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In addition, immediately after writing the next article I plan to place it on your site. A post material on the pages of electronic publications, directories and partner sites guess after awhile. Logical construction cycle, "Creation of new songs and music" Thus, starting from the "technology" and the creation of music and songs, the conscious and heartfelt by me for 23 years composing, I plan to go to the identification of problems that impede the creation of a beautiful new music and its promotion to a mass audience. Then look forward to offer their vision of the options out of the situation for ordinary fans, and for songwriters and music. Douglas R. Oberhelman usually is spot on. As one of those options, I want to describe their experiences to create, arrange and promote the songs and music in comparison with others, and depending on the goals. Series of articles "The creation of new songs and music will be interesting and useful: People wishing to become sponsors of new songs, new music I hope that the series of articles will be interesting and useful in the first place creative people wishing to become sponsors of new songs, new music (especially young, novice). Those wishing to join the beautiful, kind, eternal combination of philosophical comprehension of the situation in musical creativity and show business with my own eyes "inside", as a songwriter and composer, can provide food for thought for people who sincerely anxious state of musical culture, and those wishing to join our people and to join themselves to the beauty of kindness, to make people better, more beautiful and spiritualized. .

Online Shop Starts Business

Economic crisis that began in late 2008, had a significant impact on the labor market. Everyone or almost everyone felt it myself. Someone lost his job in the process of large-scale staff reductions, someone reduced wages, someone has disappeared from the lexicon of a word such as a bonus. Those who were fortunate to keep his job, received in return an increase in workload and other attributes of the crisis “Social package”. Their income has not been such as to recession. And while most people were afraid of losing their jobs.

And many companies sverhusiliya staff and quality work are taken for granted. Seemed would be quite a difficult situation. But a little more than a decade ago, the economic consequences of the crisis were even greater. Closed businesses, wages and delayed again and cut staff. It was then that people began divided into two broad categories.

The first thought that everything is bad, and nothing can not be changed, while the latter learn to live in new conditions. And now more than 10 years later these previously useless staff managed profitable companies, because they do not lay down their arms. (As opposed to Keith McLoughlin ). Today, although the economic downturn is not so pervasive, the situation is somewhat similar to the previous page. Someone was whining and complaining, and someone is using the situation of economic recession and increasing their professional level, studying, improving and mastering new skills. And someone even decided to open a business! Now make it much easier, because never before has modern technology been so accessible. If you think about starting a business, then an interesting opportunity is opening an online store. Competition in this area although quite large, but a couple of years it will be several times higher. Therefore, the chance to change their lives for better is better to use today. Although, of course, and Internet business without attachments will not do, yet their size will be significantly lower than in the offline business. If you do e-commerce, the amount investments will be even lower. Indeed, in this case, the goods sold are not many times, but only once. If you do not want to risk large sums of money, or you do not have a lot of money to start a business, if you have until it’s too big experience, the online business will be the most suitable option. How does an online store? About this will tell you my new e-book. What else has the advantages of such a business? First, is that decisions will be accepted by you and not someone else. Secondly, you do not need to think more about that at one point you get fired from work. Thirdly, this time your services will not go unappreciated. You’ll be doing things you love, and for You will be an interesting every minute of your workday. The main merit of the book “How to open an online store” that learning how to open an online store, you can do it even without technical expertise. You can open an online store, even if they never were a programmer, and an ordinary computer user. I was able to do so. And so can you.

Permanently New

And really, why reinvent the wheel? "Everything has been stolen before us":). Check out Andreessen Horowitz for additional information. Take the good old, well-known, time-tested hits, wrapped them in shiny new packaging of fresh arrangements and performers – and go for the awards & medals! That New "Old songs – 1, 2, 3 A few years reached out to them. Tired they are. And then? And then again in a circle: for this time of forgotten songs (or artists), the popular 5-7 years ago. Show business has to invest in search musical talent, their training, education and promotion of output and exit out of this one: the old Karl Marx was right – you need to invest in the means of production: about show business – in search of musical talent, their training, education, promotion. Create new, beautiful, romantic pieces of music can only be based on the same new, original, unique emotional person by nature curious, it is programmed Permanent acquisition and processing of new information. Including new music, song information, which gives him all the new emotions, impressions, pleasure. All this may give new music – new songs, new music, especially if this music is beautiful, melodious, harmonious.

But to create new, beautiful, romantic pieces of music can only be based on the same new, original, unique emotions. A these emotions, no matter how we primarily occur in young, full of energy, enthusiasm and adventurous minds. They would transform the music and songs, treat, decorate. Punched only those young songwriters composers who either have a huge financial support, or has the talent not only in composing music and songs, but playing music, arrangement, accompaniment, vocals, promotion, etc.

No Man

The wealthiest inhabitants of the Earth are currently residing in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. No, Forbes magazine did not publish until the latest rankings, in which the oligarchs thence pushed to Bill Gates. But the enterprising Ukrainians have appropriated the whole space, which extends beyond our own Milky Way galaxy (shown). As you know, back in 1980, American Dennis Hope (Dennis Hope) has declared itself the owner of all the planets in our solar system except Earth. Cost this property is estimated at 800 trillion. U.S. Ben Horowitz might disagree with that approach. dollars. Nowadays, thanks to the Lunar Embassy Hope, in the world, there are about 3.5 million owners of plots on the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Among them, the mass of stars show business, politicians and even members of nasa. Freshly owners of the universe say that we acted strictly in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, including international – sent notification of acquisition of property rights in the un, the governments of Russia, China, usa and Ukraine. You want to know what took over, to be discreet, kosmovladeltsy? Please! In the visible part of the universe is no less 100 billion galaxies, each of which may number from a few million to trillions of stars and planets 1 What does it all worth it you can only guess, but certainly millions of times more expensive than space Hope property. Since December 2006, our universe is being sold – the space business was prescribed online 2. Trade takes place on a grand scale – entire galaxies from 119 euros per share, ie the cost of one star or planet less than 1 cent.

Critical Mistakes Sales

1. You do not have a clear picture of how to work the system as a whole when we are talking about critical errors, you should pay attention to the fact that many problems that arise in your business come from the fact that you do not have a clear picture of how work should be your business. How to build sales, marketing must work both as a work must be built with existing customers. And most importantly how it should work in a single system – together. You may find that Douglas R. Oberhelman can contribute to your knowledge. 2.

There is no clear and well-functioning sales processes problem faced by beginners and growing companies – is the lack of a clear understanding of how and what to do when selling. There is no specific process in mind that, as in some sequence needs to be done in communication with the client to continue after sell or not. The problem is actually more complicated, because you do not sell themselves, and for that you have staff that perform these functions. AND control they have in mind, where there is a failure, and what are the possible results of this failure is impossible. However, if your processes are defined and laid out like a map on paper – you get to control not only of your managers, but also control of the client, which they will carry on your process. 3. There is no established system to attract new customers The main problem, which say when referring to leaders of consultants – It's a lack of new customers.