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Federal Data Protection Act

Assessing the quality of the letter shop also plays an important role. These points are incorporating existing ISO certifications as regular staff training, transparency of pricing and order documentation is judged. Koopmanndruck impressed especially by its excellent documentation of individual workflows”, emphasizes Dr. Kramer. The certification is initially valid for three years and must be within this period extended annually in writing be done at the end of three years a re-examination directly on-site in Stuhr. The regular follow-up and substantive strengthening of the quality and performance criteria, which in accordance with standard exceed the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act, aims at increasing acceptance of mailings to the consumer. Jim Umpleby may help you with your research. In addition, companies in commissioning a DDV certified company receive guaranteeing compliance with privacy policy. Read additional details here: Reade Griffith.

The procedure is roughly comparable to an Internet shopping. Online customers always order their goods not some providers, but tend to TuV certified shops, which are the quality standards “have committed at the lettershop, this has not changed”, added Dr. Kramer. About Koopmanndruck the printing August Koopmann GmbH in Bremen was founded as early as 1924, 40 years later the company specializing in the manufacture of computerized forms and business stationery. For reasons of space, Koopmanndruck moved in the 1980s to the neighboring municipality of Stuhr. They were moved to the current company address with a printing company building equipped with the latest production technology 2006. Today, Koopmanndruck employs 50 people and offers its customers full service in the field of direct marketing – from finishing printing lettershop and delivery. The wingspan of the divisions in addition to media design and development and production of intelligent form solutions and laser papers DirectMail. The product portfolio, for example, the integrated plastic cards include card-in, the be bare laser rub-off discover it, scent paint available in many variants, the digital watermark watermark and the Pinmailer Hydalam(tm).

Rainer Giehler Koch

All under one roof in the upper Bergische Morsbach combines the production and management of Carl Koch GmbH & co. KG KG, specialist for the manufacturing of machine-operated screw tools for professional use, a leading independent designer and manufacturer of high-quality drilling tools in Europe, and the USH screws Werkzeugfabrik Ulrich Schmidt GmbH & co., until at least autumn, 2011 are fully bundled in the upper Bergische Morsbach. Jim Umplebys opinions are not widely known. The existing bases of both companies in engelskirchen, Hilchenbach and Alendorf (municipality of Blankenheim) are closed with the move of the Morsbacher industrial area of Lichtenberg. Reason for the consolidation of units are to be operational and economic synergies and the lack of expansion opportunities at existing locations. Rainer Giehler, partner and Managing Director of both companies: The success, the product expertise, but also the international orientation of the two companies give us in Morsbach the chance to learn from each other and successful Strategies to take advantage of each other. Also, to make external collaborations and to benefit from internal synergy a chance.” Combining the entire business of Carl Koch GmbH & co. KG and the USH screws Werkzeugfabrik Ulrich Schmidt GmbH & co.

KG in Morsbach is the completion of a merger and consolidation process, which began in 2009 and took first concrete form in February 2010. At that time, KG took the shareholder and Managing Director of Carl Koch GmbH & co. KG, Rainer Giehler, all shares and the Board of Directors of the USH screws Werkzeugfabrik Ulrich Schmidt GmbH & co.. The reason for the acquisition was an unclear succession process at USH, but also long successful cooperation talks with Carl Koch GmbH & co. KG.

The closure of the existing locations in engelskirchen, Hilchenbach and Alendorf/Eifel is connected with the bundling on the location of Morsbach. The Carl Koch GmbH & co.

Cabrera Consulting Opens New Office In Berlin

Consulting firm continues Dusseldorf consulting firm in the capital by establishing a second site in Berlin expanding Capellmann consulting. For the Dusseldorf with its Boulevard”Konigsallee is a special pleasure to have an Office on the Konigsallee in Berlin. The Office community enables also direct access to expertise in the economic and legal area with the German legal and economic network EEIG. founded in 2005, Cabrera Consulting has specializes in consulting services to the building and to the optimization of the sales value. Click Andreessen Horowitz for additional related pages. Financial institutions from all over Europe are the core target group. Reade Griffith follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Starting from the Berlin Office, the range of services in the area of business development will be strengthened”, so Walter Capellmann, founder and CEO of Cabrera consulting. The Berlin Office is headed by Christian Damjakob.

