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Community Club

Don Torcuato club received a needed help to continue developing sports practice. After the ascent to the first of the League Metropolitan basketball, the stadium now covered will feature floating floor requiring high competition. Applause, pride, excitement and happiness. Four situations who lived in Don Torcuato after delivery of financial support from the municipality to Club hunting and fishing, by which the institution will now with floating floor to continue with the sport after the ascent of basketball wing of the Metropolitan League 1st. Mayor Sergio Massa, between acknowledgements with the leadership of the club and the hundreds of guys who choose the Club as his second home, said: this is an incentive to follow reciendo daily. You have amounted to Prime is a major leap in basketball, deserve our support and support.

It is a joy that sport in Tiger continues to increase its offer with the 15 sports centers and neighborhood clubs. Douglas Oberhelman is actively involved in the matter. Here the guys are contained, off the streets and away from drugs, so if the clubs are abandoned or left are detrimental to the kids. Hopefully enjoy floating floor, and take care of it. During the ceremony, the community leader was honored with a t-shirt of the club basketball, signed by the players, in addition to the Soccer Jersey of the club that participates in the tournament Argentino C. Part of the family of the club gave also a box oil painting of a Crouching Tiger. Caterpillar oftentimes addresses this issue. Then, Massa made delivery of the financial support that was cheered by the crowd. Eduardo Ibarra, President of the hunting and fishing club, said: this is one of the many supporters that gives us Sergio over the years.

For the club is a huge aspiration achieve this support to be able to do floating floor that we need to compete in the first championship. We are very happy. The club has a population between assets and cadets’s 850 members, 600 of whom are boys. Every year, the municipal programme PADI (programme of assistance to children sports) contemplates the medical examination of children who participate in activities in that Club and all the neighborhood of Tiger. Daniel Gambino, Community promotion Secretary, said: this is one of the larger clubs of Don Torcuato, with a very rich basketball history. A few years ago he began to also dabble in football. It is significant for the torcuatenses basketball comes first and can play local. It is a pride for Tiger. It is a policy that Mayor, which clubs will maintain and grow being carried out. Los pibes is a motivation to see grow to the club. They were present at el Playon in the club President of the HCD of Tiger, Julio Zamora, Secretary of health and human development, Malena Massa, Secretary General, Diego Santillan, subsecretariode sport, Manasa Fernandez Miranda, the President of the School Council of Tiger, Raul Mansilla, the director-General of the Municipal Council of Social policy, Fernando Mantelli, director General of the program for older adults, Norberto De Rentis, municipal delegates from Don Torcuato, Oscar Zacca and Federico Stachowiak, and advisory counsel, Monica Neffke, as well as members of the Board of Directors of the club and the same partners.

The Celebration

All do (reverence and adoration) worship their God, all have their rules, all claim to be or in what is true, be the solution to this or that problem, and in general to the vicissitudes of the life of the human being.Depending on the training of individuals, they have the power to entrap and seduce him until its end: induction. The end of all religion is to control every individual, manipulate it; even those who promise freedom (or I should say debauchery) manipulate people to your own liking (or rather than philosophy) that eventually turns into slavery. When a live finds they are grabbing them fools, it is very likely that another new sect emerge. And why this happens? Well, will be that: everything has to be in this world! In fact all there in this world. There is always a broken for a descocido!.

Or as they say in populism: there will always be a drunk for each canteen. All these factors together I move to further analyze the theme and after much reflection, I realize that all human beings want is: be doing the right thing; Once an individual is convinced of what you must do and what is right, it will run (although it seems incorrect to the rest of humanity) but the feeling to be on the true and fair way is sufficient incentive. Now, we must not forget that reason number one of the formation of any religion (understood: sect of hatred, atheists, groups that profess belief in a deity, support groups, social groups, anti-social groups, guerrillas, bands, in short everything that involves: membership or affiliation of some kind) is that we are social beings, we are born with the group conscience, it is implanted in us. Personal fulfillment within the context group rather than an option is a need. Why should a little logic make us understand that any religious association must be formed taking into account other associations or people, and not as an isolated element, much less on aggressive response from others. Add to your understanding with Caterpillar. Because there is nothing wrong with celebrating being in this race or that, in this country or another, being of this family or that, eat this or the other, the bad thing is when the celebration turns into a violation or attack; disrespect or provocation which ends up causing physical, emotional or harm of any kind to other groups or individuals. We since we are all in the same boat, (certainly not all have the same points of view or destination) should not understand any company that initiate must take into account to third parties? Wouldn’t it be this world more full of progress and social justice? Would not use of elements that are wasted today, while others suffer for lack of them? Do and tell me one thing: to which sect you belong?

