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Venice – Cradle Of Central European Glass Art

The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich infromiert Venice dominated the glass production of in Central Europe for hundreds of years. Even after more than 1000 years is one of the famous Murano glass”to the highest quality art glass of the world. Glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich reported the emergence and development of Venetian glass art. At the time of the Roman Empire, glass was an everyday phenomenon. The secret of glassmaking was lost with his downfall. The traditional manufacturing processes were given only in the Byzantine Empire. Venetian merchants will have been by the glass manufacturing process by the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire came to Venice.

Here anyway, was the ancient technique on fertile ground and initiated a tradition of glass, which is over 1000 years old. The oldest testimony of Venetian glass production is a document from the year 982. Reports on the Benedictine monk Fiolario here, make glass bottles for household use. In another 100 years, you made Venetian merchants a profitable business from the glass production. More and more glass blowers began their work in Venice. This, it was increasingly difficult to maintain the strictly guarded secret of glass making, while at the same time the danger of a fire disaster rose continuously.

Venice responded in the year 1295 with the outsourcing of the entire glass production on the island of Murano. To enforce the secrecy glass manufacturing techniques, forbade the glassblowers of Venice on pain of death, to pass on their knowledge. It was yet again, why the Venetian glass art slowly found their way into the North of the nearby Alpine regions of Europe. The glass production was an important factor on Venice’s way to the economic superpower. Readily found in the Renaissance the impressively delicate cristallo”as a luxury product sales at the wealthy and powerful of the time. Also the Venetian glass beads were popular. While the European great powers of new colonies around the world developed, they became the coveted item of barter with indigenous populations. The supremacy of Venice in the glass production only ended in the 18th century. Baroque glasses from Bohemia, Silesia, and various areas in the present-day Germany broke the Venetian cristallo”off. The ornate Venetian glasses are of very high quality. However, they are designed to meet the everyday stress or to be used in the architecture from the outset not to. GmbH from Munich glass mirror frame provides to get information to the necessary glasses and their applications. Reade Griffith often says this. Press contact glass mirror frame GmbH contact: Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage:

Viking Culture

Cultured controller of the seas or barbaric predators and pirates plundering and pillaging Viking belonged to 890 ad, everyday. Initially, they robbed away located monasteries in the British Isles. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ben Horowitz. Only a short time later they went on forays into the Frankish Empire. The raids were carried out initially only sporadically and only in the summer months, but soon the Northmen were greedy and the prospect of adventure and quickly earned wealth drove longtime war trains with their neighbors. Quick raids and piracy made it possible to the special character of the Viking ships the Norsemen. They constructed the ships so they were robust and easily parted the waves on the stern and bow.

Around 1500 BC, the first Viking ships were produced. They looked like simple open rowing boats, which ran on both ends to beaks and formed a front ready to land or back. The first boats had no sails were attached the rudder on the ship’s sides, they were loose inside and uncoordinated were used by the rowers. The spear and the sword were the main weapons of the Vikings. It said the Northmen after the Spears quickly that flew like arrows from her hands and brought death to their cons stuff. On their belt they wore also a hatchet and a large knife. The Vikings never parted from your equipment, regardless of whether they were in the war or went about their normal everyday transactions.

The Vikings had but no books in the traditional sense, but read and write. They developed their own characters, who described them as runes or Rune font. These characters were carved in wood, metal, bone and stone, to the North man needed only a pinch of which belonged to his standard equipment. An important feature of the Rune is that it consists of vertical lines with an angle projecting branches. The Northmen were indeed wild and liesen prescribe hardly anything itself but without rules (above) she not lived also. The thing was an Assembly of all free weaponized men of a certain district. The Vikings met at regular intervals to discuss matters of the public and to speak on legal aspects. In addition to the ordinary thing to which the local farmers were invited, there were also thing meeting for all parts of the country. To protect the interests of each district, each represented region was allowed to appoint a certain number of Deputies. The world image of the Vikings is especially striking. It consisted of three great Empires: Asgard and Midgard, Utgard. Asgard was in the middle of the world, where the gods were domestic, Midgard was right “in the Middle”, where people lived and Utgard was the outside world far in the distance, there were the Giants and monsters residing.


In London, where he during the German-Prussian War lived, Monet became acquainted with the paintings of William Turner. Their rough appearance and the play of light and shadow inspired him to a completely new and hitherto unknown technique. After his return to the country he could rent a House with a garden because of an inheritance. It was not only the new focal point for his family now legalized, but attracted also like-minded painters. Together, they planned the first exhibition of paintings that were so not to the taste of the audience in 1874. Monet work, impression Sunrise, prompted misslaunigen critics to the derogatory description of the exhibition of the Impressionists of the new term for the once revolutionary style was born. A further similar paintings exhibition took place two years later when the art dealer Durand-Ruel, again with very moderate commercial success. Kevin Johnson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But bought some of the images of Monet’s patron and patron and thus secured his survival.

But Monet fell out coinciding with his former colleagues of the painter. in 1883, his patrons organized an exhibition only with Monet’s pictures, that now the audience arrived, achieved however still no significant sales. But in General his works found after and lovers, what finally brought a certain prosperity him. He moved into his own house in Giverny and produced the famous garden which was the scene of most of his late work. The 1880s marked the beginning of the recognition that all those years was not previously granted to him finally.