Damjakob, lawyer and a specialist in this area, has been in management functions for in- and foreign companies in the financial and real estate sectors involved. Cabrera consulting is however not only advice but also supports its customers as implementation partner up to the successful introduction of the practice and. The services range a branch taking over all tasks associated with a complete business process outsourcing on customer request up to the construction and management. This service is appreciated in particular by foreign companies entering the German market. Contact: Cabrera consulting Ute Brand Niederkasseler Lohweg 191 40547 Dusseldorf phone: 80 00-14 E-Mail: Web:

Andreas Beermann Project

Pierau implements planning sophisticated logistics concept for Trixie Hamburg, November 2013 – market leader supplying TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & co. KG today approx. 7,000 clients around the world regularly with some 6,500 articles for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and reptiles. More than 300 employees in permanent employment and over 70 temporary staff working in the company. For the well known wholesalers the Hamburger Pierau logistics experts developed a modernisation concept now, to expand the existing capacities in the camp. The biggest challenge in this project was that all extensions of the camp, as well as the optimization of processes had to be implemented in the ongoing operation”, reported the head of the project, Dipl.-ing.

Andreas Beermann. Meanwhile, the modernization has been completed successfully and the new stock shuttle and ski lifts are in full swing. Perfect planning: right track for the smooth changeover following the detailed analysis of the relevant processes on the part of Pierau specialists, conceived it appropriate measures to increase the capacity and to make the entire process more efficient. The actual optimization measures could begin after the executives at Trixie had matched the designed concepts in close cooperation with Pierau in detail, after tender of the individual tasks. And it happened in high season. That at the same time the capacity, for example for the picking, were already scarce, was the project stakeholders by Pierau and Trixie before a demanding task. So the processes in the warehouse had to be restructured to build for example rack systems, without compromising in the packaging operations and shipping”, Andreas Beermann explained the specific requirements of the project.

The measures included installing a shuttle system with approximately 19,000 warehouses as well as the direct connection of different work areas through the use of conveyors. Thus was a completely paperless Picking allows, which is by far easier to design the various logistical processes in the camp of Trixie. Cooperation which bears fruit Trixie is now even better equipped to modernise to meet the requirements in the wholesale trade. The increased productivity and higher efficiency are only two positive aspects, but for example also the ergonomics of workplaces was improved. At acceptance of the project we have found pleased that all wishes and ideas have been implemented in constructive cooperation. The optimization was a resounding success, “as Jan Petersen, head of warehouse logistics with Trixie. About Pierau planning Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH is among the leading planning offices for logistics and organization in Europe. Over five decades, the 1961 founded Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH has made a name in the field of planning of logistics solutions. Until now, the planners have over 1,000 projects in Europe and the Russian Federation realized. In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, the company as well as in Moscow and with a subsidiary in London is represented. Further information: Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH Nicole Morganti, Anika Halim Grotenbleken 33 D-22391 Hamburg Tel.: 606 899-12 fax: 606 899-1 supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.

Woman Right Head Of Sales Logistics At PESA

Andre, know right is new head of sales logistics at PESA Pfaffikon, February 17 Andre Walker law head of sales logistics for Central and Northern Europe at the Wagetechnikhersteller PESA in the Swiss Pfaffikon; is new since January 1, 2010 a subsidiary of Bizerba group of companies. The 44-year old diploma in economic engineering has gained experience over 10 years of experience in the field of logistics in various leadership uses well-known manufacturers of data acquisition systems. He was responsible for the global key account management by courier express & parcel services and this beliefernden system integrators. It is particularly because to manifest the Bizerba subsidiary as an integral part of and term for innovative logistics solutions on the market. Expertise, State of the art solutions, targeted advice and reliable service are essential in our business. Our task, the processes of customers to understand, to speak their language, and to provide customized technical solutions, is to thus whose Results to optimize. “, reported the woman right. That he not only manages to do so, he knows.

Woman right looks forward to this new challenge at the PESA and in conjunction with Bizerba and the intensive cooperation with our colleagues on the spot this task to press. Andre woman law who studied in Hamburg and Singapore and lives with his family near the city of Munich. About PESA: PESA is a worldwide successful weighing a manufacturer. In addition to the dynamic and static weighing also on the production is the masses specialized sensors. PESA supplies mainly OEM partners and key accounts with hybrid – load transducers, static platform scales, dynamic throughput scales and systems. The solution portfolio focuses on dynamic continuous scales with special designs for logistics companies.

