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For Mr. DANI GERMAN ARTURO MEJIA. Hello readers of this blog, an apology for the delay in this edition, but it is a matter of time, but who are wondering what’s new on the master I say: We started by saying that I am in the final stretch of 1/er.half of the Masters and you begin to feel a satisfaction that the thrust seems to be sufficient for this company, these classes will continue to present entertaining, interesting and very useful, as they already know that at any time and for any excuse interrupt class and those who pray them on various points, or that are only a kind of zombies that only come and express nothing, nothing (almost all of below), or those who are l Matalas you softly, but one or the other everyone is very competitive and that encourages your server to not slow down, special mention to my great friend, lic.OCTAVIO PAREDES, that without their valuable support this would not be so fun to once again be master course student. And as is common among peers we have more confidence to speak or ask various questions of race or expertise and this also adds a plus point, as the diversity of legal work benefits us, and the count of classes is also inevitable, and I dare to compare the quality of the materials and speakers with sports brands and is 4-1 where goals are four good and one is a professional and I will comment on this discretion is not criminal.Accumulate and protoc olos research, conceptual readings, talks in Mexico in its current environment, analysis of plays, collections of notes and readings, amazingly useful for our work and because I hope that the next delivery is to inform you if it was possible to deliver a constant qualification in my classes, and finally I say goodbye with a big quejidoooooo, ME thought he would never happen again in my last area I play a simile DEM

Comercial Mexicana store

Comercial Mexicana store Zamora, Michoac n. Comercial Mexicana is a self-service company in Mexico with a total of 214 convenience stores in different formats and 71 restaurants in 42 cities across the country at December 31, 2007. Its business formats are focused to meet the needs of different socioeconomic levels and include everything from groceries and perishables, to general merchandise and clothing. Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico.

March against unemployment and the crisis: Torremej a-Merida, Sunday, January 31, 2009

We agree to call for a march against unemployment and address the crisis that will travel Torremej a-M rida, and l for Sunday January 31, 2010. We call on all citizens in Extremadura ciudadadanos and to join the march, especially the people standing or in a precarious situation, as well as the entire working class of Extremadura. We went to all the movements and organizations Extremadura share the need to require a departure from anti-capitalist orientation of the crisis, the workers victims of regulatory records of employment, over 25,000 unemployed Extremadura without any coverage, more than 100.00 unemployed governments and employers consider disposable commodity, to the self and peasants caught in large companies, outsourcing and intermediaries, students threatened by the growing commercialization and segregation of the university and education in general, who have mortgaged the home for white-collar thieves, those who fight monsters all pollutants and a stark Extremadura and sustainable. We call on the militant trade unionism, social environmentalism, the collective social exclusion and all the social movements that view with amazement, like us, the sluggishness and lack of critical response that accompanies the crisis. The march will take place on the morning of Sunday and culminate with one of the institutions or authorities responsible for the crisis (to be determined yet, at the next meetings of the Coordinadora). In the next call of the Coordinator will develop a concrete and update Manifesto claims embodied in previous documents.


BIOSPHERE RESERVE “Heaven.” The Biosphere Reserve El Cielo was enacted on 13 July 1985 within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Category.It is located southwest of the state, in the Sierra Madre Oriental and covers the municipalities of Gomez Farias, Llera, Ocampo and Jaumave, covering 144,530-51-00 You, presenting different vegetation types are tropical semi-deciduous forest , Forest mountain cloud forest of pine, oak, and desert scrub vegetation Acu tica.Su importance is mainly due to the conservation of biodiversity and vegetation types that exist in this area especially the cloud forest reserve Monta a.La Biosphere “Heaven” is a major country’s protected natural areas characterized by a considerable presence and ecosystem biotic few disturbed finds it difficult to neighboring regions. “Heaven” has a high environmental heterogeneity, expressed with a high diversity of climate, soil, geological and biological.Its location in the Sierra Madre Oriental and its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer produced a landscape with multiple environmental and biological conditions. The Sierra Madre Oriental produces an uneven landscape with mountains and canyons that result in sudden changes in altitude over short distances. It is a transition zone where the fauna, flora and tropical touch and give way to temperate environments. Throughout the region features a gradient of vegetation ranging from tropical to temperate environments and ultimately to xeric at only 21 km as the crow flies. The transition from one vegetation type to another is conspicuous even for those who are not experienced botanists and biologists. As a result of the richly diverse vegetation that covers the region, the fauna also reflects a great variety.Continuation of the mixture of Nearctic and Neotropical species are 92 species of mammals, 430 species of birds, 25 amphibians, 734 reptiles and 60 species of plants vasculares.El main entrance to the Biosphere Reserve is the town of Gomez Farias, which is 112 kilometers from Ciudad Victoria and 42 km. Cd Mante by Highway 85. We will discuss all this and much more on the 9th of August with guests in the studio do not miss 8 to 10 am Business on the Border Through of Advanced Radio Group, with Rogelio Guzman.