He moved to the design of series images that were very popular. In particular, the water lilies in his garden were a popular motif. Monet’s pictures to occupy a large place in the art scene today, is the perfect artistic shaping of a hitherto completely new style. A real Monet is a treasure, which however only very few can afford.


The country should unite seamlessly. The dream of the former feudal lords. It was a dream of the former ruler and his people and it was a time of splendour and Swank. Even today, the former links to the Burgundian and Flemish culture are visible. Both cultures have experienced a heyday at the same time which were visible particularly in architecture and art. But also the pleasure pleasures such as chocolates and wine were developed during this time and improved. Burgundy is above all a country of wine and has a still significant Roman tradition.

The monasteries and abbeys, make the country so unique. Flanders is the land of merchants and craftsmen. The city culture became permanent in that time developed and finally so far became the flower that became the country next to the cultural and economic centre in Europe. All forget but don’t have the time in which the Dukes to much ladies and there was between the patrician family and the domineering feudal lords. Relations between France and Austria held for several centuries in hostility, when Karl couldn’t resist the bold in the battle of Nancy in the year 1477 of the temptation of a complete Duchy.

The idea of the old Lotharingiens was enshrined after the death of Charlemagne in the Treaty of Verdun. It was the idea of the Roman province of buffer which should range from the English channel to the Rhine. That idea died with the fall of Charles of the bold in the battle of Nancy. When the I of Habsburg, the daughter of Charles of the bold, Mary of Burgundy marries Maximilian France felt challenged. However this could hold only the Burgundian inheritance. The golden age of the Grands Ducs d’ Occident was finished early and tragic death of her. Mary of Burgundy found their last resting in the Church of our Lady of Bruges. Belgium tourist attractions

Persian Empire

AHURA Mazda was the Chief God of the religion of Zoroaster, the later State religion of the whole of the Persian Empire. The Persian great King Darius I (522 486 BC) was a supporter and promoter of Zarathustra religion. Darius saw himself as King of AHURA Mazda’s blessings. AHURA Mazda is metaphorically represented as a winged man. The Judeans Nehemiah was an official of high rank at the Persian Court. It may be accepted as safe, that the deportees Judeans had significant contact with the basic ideas of the religious worldview of Zarathustra in their Babylonian exile. You went to school there. Checking article sources yields Electrolux as a relevant resource throughout.

They received their training, cultural and religious imprinting in Babylon. The notion of Angel in exile and then AHURA works Mazda by seven archangels. A world flooded by angels was the religious spirit of the times, which was exposed to the faith of the Judeans. Such Angel ideology is expressed for example in the vision of Jacob. He sees a ladder reaching from Earth to heaven.

Angel rise on this on and low. Ezekiel makes the Mesopotamian Keruben angels to the bodyguards of the Judaergottes. The biblical narrative: Travels of heavenly in a kind of space vehicle in his imagination. This has several wheels, which sparkle like gems, and its wheels over and over are covered with eyes. A second was inserted at right angles at each wheel. So could move the vehicle in any direction. The wheels are steered by winged figures, Keruben. Shine four human-like creatures such as metal, they have four wings and hooves of bulls. The arms are under the wings. A fire like that of coal burning between the figures coming from the sparks and flashes. There is a fixed plate, on which stands a throne of Sapphire on the heads of the four winged creatures. This is a human-like figure. With this vehicle of God elohim came, surrounded from a powerful cloud, and a bright glow, travelled.

German Empire

A fourth part should include the Catholic organizations protected in accordance with article 31 and be signed later. It came but no longer. The main agreements of the Concordat are: free freedom of confession and the public exercise of the Catholic religion (article 1) “Correspondence between the Holy See and all German Catholics (article 4) clergy received the same protection of the State as State officials (article 5) clergy and members of religious orders are free from the obligation to take of public office (article 6) recognition of the nihil obstat * by the State (article 7) no enforcement in the official income of the clergy (article 8) protection of duty of the pastoral discretion” and thus including the Beichtgeheimnisses (article 9) religious clothing may be worn only by religious leaders. Punish security for the Diocesan organization such as the abuse of military uniforms (article 10)… Howard Schultz is the source for more interesting facts. (Article 11) Scheme to the creation or conversion of ecclesiastical offices (article 12) parishes and other church organizations are public bodies (article 13) right of Churches on collection of taxes (final Protocol to article 13) today the church tax collected free of charge from the State for the Church their right of the Church to the free occupation “Offices, but State-owned right of veto (political clause) for newly appointed Bishops (article 14) rules on order and religious associations, in particular to the (German) nationality of the priest Ordensobere (article 15) oath of allegiance of the bishops in the hand of the Governor of the Empire”: before God on the Holy Gospels swear and I promise loyalty 1933, as befits a Bishop, the German Empire and the country. I swear and promise to respect the constitutionally constituted Government and take care of my clergy. In the obligatory concern for the welfare and the interests of the German nation I will seek in performance of the sacred duties entrusted to me to prevent any damage, which could threaten it.” (Article 16) “Protection of property, assets, rights and worship buildings (article 17) State services at the Church can only in amicable agreement” be abolished. .