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British Navy

However we cannot forget that Brazil was alone where the English had direct and increasing participation. Being thus, and in view of that still we lived imprisoned to the deal ones signed with the English in function to Real escort. During years England imposed rules to Brazil in function of the comprometimento on the part of the use of the Escort and ahead of the fragility of the Brazilian government having its main city, Rio De Janeiro, to the edges of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded for the British Navy. The social reality of Century XIX in relation to the world-wide slavery was clear: of all the colonies in Americas, great majority already frees, Brazil only made use of the enslaved work. With this Brazil got high profits and dominated the coffee market world-wide.

One of its main purchasers was the United States that had stopped to buy English tea in the second half of which had century XVIII to the episode of the valuation of the Tea, that resulted in American Independence. Vendia also for other European countries, beyond still being participativos in the sugar market. Ahead of this favorable economic scene for Brazil, the incentive to the traffic of African blacks grew. The traffic of blacks can more satisfactorily be understood by project below: AnoN. of 700 gotten slaves 184650 324 184756 172 184860 000 184954 000 185023 000 18513 287 1852 Source: GOULART, M.A. ' ' African slavery in the Brasil' '. So Paulo: Alpha and Omega, 1975, p254. Let us observe that the incentive and the increase of the slave contraband had been intense until the Bill Aberdeen. As it is known, England beyond having intentions to dominate the scene economic, intended to recolonizar Americas, or at least creating

The British Parliament

Associations dnsoras of the animal speak of " victory histrica" , although the vote of the deputies does not imply an imminent change in the British legislation. The endorsement to the initiative took place in an heated parliamentary debate in which the accusations of presumed bribes and blackmails to the Government did not need. Elephants, from Leon and tigers, among others, could be counted in the circuses of the United Kingdom. The members of the British Parliament voted this Thursday in favor of an initiative to prohibit the wild animal in the circuses. A measurement that counts on the express opposition of prime minister, David Cameron. They have described it to the activists like one " historical victory for the well-being and the protection of animales" , although the vote of the deputies does not imply an imminent change in the British legislation. The endorsement to the initiative took place in an heated parliamentary debate in which the accusations of presumed bribes and blackmails to the Government did not need.

" From the office of prime minister they offered a reward to me if it retired the prohibition proposal before the past night, later I was amenazado" , assured the deputy tory Mark Pritchard, one of the impellers of the initiative, causing great commotion in the camera. Pritchard affirms that it stayed signs in his position and insisted on which the measurement was put under voting. The circuses are few that in the United Kingdom continue maintaining animal savages in their activities, in which they are used an average of 46 animal, according to the estimations of the Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animales (RSPCA). Outside the society of the 21st century the Government had proposed the possibility of introducing a scheme of licenses and a regime of inspection, a question that did not find the support of the deputies. The circuses with wild animal are " Barbarians and do not take place in the society of the 21st century " , he sentenced the liberal democrat Bob Russell. The animal use in the circus has been prohibited in other countries like Austria, Sweden, Denmark, in diverse states of India and Brazil and in certain places of England, Ireland and Estados United. Also in Spain, more than a twenty of municipalities, mainly in Catalonia, the Balearics and Aragon, they have been declared free of circuses with animal. Source of the news: The British Parliament endorses to prohibit the circuses that use wild animal

British Society

Therefore, the active methods of education of the children demand all that if a convenient material, so that, playing, they arrive to assimilate the intellectual realities that, without this supplies to the children, remains exterior to infantile intelligence. (PIAGET, 1976, p.160). 1.2.1 The winnicottiana vision on playing. Donald Woods Winnicott, pediatra and British psychoanalyst (1896-1971), worked during 40 years as pediatra, becoming in 1935 member of the British Society of Psychoanalysis, which it presided over. In its works, it is worried about the latent one and the maternal care. Teoriza on playing. For it, the origin of the symbolism can be in the way that passes of the subjective one for the objective, translated for the transacional object, the first toy. One grants, therefore that the act to play is one vastssima dimension in the human domain.