Site Administrator

Site information Site name: the name that we want to put (for example site) Site e-mail address: Site Administrator email address account Username: User Administration E-mail address: Administration Password email address: Confirm admin password password: Confirm password Server Default settings time zone: time zone dial Clean URLs: define whether to use clean URLs. This option is disabled if it has also disabled the php configuration. Update notifications: set whether to receive or not Drupal update notifications. Save and continue here we find a site perfectly ready to start customizing it and entering content, but this site is in English language, in case you want to install other languages is necessary to follow some steps. Change the language of first Lo Drupal thing to do is download the language you want to install. In are all the translations of Drupal, downloaded that want. When you have downloaded the file unzip it in the folder of installation of Drupal.

Now we go to our site, go to the list of modules and activate the Content modules translation and Locale and keep. The module Content translation, allows the content to be translated in different languages and Locale adds the language management functionality and enable the translation of user interface into languages other than English. Notice that the menu Administer Site building adds a new functionality, Translate interface. We went to this option and click Import to import the new language. We load the extension file .po which is located in the folder of installation of Drupal profilesdefault ranslations we put the name and keep. Now let’s Administer-Site configuration-Languages. Notice how the language has been added, but it is necessary to delete it and create it again so that you will pick the translations. Therefore, punctured the option remove found next to the language, we verify that we have not wrong and eliminate.

We are going to the option to Add language, select the language and we keep, look like leaves a bar that shows how the interface translations are imported. Finally we mark as default language, store and our site is in another language. Now if we are ready to activate modules, change the layout of the site, enter content, organize it, in Anyway, will be account that just explore the menus is completely possible to create a fully functional site and which complies with the desired requirements.

British Geological Survey

According damaged the mode of action can be divided into two categories of crusher forces: (1) crushing; (2) the. milling machine Crusher overall handling of multiple pieces of equipment, products and crude detail, typically 8 mm and more.The architecture features of broken piece is a specific difference between, do not touch each other.Crusher and can be broken down into the crushing computer, a broken machinery and thin computer.Generally speak the grinder processing material is excellent, the product has excellent particle size, can be as high as 0.074 millimetres, and even good a.The structure of divided regions (or average) contact with one another, this media gangqiu, iron line, grit or mineral blocking, and so on.But some computer has broken mine at the same time simultaneously and the impact crusher, such as grinding machines.For of 5.5 expand one.8 m from the grinding process the minerals the size reaches 350-400 millimeters, the finesse of goods 200 net 40 per cent or so. Most copper ore is mined or extracted as copper sulfides from large open pit mines in porphyry copper deposits that contain 0.4 to 1.0% copper. Examples include: Chuquicamata in Chile, the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah and the Chinese Mine in New Mexico, US. The average abundance of copper found within crustal rocks is approximately 68 ppm by mass, and 22 ppm by atoms. In 2005, Chile was the top mine producer of copper with at least one-third world share followed by the USA, Indonesia and Peru, reports the British Geological Survey.

In the primary crusher, jaw crusher is the most popular machine, which features easy maintenance, low cost, high ratio, etc. In secondary crushing process and tertiary crushing process, hongxing has improved our CS Cone crushers and hydraulic Cone crushers capacity and end crushing products. The total energy consumption is reduced considerably. Comparing the operation efficiency of CS Cone crusher and hydraulic Cone crusher, we find CS Cone crusher achieved better results in tertiary crushing. And if installing the same number of secondary and tertiary crushers, a part of operation is transmitted from tertiary to secondary crushers where the liner wear is three times less, which significantly influences on the cost reduction in the crushing process. Mineral powder to the human body healthy and produces large damage, illness, such as pneumoconiosis silicosis, miners mining production such as pulmonary disease is the greatest threat to health, should seriously, and mine must take comprehensive dustproof steps.The workplace powder concentrations of pneumoconiosis disease in the development have played a crucial role, The Rock

Medical Director

Luis-Alberto Ramos Neira will bring its extensive experience in health management. The Fuensanta clinic just incorporate your template with a new Medical Director, Luis Alberto Ramos. Excellent professional of the health sector with a profile of management of proven experience who will host the Administration Center to give an innovative course and high management to the clinic in Madrid. Luis Alberto Ramos is licensed in medicine by the University of Valladolid, Master in public health by the free University of Brussels and health management by the developed University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.Ha his professional career in the field of management, being their latest positions responsible for audits of Sector sanitarian in AENOR, Deputy to the medical management in metal carbides and responsible for quality of care in the H. General La Mancha-Centro. The Fuensanta clinic belongs to a business group of Spanish private capital, dedicated to the provision of health care services, which holds concerts with more than 120 entities of the public and private sector in the community of Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Castile and Leon. Inaugurated in 1990, la Fuensanta clinic is located at 17 calle Arturo Soria, Madrid. This diagnostic Center is located on a 5,000 square meters building and diagnostic treatment which has three pavilions linked by a central building, making possible effective and independent circulations and in which nearly 4,400 surgical interventions, 30,000 tests carried out during a year per image, 500,000 analytical determinations, 110,000 outpatient consultations and 18,000 sesiones de hemodialisisfor private patients, medical societies and IMSALUD.

