He was then that I said and that I do To discover something to lower the fast belly and without spending a fortune. Then it has I decided to look for because of the things and looking for in Internet I found a person who said that the body has a state that in the case of the fat people is to follow being fat, I explain myself that the body this fat person because we decided that the body this thus, then who we must do, asked to me, then Gabriel John, the person who said to me of this, said: is easy you only must extinguish the activator that makes you fatten, and I said that we are a machine, responded to me that not, that to have an interrupting intern to us who maintains fat people to us and for that reason is only necessary to extinguish them with certain methods that Gabriel it discovered and that to I work to him, since under the belly in 6 months it only seems much but it says that the delay is pleasing, since it has been six years thin after to have lowered did not raise thing that seemed to me surprising. and the fantastic thing that nontapeworm that to only spend a fortune and tapeworm that to extinguish that maintained fat person and all others we did we ourself with the aid of the method of Gabriel. Of which the method consists The method to lower the fast belly consists to ensearte to extinguish the FAT switch (what it maintains fat person to you) and that things to follow and to understand this method this designed so that you lose your on weight for always, bony, once you arrive at your normal weight you will follow thus for always since you will have that switch extinguished, at the outset seemed a false publicity but I read some testimonies and I said to total or the tried everything and is that this time if I am still I am lowering of weight or I take 5 kilos in 4 weeks and it seems to me incredible since not even I make a diet and I do not deprive myself of the delicious things is my body the one that helps me to become thin..