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Business Communicator Trade

In RuNet a new online service purchase / sale of various goods and services, business communicator Trade & Chat. This free program is designed to become the new meeting place for buyers and sellers in the XXI century. Trade & Chat accumulated in itself all advantages of electronic communication and identification of customers: bulletin boards, directories, online instant messengers, etc. As on the bulletin board, with Trade & Chat seller may also post your ad and the buyer review all proposals in their region. But unlike the boards Trade & Chat relevance of the information maintained by the users. If the goods are sold or not in existence, the seller can remove advert one mouse click.

As in the popular on-line messengers in Trade & Chat has a function of instant messaging. However, in this case, communication is solely commercial in nature. The program for communication with customers / vendors can be used as an internal system of correspondence, and ICQ-account, you can connect through the Trade & Chatnezavisimo from the main program. In addition to the ICQ network also supports Jabber and IRC. New business communicator's taste, as representatives of various spheres of business and private users accustomed to using on-line "flea markets". The main difference between a business communicator Trade & Chat from the traditional means of advertising is that the seller and buyer are just a click away. Find what you are posting, the user can immediately make contact with the author, if he is given point in the network.

Thus, on the one hand, the ad does not irritate the user, and exactly tailored to his needs, but on the other hand the seller is not necessary to pay for advertising and to seek customers because the clients themselves to quickly and easily find it. The business communicator Trade & Chat have 2 options work: the application and subscription. Application – is a small text ad that will be available for all users program. Subscribe – it's an opportunity in real time to receive all new applications in a given direction, placed in the program. Application and subscription, you can use both simultaneously and separately. Business Trade & Chat communicator is constantly being improved by the wishes of users are regularly added new content and improved functionality. Project management invites Internet users to test program and leave your comments, and suggestions on the official website of the business communicator or on the following coordinates. Coordinates: "Tal-Ekaterinburg" 620014, Ekaterinburg, St. Popov, 9 / 16 of.24 Phone: 8 (343) 376-35-81, 371-08-90 ICQ : 611-152-697 Skype:

Explain Client

To tell a potential client about the competitive advantages of your product (ie, chips) and applies postage advertising. In this case, mailing the Internet and not a competitor at all, but an invitation to the site. If you offer a new and / or little-known commodity, which is looking likely to ask and will not. Out of ignorance. Something. On paper you write, and then draw it for the goods, what it is, where applicable … And the address of the site. Both the client reading about "Device for contactless …" udivitstsa: "Wow what did …" and goes to your website.

And if you are bolts and nuts selling, and searching the Internet provides tens of thousands of suppliers of those goods, then a piece of paper you write that your most boltistye bolts, or the strongest or the cheapest. Or conditions of supply you have an unusually favorable. Toist Explain to the client why he is on your site should be, not someone else from the tens of thousands of … Well, here's a little bit of statistics. In the summer of 2010 on my sites go 5-10 unique visitors per day. In this case, one of my sites according to "Mailing" in the 50 th position in quotes 20-st.

Raised above, to no avail … Where did these visitors come from, I do not know … maybe find out … although for some keywords? .. Well, here are the words of the sale will unwind "my site at the first line …