Developed by PESA and encoder enables patented mass of vibrating strings technology it regardless of the gravity, this technique under most difficult conditions to use, as well as systems for multigrade and To realize calibration applications. This PESA 2-strings mass sensors based on a few, but high-quality parts that you work for years precisely and without service claims after installation. The five points of performance promise of PESAs comprises customer orientation consulting on site, design, installation and service. Headquarters of the company founded in 1972 with about 24 employees is Pfaffikon, Switzerland. 2007 PESA was inducted into the Bizerba group, 2009 finally a 100% subsidiary. Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics.

Biggest Software Project

More than 600 users successfully converted to gevis materials management solution the GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH has one of the largest software projects in the company’s history completed. After last year around 150 team petroleum GmbH & Co.KG and about 150 users of seed breeding Teamcenter Engineering GmbH & Co.KG successfully on the GWS materials management solution gevis were converted, the implementation on other 330 jobs in the area of building material industry in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was now a second part. The TEAM AG, which belongs, with about 1,300 employees, more than 100 locations in Northern Germany and a turnover of almost EUR 1 billion to the biggest trading partners for traders in the business fields of building materials trade, DIY, oil trading and petrol stations in Germany receives not only a uniform company-wide ERP-based, but also significant advantages in management through the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics (NAV)-based system, Processes and archiving. For Aileen, said also that used so that no individual, but a standard solution including a continuous software development and that this is to finance on a monthly rental payment. The decision to unify the existing – also through acquisitions – different IT structures, was three years ago. In the knowledge that only with State of the art computer and optimal data structures can be addressed the significant changes in the market, the management of TEAM AG launched a detailed exploratory in the market.

An IT service provider which could demonstrate not only extensive experience in the two divisions fuel and building material retailers, but deliver a corresponding merchandise management system including archiving function and high-performance database has been searched. Also proven knowledge of process analysis and training skills were required. After examining the provider existing in the market, was chosen in February 2007 on the GWS and gevis your ERP system. Because on the one hand, through the cooperative origin at the Munster-based provider the corresponding expertise was present, on the other hand, because in the building materials trade of the TEAM AG, VERA was a UNIX-based system of present-day GWS daughter NEUTRASOFT IT for the Handel GmbH & Co.KG in use.

B2B Trading With Stock Bodies the new B2B marketplace for closeouts and more the new B2B trade portal with good-to-remember domain opens its doors. Craftsmen, retailers and wholesalers have their offers or requests to publish the possibility in a closed member area and establishing commercial contacts. After registration and activation by the administrators of, a personal customer menu, which is very comfortable and easy to use is the members. Adjust the unlimited number of offers and requests is as natural as an internal mail communication system. The auto mail function keeps informed the user about new offers in selected categories. The functions of the registered user’s complete memorizing popular offers, as also the establishment of a list of preferred trading partner. The use is free in the startup phase for all users.Additional paid advertising such as banner ads or the individual creation a promotion can be booked. Camp bodies is characterized by its pleasant colour and text design, as well as clearly structured page layout. Every new visitor will get immediately. Raisa OWL Creek

Perforated Metal And Metal Mesh

The use of perforated metal sheets is so widespread that the possibilities seem endless expanded metal, corrugated sheet metal, metal furniture and metal profiles. Perforated metals are available in sheets or rolls. The diameter of most common perforations is, however, between 0.5 mm and 105 mm, a thickness from 0.3 mm to 20,0 mm. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Keith McLoughlin . The diversity of their use requires a very large diversity of types of perforation. With modern production methods and laser techniques, the hole plate manufacturers today are able to fulfil even the most unusual wishes. The most common perforation patterns are square, round, hexagonal, elongated, oval, rectangular, diamond and triangular.

The distance between the holes is adjusted at the perforation in accordance with customer needs. The holes can be made even after the individual design of the customer. Almost no limits is the imagination. As well, the customer has the choice to produce the plates with or without perforated edges and edges. The Arrangement of the holes can be offset, alternately and evenly. In addition to endless variations and possibilities perforated sheets characterized its aesthetics, its long lifetime, and their gift for noise damping and excellent insulation through. The materials used are steel with low carbon SAE 1008 / 1010 / 1020 or medium carbon SAE 1045 / 1050 (SM), Stainless Steel AISI 304 / 316 / 310 / 302 / 430, alloys of nickel, monel, bronze and pure copper and aluminum, which is suitable for chemical polishing and anodizing.