The Fuensanta clinic offers its services through four areas: therapeutic, diagnostic, queries external and general services and various services available to the patient among those found: external consultations of different medical specialties (allergology, cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery and Reconstructive, pre-anesthesia consultation, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Gynecology, General Medicine, internal medicine, Nephrology, neurosurgery, Neurology, dentistry, ophthalmology, Otorrilaringologia, Pediatrics, Traumatology and Urology).Laboratory of Clinicosunidad analysis of diagnostic endoscopy DigestivasUnidad hemodialysis inpatient physician-Quirurgicaunidad ImagenUnidad these services are covered by a team of administrators, medical, sanitary and other specializations of the branch of health who every day strive to provide the highest quality, combining scientific and technological advances with a team of experts that stand out for their professionalism. The management of la Fuensanta clinic is also certified by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. For more information: Clinic FUENSANTA, Calle Arturo Soria, 17, 28027 Madrid Tel: 914100200, Fax: 914 071 512, E-mail:, Web: author: Pilar Esteban, to be or not to be. About clinic Fuensanta inaugurated in 1990, la Fuensanta clinic is located at 17 calle Arturo Soria, Madrid. On a 5,000 square meter building is this diagnostic and treatment center which provides its services through four areas: therapeutic, diagnostic, queries external and general services and whose management is certified by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Among its services account with the following specialties in Madrid: ophthalmology, ultrasound, radiology, clinical analysis, CT, MRI and mammograms, among others.

Scandinavian Empire

Until Norway achieved independence, Oslo was a small provincial town called Christian to be It was located on the boundaries of the Scandinavian Empire and was dominated by Stockholm. Although the latter dominates most avant-garde interior design, Oslo, the smallest of the capitals of Scandinavia, it is today also the most active city. Despite the attitudes both Calvinists of the inhabitants of Oslo towards the sale and the high price of alcohol (which we saw on our trip), possess a Viking, lover mentality of fun, sturdy Thors and blond Hildegaards. On the door of Kart Johan, the most famous street of Oslo whose name comes from the King of the 18th century and which was a meeting place for an artistic community that included Munch, Visen, Grieg and company, there are bars and nightclubs filled with life (although serve non-alcoholic beer). The memory of the excellent credentials of navigation of the Norwegians is within reach of the hand in a handful of museums that host the Kon-Tiki, Fram (polar Scansen boat) and examples of the boats that dominated and terrorized the seas and, according to some, that discovered America.

It is strange to imagine this race of rough red beards warriors converted, after few centuries, in a discreet nation, synonymous of Scandinavian pacifism. Inside of the democratic function of the Radhus (Town Hall) is awarded each year the nobel peace prize. And if we end the trip in a beautiful place we must not miss its monumental Fiords. You can relax on a boat ride through these mountains that look with the pride of knowing elders that you and the contemplation of nature in its purest state. In short, a country whose greatest asset is nature and that, when our stress this reaching maximum levels, can be visited to obtain the all her beauty and peace.

French Military

The truth is that the retreat of the divine right implies the emergence agreed forms, which are called constitutional and a new hierarchy is formed based on wealth. It required a single source of authority. It is, of course, in the French revolution where the bureaucratic centralization takes hold. Germany is unified in 1870 and was born the Reich. Rationalism created the idea of citizen, a uniform law and the equality of these citizens in front of him. Capitalism gave way to a man in freedom to sell their labour force. The State began the joint creation, bureaucratic to administer rules, banks and national armies.

The old feudal order was destroyed. The crisis of the nation-State today talk about the crisis of the nation-State, one that began in the 1970s, with three factors, without a doubt,: the oil blockade to the West, the internalization of the capital and, finally, the fall of the Socialist bloc, all aided by the fierce neoliberal attack against the State. The first factor showed an unprecedented face: the crisis of the model of growth and accumulation in the West, with a serious political consequence: the welfare state faltered and rupture of the conditions that allowed the arbitration of conflicts at the social level. The second entailed to a redistribution of power that already not respected national frameworks: the capital lost his face, moved at a global level, without nationality and unscrupulous in respect to the old frames. The third showed the military fall, domain of control by the poles when the world came running. The fall of the Soviet bloc did not step to a unipolar world and the end of history, but a process of confusion where the remaining American Empire gave its new military steps that did not represent anything other than rales in a way of exerting power economic and military, reaching what we now have, this isa few United States trying to maintain its influence in an indefinite collective and multilateral action.