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The British School

Designed for the use in computers, DriveFit adapts solely to the needs and specific weaknesses of the user. DriveFit is made up of sections of examination and training. In the examination section, the participants realise a series of tasks associated with abilities several employees to lead such as reaction time, short term memory, visual search and others. On it bases of the evaluation, the training section develops a program that allows the users to practice the specific abilities that need to improve. At the end of each task, the intention of the task and its importance to lead are described and a graph represents the results visually. The program already has been exported successfully to England, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, the United States and Canada. The British School of Motoring – one of the greater schools of conduction of the world that it trains to more than 200,000 students every year – has integrated Drivefit in its program, and more than 40,000 British students of conduction already has improved their capacity of thought and conduction with their use. The investigation concluded that the students who used the program improved their possibilities of pass first to lead in a 30 percent, and Cognifit recently received a prize of the British crown by its contribution to the road security, introducing this new element in the training of the conductor.

Recently, DriveFit was adopted by the Young Drivers of Canada: the greater driving school of North America to teach to inexperienced conductors. The company, founded on 1970, has about 100 centers by all Canada and in her every year trains to almost 48,000 students. Young Drivers, property of the Ford company, dedicates itself to the road security and provides to students and parents the highest level of training to lead. The nonequal programs that are exported to each country – are designed to fulfill the specific requirements of each client according to the use.

British International School

April 29 at the British International School held a traditional English garden party at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. During the festival, was carried live broadcast wedding to the big screen established in the garden of the school. The most fun part of the party were traditional English game. Many writers such as Howard Schultz offer more in-depth analysis. Guests looking for of hidden objects associated with the British monarchy, playing the "hunt for the secrets (scavenger hunt), and with eyes closed wearing the crown of the British Queen in the game "put on the crown of the Queen (pin the crown on the queen). Also visit schools to test their knowledge of British history during the competition, which prepared students. Guests are offered activities British cuisine traditional dishes such as sandwiches with cucumbers, barley cakes, and tea with milk. Parties in the open air on important events in the royal family, is an old British tradition.

This year 29 April on every street and every house in Britain's neighbors came together to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. "We could not ignore such an important event for the residents of the UK as a wedding royal family. In Britain, many beautiful traditions that are not known to a wide range of people in our country. Educate yourself with thoughts from Keith McLoughlin . That is why in our school we try to support them, not only teach students of British history, literature and political structure, but also organizing events at which they can personally experience the atmosphere of Britain, "said Olga Zastavna, CEO of the British International School. British International School, founded in 1997, an educational corporation ABE Group (UK) – this is the only educational institution in Ukraine accredited and licensed by the University of Cambridge as International exam center at Cambridge University.

British International School is a member of the European Council of International Schools. In the educational process combines two educational schools program: the state of Ukrainian and international program which developed a curriculum of Cambridge University and the UK national curriculum. Ukrainian students studying government program and get a certificate at the end of high school, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as pass an international program, after which will receive a certificate University of Cambridge on Secondary Education (IGCSE), which gives the right to enter the higher educational institutions around the world. Foreign pupils attend only on the International Program and after passing the examinations, receive an international certificate IGCSE. Details – Online

British Football

Dess Bremner, Gordon Cowens, Imon Disi, Allan Evans David Geddis Colin Gibson Ken McNaught Tony Morley Dennis Mortimer James Rimmer, Gary gala show, Kenny Pile, Gary Williams, Peter Whyte. Make yourself -14 players. In this case, 7 of them spent all 42 of battle. As far as players used the Sir Alex Ferguson as soon won the title with Manchester United 2008/09 season? Try to guess – the protest idea is to find at the end of which was used. By the way, specifically Ferguson created an extraordinary revolution in the intention of rotation, thus, probably befell in those seasons, as soon as Reddish Devils overcame a Champions League.

In the 1998/99 season Manchester became a team, koiya source used 4 identical according to classes of attacks: two Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole's famous beautiful performance, but no Teddy Sheringham or Ole Gunnar Solskyaer they did not particularly inferior. That is, Sir Alex had the opportunity to identify the base at least some of the forwards, not losing in quality. Including the replay Prix of Great Britain Contrary to the Stock House Park Ferguson did not give up on the bench struhnul own the sky – Paul Scholes, Dwight Yorke and Ryan Giggs. The truth, the victory brought the extreme, coming on as substitute. A similar staircase to the rotation was dominant for the next decade, but later, as soon Reddish Devils won the championship and the Champions League in 2007/08, they again increased rates. Marvelous, but in the season at Manchester United not in any way be sustainable the main structure – and, not least, they got to get out triumphant in the most popular events.