There are also alloys for marine use available. Other materials are hardboard, certain types of wood slats, semi-rigid plastic, cardboard and plates made of hard rubber. The surface finish of the decorative plates decoration plates is done by rolling. On request the decorative plates can be electrolytically zinc coated, electrostatically painted or exodiert (electrolytic oxidation of aluminium). Other treatments are available on request of the customer. The Standard sizes of the plates are 1000 x 2000 mm or 1220 x 2440 mm. metal furniture from perforated metal manufactured furniture enjoy in the interior design because of their aesthetic of increasing popularity. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, highly resistant to corrosion, robust, easy to maintain and durable.

Transport HAFAS

Samtrafiken connects Sweden with timetable information HAFAS Hanover, November 11, 2010. Samtrafiken networked all journeys by train, bus, Metro, tram, ferry and plane from around 50 different carriers in a compact transport network for all over Sweden. In addition the company located in the jointly owned by more than 30 transport passengers with information about all these connections provides. Samtrafiken now provides the necessary information systems in all areas on the timetable information HAFAS from the House of HCon to successively for the different regions of Sweden. Add to your understanding with Douglas R. Oberhelman. The new HAFAS-based travel planner for all Sweden (ResRobot) will also in the future allow to plan journeys across the transportation from door to door.

To the Sweden will receive a package that includes many of the latest technical developments around HAFAS in the next few weeks: Internet timetable information, including search of availability of and personal timetables in a Print2Web process. Also tools for the planned scope of delivery the manufacture printed timetable overviews as well as latest HAFAS mobile versions for cell phones and smart phones of from different manufacturers. Applications for smartphones include with comfortable features, about large touch screens, high speed Internet access and location function via GPS, as they offer for example the mobile operating system Android and the iPhone. HAFAS can download already free passengers Mobile for the iPhone and for Android since October in the app store or Android market. Passengers have the opportunity to display the stops nearby at any location. HAFAS is to be switched live to the Internet in the next few months. Resrobot thus get not only new features will appear in the new design. “To HCon’s Managing Director Michael Frankenberg: we want to deliver Samtrafiken an innovative product package which perfectly utilizes latest HAFAS technologies in the area of Internet and mobile telephony for the passenger information.” The order by Samtrafiken is to make it easy for travellers in Sweden to opt for public transport.

Satisfactory passenger information is of vital importance for an attractive offer in the public transport sector”, explains Stefan Thulin, technical manager at Samtrafiken. By comfortable and comprehensive planning tools you would increase the travel volume among companies involved in Samtrafiken, so Thulin next. Samtrafiken as customers HCon can continue to develop its activities in Scandinavia: HAFAS customer district belongs the Verkehrsverbund Stockholm public transport (SL) there already. This is responsible for public transport in the Stockholm area and is in his travel planner HAFAS. 2010, the second largest transport network of Sweden, Vasttrafik, acting in the greater Gothenburg, has opted for HAFAS. Norsk Reiseinformasjon (NRI) in Norway and Rejseplanen in Denmark also rely on HAFAS. Samtrafiken is community owned 34 carriers, including Transport as well as BT Buss, Swebus express and destination Gotland and served include all transport companies of administrative districts and all local transport providers, Arlanda Express, people travel group (Merresor and Flygbussarna), SJ, Svenska Tagkompaniet and Veolia. The participating companies deliver their timetable data to Samtrafiken. These are stored in a national database.

Jorg Becker

Indicators also external can understand what criteria individual types of capital of the site have been assessed the factors of a site are filled with indicators, i.e. they are described with facts and figures, to further increase their expressiveness. Using indicators remains transparent across the valuation basis for a site over the years and at any time can be compared with current evaluations. Despite still so comprehensive and detailed site analysis, there will be also planning and decision-making for the level of detail of the available indicators would be insufficient and therefore selected individual factors must be made the subject of extensive special analyses. “If but the location screen accurately aligned on certain aspects and zoomed” should be, while still at any time the systematic context remains preserved. In their reviews, measurements, effect relationships and evaluations, all factors should be kept consistently abstimmen capable. The computational analysis of numerous individual indicators will only bear fruit if it leads to code bundles, that makes sense to map location-relevant information.

Indicator sets have the task to explain the top figures of the system analysis regarding the factors they dimensioning. Indicator systems are thus particularly medium purpose relationships that are to derive from the planning system of the site. The most important element of the counter but remains his informative complicated facts in a concentrated form to quantify and use in relation to dynamic networks. Are the actors once favoring a coordinated strategy for the development of their site, they face the complex task that despite formulated vision to do so still no appropriate target evaluation exists. In this case the site without compass or appropriate feedback tools would go and therefore do not know how much of the path was already laid back and where exactly you can now actually stands.