Market failure

The PCjr was launched with a huge amount of advance publicity, including live news broadcasts covering the announcement of the product. Ziff-Davis, or of PC Magazine, printed the first issue of the journal PCjr Magazine even before the first units were dispatched PCjr. Observers expected the change PCjr home computer market in a manner similar to the IBM PC itself had changed the business market in the two years since its introduction. However, the PCjr was never well received. The target of most criticism was its keyboard. IBM chose to use a Chiclet keyboard, similar to that of a pocket calculator, with wide spaces between keys to make room for instructional templates that came with the software packages. However, it was widely criticized, giving the impression of being cheap and difficult to type. IBM eventually replaced, free of charge, on a conventional keyboard.Regardless of the keyboard layout, with only 62 keys, lacked the numeric keypad and function keys separate from the IBM PC and the distribution was more awkward than most competitors. In addition, the wireless connection did not work as well as expected, in practice, when typing, but it could be two or three feet (a meter) away from the machine and in wireless mode, the keyboard batteries quickly drained . A 669, the price of the PCjr was not competitive. Cost more than double the Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit family. Its price was near the Coleco Adam, but Adam also included two tape drives, printer and software. Except for the Apple II, it was possible to buy a complete system (computer, disk drive, printer and monitor), almost any of IBM’s competitors, for less than the entry price of the PCjr.Many people compared him unfavorably with the IBM PCjr PC rather than with the machines against which competed directly. While compatibility with the large library of software for the IBM PC was a key selling point, the PCjr proved in practice incompatible with many popular PC applications, partly due to memory limitations and partly due to architectural differences . Although the technical capabilities of the PCjr could have justified their higher price it was a 16-bit machine to compete in a world of 8 bits, offered a better memory expansion, had built a display mode of 80 columns and was faster than any of its competitors. At this time, the writers of articles on home computers worry much less about raw power and more about price and quality software available on the keyboard. The PCjr was more difficult to extend many of the computers with trying to compete.It was not designed to add a second floppy drive, a hard drive or memory beyond the 256K, making it difficult to fulfill the promise of running the software for the IBM PC business. The add-ons to provide a second floppy drive or hard drive 20 megabytes were only available from third parties and were not immediately available. Many of the add-ons for IBM and third were connected to an expansion slot on the right side of the computer, similar to the design of Texas Instruments TI 99/4A. Thus, as with IT, numerous add-ons were connected in a very sloppy. Unable to compete with the Commodore C64 and IIc IIe and Apple Computer, not to mention the future of Atari Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, IBM pulled the PCjr market in mid-1985.

Leichtkredit: Credit With Sofortentscheid

For the very urgent “Geldbentiger” there are often only two possibilities: a raid or the loan with Sofortentscheid. What is hidden behind the one that is most often bound to the jail, behind the other hides the so-called Leichtkredit. The huge advantage of this credit is that you simply send an e-mail starts his loan request. Only one form is automatically filled in by Kreditinteressierten, a customer consultant is not needed, and then the request goes directly out to the respective bank. In no time we get back its decisions regarding the payment or nonpayment of the loan requested by e-mail. Prerequisite is a minimum of year of continuous employment, civil service or rententumb, a salary certificate and a valid passport. If the payment can either use the cash from a bank on presentation of a valid identity card or the payment will be made to an existing checking account to complete. Total “damn” isthe rest is needed for what the requested money. It is no use certificate required. One can send his personal data by post, although this is not because encrypted data transmission is necessary. These two paths are therefore feasible. If you would like to receive information by mail can they also get what s of course delayed by the postal route, at some time, stop-mails go faster! In this simple manner, can solve money problems, so to speak, almost overnight. One has to rely on any dates, opening times, or consultant, under which also receives more favorable repayment terms and have everything ready at hand. It is important, however, as with all contracts, the exact study and understanding of the documents sent. In many cases, but in this case are also competent contact via 24-hour phone service available.


The desire to own home is at for most people as a life goal in front. In most cases you can not fulfill this wish, however, from its own resources out, but this requires a loan. This is done under the so-called mortgage lending. There are different types and ways of construction financing. The most commonly used variants are the construction financing through a mortgage loan and mortgage lending by a savings agreement. In the construction financing through a mortgage loan, the customer receives from his bank for a loan. To calculate the required loan amount, one puts the purchase price of the property and the possible site, plus related costs such as notary fees, etc. to ground and subtract the existing equity. The difference then makes the required loan amount. The mortgage loans will be granted to the customer against the registration of a mortgage or mortgage on the property and / or the property, provided that the monthly burden is unsustainable. In the following, the customer pays a monthly basis to the existing rate of interest and principalthe bank back until the loan is repaid in full by the end of the term. After that is also cleared the land used as collateral. The mortgage lending by building savings is running in principle the same way as the mortgage loans. The difference is that the customer first in the building contract has an accumulation phase, in which he has accumulated some equity. The conditions are met and the building contract is zuteilungsreif, the customer receives a loan here, too, the building society loans. Also this will be secured and repaid in monthly installments. The interest rate is usually lower than for Some mortgages. Thus, there are also a number of opportunities for mortgage lending.