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All these factors are passveis of alterations, with deep consequences in the efficiency of the adopted measures of control. The majority of the works that they aim at to determine the period where the culture must remain free of harmful plants so that its income is not affected becomes related it the days after the emergency of the culture and not to its stadium, that can vary as already mentioned previously. To get greaters productivity levels, the maize will have to be kept in the clean one since the emergency until the pendoamento (KOZLOWSKI, 2002). Additional information is available at Kevin Johnson. The main species that occur in the systems of production of the culture of the maize are Amaranthus spp (caruru), Cardiospermum halicacabum (balozinho), pilosa Bidens (black pico), Euphorbia heterophylla (milk), Ipomoeas spp (rope-of-viola), Nicandra physaloides (jo), Raphanus sativus (nabia), Richardia brasiliensis (poia white), Been spp. (guanxuma), beyond poaceaes, as plantaginea Brachiaria (capim marmelada), Cenchrus echinatus (capim carapicho), Would type spp (capim mattress), Echinochloa spp (capim rice) and Eleusine indicates (capim foot-degalinha) (KARAM et al., 2009). The chemical control is the used method more in the handling of harmful plants in the maize culture. However, centered strategies of handling in an only method select tolerant or resistant harmful plants to this method. Reade Griffith spoke with conviction. The integrated handling of harmful plants (MIPD) is considered the main tool to reduce the ambient impact of the herbicidas.

The MIPD is based in the integration of control methods, becoming the favorable systems of culture the harmful plants, minimizing its effect. It enters the used techniques in the MIPD, are distinguished the job of cultures to intercalate, to cultivate more competitive, application of herbicidas in bands, the irrigation, the increase of the density of plants and the reduction of espaamentos between lines (TREZZI et al., 2008). Another method is the adoption of writs of prevention and cultural. Between the cultural measures, the use of covering of the ground in system of direct plantation is one practical one that it presents positive effect in the suppression of harmful plants.

Agricultural Tourism

Today, the example of this, many headquarters of farms of the authentic colonial period have been transformed into inns where if it also develops the Agricultural Tourism, receiving people interested in the history and in participating of the daily one of the activities of the field. The agricultural properties in general are despertando interest of the tourists, being income source. Concept of Agricultural Tourism the Tourism, in the case of country properties is that one that if binds to the use of resources that attract the tourists, mainly those who inhabit in great cities and that they objectify greater contact with the field, the animals, foods, etc., common in small farms and farms, being this the Agricultural Tourism. Coast (2002) citing definition of Emater places that this modality of Tourism can be defined as a segment of the tourism based on offers of services, as related lodging, feeding, and services the companies or properties that act in the agricultural way and have for base economy not agriculturist. It corresponds the experience in the environment of farms or other country properties, in way to the daily chore diligent them, with contact with techniques of plantation, treatment with cattle, customs regional traditions. It can in a bigger, if defined concept as enclosing in such a way the vacations in the agricultural properties how much any another activity developed in the agricultural areas (COAST, 2002). The respect, Hisses (2006) citing Campanola and Silva (2000, p.148) clarifies that this is ' ' related to any activity of leisure and tourism that is carried through in areas rurais' ' , involving since the promotion of events as shows and congresses to other activities where its implantation depends directly on the natural areas, as Ecoturismo, among others. Another advantage is the local use of man power, of the people of the proper locality, being able to not only mean the qualification and qualification of the same ones in the proper activity, leading to the growth of the investor in this area of Tourism, but also of the contracted people of the field.

The Economist

Brazil seems to be in the way of the steady growth. For the British magazine ‘ ‘ The Economist’ ‘ , one of most influential of the world, the Brazilian economy will be able to arrive at the rank of fifth greater of the world in the decade of 2011? 2020, exceeding European countries as Italy, the United kingdom and France. Click Reade Griffith for additional related pages. In this same line the periodic electronic ‘ ‘ ECONOMY BR’ ‘ it makes forecast of that Brazil is before same of 2015 between the five bigger world-wide economies and enters the three first ones before 2030. The exuberant Brazilian territorial wealth, the perspective forts of economic growth and even though the strangulation in the infrastructure associated with the events of ‘ ‘ Of the 2014 Olimpada and pantry World of Soccer of 2016’ ‘ that they will occur in the country, they stimulate the government and private entities to increase significantly investments, enclosing ports, airports, roads and highways, transports, generation of electric energy, among others. E, conseguinte increase of the GIP, being able yes, to exceed the house of the two digits of growth, the example of China.