British Chefs

There are secrets of the culinary arts, which are not well known. One such product is wonderful balsamic cream. At its core, this balsamic vinegar, but it is much more dense and tough. These qualities that make it indispensable in decorating desserts and cooking meat. Balsamic cream invented by chefs from England.

Initially, this meant someone to decorate and improve the taste of various dishes. Cream prepared by boiling balsamic vinegar with the addition of flour. As a result, we can obtain a thick balsamic vinegar, which was named balsamic cream. This method has two drawbacks that necessarily need to consider if you want to cook balsamic cream at home. First, the process of boiling vinegar takes a lot of time. Second, increased acidity of the product, which is not very useful for the human body.

This is how the concept of balsamic cream. Its main features: less time on the reduction, the balance between sour and sweet, bright appearance of the product and the density. Classic balsamic cream preserves the taste and flavor of balsamic vinegar, but its advantage is in the thick consistency, which is achieved through the attractive appearance of food. Balsamic cream is excellent in as a condiment for almost any type of food. This is an excellent marinade for meat, poultry and even fish. It can also be used in the preparation of desserts, especially ice cream. Balsamic cream are different both in composition and in color. They are: classic, pink, white, with figs or berries, and honey. With the help of this unique cream can decorate delicious desserts and a delicious marinate meat. By varying the additives and their number, the producers of real Italian balsamic cream can create its different varieties and species.

British Imperial Forces

Not only it is sold armament and the ammunition of high power, but the same until is even made in the place Is peculiar that is in the passage of Khyber, known like the door of the invaders. Already that the same would be cruzado by infinity of armies throughout history Not only is sold armament and the ammunition of high power, but the same until is even made in the place. It is indicated, that surprising, not only it is sold armament and the ammunition of high power, but the same until is even made in the place. Arms that, ironically as if the war was a repetitive cycle, until years ago were you constructed from the metal of the destroyed Soviet tanks during the invasion from the USSR to Afghanistan in years 80. Besides the artisan arms, many talked back from the arms left by the Soviets, can be obtained old European arms as as much modern. * is ironically poetic that a market of such characteristics is in the passage of Khyber, known like the door of the invaders.

Since the same would be cruzado by infinity of armies throughout history. It would be the door from which Great Alexander would begin his invasion of India, and from where mongoles would send their bloody invasion to the Middle East between centuries XIII and XIV. It would see the Islamic armies cross its goal of expansion of the Islam in the zone, and would be witness of the passage of the British Imperial Forces in its fight by the dominion of India. Of course, there will be other countries, where the illegal sale of arms it is a reality and that will acquire terrorist groups, guerrilla, for its benefit. There is the antecedent for example of which in Spain, as it indicates to the transaction to it of arms in the black market has been increased in a 50% in the last years in the province of Castelln, and a high percentage of the same comes from the countries of the East, Of course, the subject of the black market of the arms is interesting of being analyzed and it will be developed in another opportunity.

British Supper

CHAPTER the FOUR Very British Supper _ its pontualidade! _ London has the Big Ben, the River has of the Central office, Salvador has of Is Peter We have many clocks not so famous, but that they mark certain the hours. Thus, we do not need to go to search far what we have here! _ Philosopher? _ Not, only observing of what I have in return! _ Observing asset, indifferent liabilities or? _ As the point of view! _ Whiskey or beer? _ A whiskey, please! _ The whiskey is Scottish! _ They also take drip! _ Vamos to the bar? _ With pleasure! _ Disseram that he is son of the druggist. She goes to follow the same career? _ Not yet I made the vestibular contest, for other people’s reasons to my will. She knows as she is, my mother faleceu, I took care of of the tasks of my father in rocinha that we have, they loved themselves very, I substituted a teacher in license maternity, the guitar, these things but I do not intend to delay for the vestibular contest. The age is arriving and my father already reveals a little worried about my future.

We give in them very well. I can until saying that we are excellent friends, although the commentaries that make to my return. _ You know of what they say its respect? _ One to look at furtive, a maldoso smile, one I whisper ironic say well more than what it can seem to the first sight. It is as to unmask the incommensurable secrets of the Universe in the albums of figurinhas! _ Says me something on the legend! _ Registers of three hundred years speak of the existence of a tribe in this place that lived pacifically of the hunting, fish and agriculture, until one arrived leads of bandeirantes.