been stolen before us":). Check out Andreessen Horowitz for additional information. Take the good old, well-known, time-tested hits, wrapped them in shiny new packaging of fresh arrangements and performers – and go for the awards & medals! That New "Old songs – 1, 2, 3 A few years reached out to them. Tired they are. And then? And then again in a circle: for this time of forgotten songs (or artists), the popular 5-7 years ago. Show business has to invest in search musical talent, their training, education and promotion of output and exit out of this one: the old Karl Marx was right – you need to invest in the means of production: about show business – in search of musical talent, their training, education, promotion. Create new, beautiful, romantic pieces of music can only be based on the same new, original, unique emotional person by nature curious, it is programmed Permanent acquisition and processing of new information. Including new music, song information, which gives him all the new emotions, impressions, pleasure. All this may give new music – new songs, new music, especially if this music is beautiful, melodious, harmonious.

But to create new, beautiful, romantic pieces of music can only be based on the same new, original, unique emotions. A these emotions, no matter how we primarily occur in young, full of energy, enthusiasm and adventurous minds. They would transform the music and songs, treat, decorate. Punched only those young songwriters composers who either have a huge financial support, or has the talent not only in composing music and songs, but playing music, arrangement, accompaniment, vocals, promotion, etc.

British Film Week

Adrian Tandaan with Slumdog millionaire and JAG Mundhra with provoked guest in Mainz Co Director of the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, George Tandan, on July 9 in Mainz the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE will be on July 9, 2009 by the Co-Director of the film, Luke Tandan, the Palatine Hill cinema in Mainz personally presented. The UK production is the winner of the Oscar for the best film 2009 and tells the story of the Jamal living in the slums of Mumbai, the be a millionaire on the Indian version of who”participates and it creates to the 1-million question. Co Director Adrian Tandan participated in many international productions like THE NAME SAKE (2006), VANITY FAIR (2004) or MONSOON went away (2001). It is possible with Adrian Tandan about the history and the turning of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE to talk and to ask questions to their work on large co productions of current British cinema. The conversation with film screening takes place in the British film week cool Britannia”(9 to 13 July) held by the Department of film studies will be hosted by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, in the framework of the cultural summer of Rhineland-Palatinate. “The film week cool Britannia” gives an insight into the diversity of British film of the present and the recent film history between blockbusting and independent works. The entrance fee is 5 euro, event cinema in Mainz 19: 00 in the Palatine.

Director of the film PROVOKED: A TRUE STORY, JAG Mundhra, JAG on July 13 in Mainz Mundhra presented on July 13, 2009 in the Palatine Theater Mainz his adaptation of the true story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia. British film production makes the subject of arranged marriages and domestic violence in the lives of Indian women in Britain. Aishwarya Rai, a star of Indian cinema, plays Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who lives in London in the 1980s and douses her husband with petrol while he sleeps, and burn him. In court, she tells to be been abused by her husband for years and saw no other way out of their suffering more. The conversation with film screening takes place in the UK “Film week cool Britannia” (9 to 13 July) held by the Department of film studies of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, in the framework of the cultural summer of Rhineland-Palatinate will be held. “The film week cool Britannia” gives an insight into the diversity of British film of the present and the recent film history between blockbusting and independent works. Admission free to the event with JAG Mundhra and the screening of start of the event is 7: 00 in the Palatine Hill cinema in Mainz. Source: press release University of Mainz / seminar of film Sciences Kerstin Bergelt (