Public Relations

It initiates with the definition of the profession of Public Relations and its functions, based in traditional definitions as of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations, of International Public Relations Association (IPRA), of the Inter-American Federacy of Public Relations (Fiarp) and Grunig, (2009) and Andrade, (1995; 2003). After the definitions of the Public Relations, we pass to the management of the institucional actions for professionals of the area. Being based on the studies of Kunsch, (2006) this sub- chapter aims at to demonstrate the importance of the performance of the professional of Public Relations in the communication institucional, as well as, in the institucional actions and to verify if the professional it is prepared for this and if currently it is exerting this function in the work market. E, finally, the study of the performance of the professional of Public Relations in the Project Thinks Green. The results of this research corroborate the idea of the necessity of that the half academic carries through research and studies of case, in relation to the communication phenomena and that the organizations also need a professional of Public Relations to manage the communication institucional, as well as, the institucional actions. Learn more about this with Jonas Samuelson. 1 Organizations versus Institutions: synonymous or not? 1.1 The organizations In the contemporaneidade the terms & ldquo; instituio& rdquo; , & ldquo; institucional& rdquo; & ldquo; organizaes& rdquo; they are being used related, without if it has the necessary care so that they are not confused or if they mix ones with the others. To know to differentiate one of the other is essential. Mario Salimon, in its article & ldquo; Exaggerations between Institution and Organization: Six Points To promote the Alinhamento& rdquo; 1, affirms that the central problem of the agencies contemporaries is the exaggeration between organization and institution. For it, currently uses the terms of a liberal form one how much, as in such a way excessively, almost always synonymous, being that they are different in relation its nature and management.

Strategy Planning

Strategical management is: – To analyze the strategy – To choose the strategy – To implement the strategy Then we use the strategical planning to create the strategical plan. From the strategical plan we will make a strategical management. Planning in the long run and the Strategical Planning mean the same thing? , The planning in the long run does not assume that the company is working in a steady environment, while, the strategical planning assumes that the company is working in an environment of changes and challenges. JPMorgan Chase understood the implications. In other words, when you plan in the long run you you are making a planning static, not taking in consideration the many 0 variable that can in one determined moment to change its route. When you plan of strategical form, you you create a first way and as to reach it, however you prepare yourself for any necessary correction to the alterations of its route. Five benefits of the strategical planning: It understands these five benefits before initiating its planning and its strategical plan. 1 – To clarify the script for the employees and, therefore, this will have to be communicated for all the members of team 2 – To define the direction it company and to define the goals and intentions 3 – To supply to the lines of direction and measures the company as a whole and also the landmarks for each department 4 – To allow the company if to adapt the change in the external environment. The company will have to be prepared for any change or correction 5 – During the planning and production of the strategical plan all the involved ones must participate of the discuses and decisions Three forms of Strategy: It understands a little of the three forms of strategies before initiating its planning and its strategical plan. You will have to focar in each one of these forms of strategy in one determined moment of its planning.