Relating the mental health, the Psychoanalysis and trick, affirming that to play it is, beyond a pleasure search, a form to deal with the anguish. According to Winnicott (1975, p.312), it affirms that ' ' Sadia&#039 is a necessity for the development of a personality; '. In its citation in the British Society of Psychoanalysis in October of 1966, Winnicott said: Freud, in its topography of the mind, did not find place for the experience of the cultural things, it gave to a new value the internal psychic reality and from this it came a new value for the things that are real and truily external. Freud used the word subliming to point the way to a place where the cultural experience she is significant, perhaps but it does not have fond the point of saying in them where place in the mind if finds the experience cultural. (WINNICOTT, 1958, p.325) In consideration to the term on cultural experience, Winnicott finds resonance the boarding of Vygotsky on the meaning of the toy, giving emphasis to the cultural experience as a representation of the symbolic world and the subjectivity human being presenting the possibility of ruptures with some dichotomies, including of the experience of independent systems as psychic and the social one, the objective and the subjective one.

Management Centered

It is verified necessity of to make a tool, at no cost established in free software, with adaptation possibility the most different tools of backup found currently in the market. This solution passes for the system of Management Centered of Backups Distributed. The biggest benefit that a tool of this type can bring to a corporation is to get a bigger managemental control on its backups and that these information can assist in the management of the operations of technology. Methodology the resolution of this work occurred in four main stages: study for accomplishment of the theoretical recital, estruturao of the project, execution and tests. In the first stage, the study, it can be verified the possible principles of backup and strategies for its perfect implantation, in parallel was studied the ArcServer tool and the information, saw logs, that it could supply use in the project. In the stage of the project a survey of the main necessities was carried through in what manages it refers to it of backups necessary information for its management in agreement with all the technology area, legalized the functional, requisite requirements not functional, rules of business, created the cases of use as well as the main screens that the system will have in its functioning.

In the implementation of the system it was developed the data base in MySql, and the control and visualization in PHP. Adjustments in relation to the initial project had been carried through so that the full functioning of the system was possible. In the tests and results simulations had been carried through to verify the functioning of the system. The simulations had been carried through in each use case so that the functional requirements and contemplated rules of business were verified. Backup quarrel All company who possesss a direct integration between digital business and data must possess a minimum trustworthy system of backup.

Management Of Standards Of Calibration In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Management of Standards of Calibration in the Pharmaceutical Industry Is each more necessary time for a laboratory of calibration in a pharmaceutical industry, to have a concern and awareness in relation to the dates of calibration of its standards and the form of sending of the same ones for certification in a believed laboratory, mainly when we deal with standards, that in give trustworthiness to them to the measure, instrument or system of measurement in a manufacture process. The objective of this article will be to guide the laboratories of calibration of the pharmaceutical industries that need to certify the Standards of Calibration, aiming at otimizao of delivery stated periods, prevention of certified misfortunes related to the critical analysis of and favoring the logistic one and the systematics of calibration of the related Standards. The Standards of Calibration are the responsible ones for if keeping the product quality or of production, therefore is from the same ones that a manufacture process measures or controls. Instruments measuring of incorrect form can induce the incorrect decisions and to generate products it are of the specifications. The calibration of the Standards allows to verify through the comparison against believed standards of reference, which is the error that the working standard possesss, associating with an uncertainty of the measurement. From these information it will be possible to verify if the cited Standard is inside of the specifications waited for the same. When sending a Standard of Calibration, that many times will be the standard of reference inside of the company for certification, is each more necessary time the attention in the analysis of the best capacity of the laboratory that if it intends to send the standard, as well as the exactness required for the standard before the calibrations that for it will be carried through. It is important to evaluate the errors and to compensate this error when the same ones are bigger that the proper uncertainty of measurement, therefore the acceptance criterion is a considered fraction, of the amplitude of the tolerance of the process.