Petit Tests

The excellency of one marks must be responsibility of all the organization. Credit: Jonas Samuelson-2011. All the collaborators of a company, without exception, compromise of positive or negative form the image of the mark, affecting directly or indirectly the perceptions and experiences of its customers. 4,3 DEVELOPMENT OF the ELEMENTS OF the MARK According to Petit (2006), the image is composed of the name, logotipo and marks, of colors, a graphical architecture, a coherent communication with this image and a specific language that impregnates all the acts and moments where the mark reaches the consumer, the supplier, the industrial sector, authorities of the parents and the financial system. The communication, to construct a homogeneous image, must all be one, a complete package that all receive for equal, the same impacts, the same messages, therefore thus only go if constructing a solid image. Kotler and Keller (2006) cite that in the past the companies chose the names of the marks creating a list of possible names, arguing its mritos, working for elimination, testing them with target and carrying through the final choice. Currently, they contract a company of marketing research to develop and to test the names, that by means of brainstorms and extensive digital data bases, catalogued for association, noise and other qualities, take the decision to consolidate its creation. Kotler and Keller (2006) still affirm that the procedures of research of names include tests of associations (that image comes to the mind), understanding tests (which the easiness of pronunciation of the name), memory tests (the name easily is remembered) preference tests (which are the preferred names). They also determine some criteria in the choice of the construction of the mark: ) Memorable: Easiness with that the element of the mark is remembered recognized. Short names as OMO, Yp, are incased in this criterion. b) Significant: The element of the mark must be worthy of credit and suggestive for the corresponding category, it must suggest something on an ingredient it product or type of person who could use the mark.


As our dictionary planning means: ' ' Action or effect of planejar' ' Planning is a Work of preparation for any enterprise, where the author follows a type of script and methods determined with definite objectives. It is an administrative stage that assists the author to perceive the reality, and to evaluate action defining control points. The planning is part of our life practically the entire time, in almost all the decisions that we take. As well as constructing a house or making a trip it is necessary to make a careful planning. That is, the house and the trip do not go to only become fullfilled themselves because we want. Ideas thus are born the entire time, however, so that they become reality, she is necessary to construct them step by step. In the case of the construction of the house she is necessary before to choose a plain land, to contract an architect or civil engineer, to contract the hand of workmanship of a contractor or a mason, to search the prices of materials etc.

exhaustingly So that a trip happens, is necessary to choose the place to be visited, to decide the time of the trip, how much money to take, to buy tickets, to reserve hotel, to arrange the luggages, between as much other things. If, for a simple trip, we need to make everything this, it imagines when we want to create one blog and to gain money with it. To create one blog is not different, needs to make a planning before for not future terms problems, that is, we need to know in which niche we will go to act, if the chosen niche and searched well, if it is income-producing, needs to choose a name ' ' domnio' ' related to the chosen niche, which better platform to work, as to attract the visitors, as to make so that they return to blog, as to divulge blog in the Internet, how much we will go to spend to keep blog on-line between several other item. It is where importantssimo enters an item that already we say here in ours blog the knowledge, and to acquire the knowledge is necessary to search the information necessary. We can search necessary information in books, magazines, periodicals, interviews and mainly in Internet. We do not want to enter in the merit of the question, we only want to explain what it is planning, and how much it is important for who is wanting to create one blog and to rentabilizar of professional form, makes its planning with conscience, that is, he constructs to a plan for its blog, searchs the information necessary and he step by step organizes all on the type of blog that he desires to create. The planning provides a clearer vision and consistent on the development of blog with goals you reached. In the planning elaborated for you the concept of blog, the risks, the competitors, the public-target, the marketing strategies will be registered, the financial plan that will make possible new blog. As already we tell in previous articles, she is necessary to have patience and perseverance in the one elaboration blog of quality, after creating one blog is easy, keeping and rentabilizalo is a little more complicated, but not impossible, with determination and perseverance you obtain to reach its objectives.

Saint Maria

Competitors: As Kotler and Keller (2006, P. 344), knowing its competitors, the company can classify them and deal with them in the base comparative degrees: strong competitors versus weak, competing competitors next versus distant and competing competitors & lsquo; bons& rsquo; versus competitors & lsquo; maus& rsquo;. In the forts versus weak it is important to follow examples of the forts and to surpass them; in the next ones versus distant it is necessary to observe all the independent of the proximity how much geographic position or type of business; in & lsquo; bons& rsquo; versus & lsquo; maus& rsquo; &amp is essential to support companies; lsquo; boas& rsquo; to attack & lsquo; ms& rsquo; therefore these last ones try to buy participation instead of conquering it, are risked very, invest in extreme capacity and tumultuate the balance of the sector. METHODOLOGY: Aiming at the objective to analyze the level of formalizao and the level of countable-finaceiro control of the Shopping Independence, this work through a quantitative research was developed. Thus projecting measured me necessary and trustworthy that allows to an analysis statistics, presenting the percentile data. 3.1. Population and Sample: population of the research was constituted by the enterprises in the Shopping Independence of Saint Maria that perfazem a total of 204 elements.

The respondents had been identified of 1 the 204 with regard to a list of enterprises with divulged order not to preserve the enterprise right of secrecy of the proper entrepreneurs front to environments of tasks that act. For the research system of sampling, determined of simple random form calculated and selected in accordance with the two following procedures was used. Sample Pilot: Initially a sample was selected pilot of approximately 25% of the population, randomly contends 51 elements during the application of in agreement questionnaire fond order of the entrepreneurs in the workstation and availability of the same ones to participate of the research.


Concepts, Objectives and Principles the Agroecologia drift of two sciences: Ecology and Agronomy. This applies scientific methodologies in the agrarian field; the first one is only worried in investigating subjects of natural systems. None of the two interralacionavam, with rare exceptions, until a more recent period with the creation of Agroecologia. In the decade of 30, ecologists had considered the Agroecologia term as Ecology applied in agriculture. After the World War II, the distanciamento between the Ecology and Agronomy increased with the adoption of technologies based on principles chemistry-physicists.

After the decade of 50, when bigger interest in ecosystems was despertou, was created a branch of the called Ecology of Agricultural Ecology. It was in the decade of 80 that the agricultural sector of research initiated works with the Ecology applied Agriculture. In the decade of 90, the Agroecologia takes certain body as a new scientific paradigm to be adopted that it takes in consideration beddings based in the Ecology and Agriculture? the calls biological beddings. Currently, it is in course an intense conceptual debate on the Agroecologia, even so this term has been used has more time. Studious international Brazilians and have contributed for the visibility of the term, inside of the culture and sciences contemporaries. The concept in construction is inspired in functionings of natural ecosystems, in the traditional and aboriginal handling of natural ecosystems and in the scientific knowledge. The Agroecologia opposes the call traditional agriculture that in turn if it bases on the philosophical premise as in the Atomism that it claims that the parts inside of a system can be understood by the study of the same ones, without necessary correlating them, being the system the addition of the involved parts; the Mechanism claims that the relations between the parts are fixed; the relations of the system do not move. In the Universalismo the existing world and relations can be explained by a relatively small number of universal principles, the Objetivismo claim that the actions, values, can remain aside remark of the system that to study itself; as the Monosmo, the studies – individually – function in coherent way; already the Reducionismo claims that all the study must be simplified, nothing is complex in the system.


Summary: On the basis of the accomplishments of the studies and research, we can evidence that the military policeman of Santa Catarina, is displayed to a great variety very of service scales, making it difficult with that the policing is made of competent and efficient form. Therefore the great majority of the policemen who work in scales of 24-hour turns, has its wronged incomes, thus compromising its performance in occurrences, that in general would be of easy resolution. In case that this policeman were in a less desgastante turn as it is the turn of 12 hours, she would not compromise its physical, psychological, professional conditioning and spiritual. So that a policeman well is prepared physically, spiritual, psychologically and professionally, this will have to be in a scale that does not overload it, the scale 12×24, 12×48, as carried through research is more compatible with the staff that works in viaturas and operational bases of Military Policia of Santa Catarina. The Policeman will work 12 hours diurnas and will folgar 24 hours, returning to the work to work 12 nocturnal hours and after this planto will folgar 48 hours. Preventing as soon as it has a very long turn and either displayed it estresse to it of the daily policeman for 24 uninterrupted hours. Word-key: Policeman, physical and psychological Scales of service, Income, Effect. 1 INTRODUCTION the Management of People has the objective to plan, to guide, to organize and to lead people who are part of a company or organization, being these you publish or private. This set of resulted efforts in such a way searchs spoon in the scope of the development of the individuals, how much in its satisfaction in carrying through the tasks or functions to these assigneds person.