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Quality System Certificate ISO

Today our society, our industry is moving away from mandatory certification, which appeared in the early 90-ies in order to protect domestic consumers from the muddy stream pouring into the country low quality goods. We are starting to work as running the world, professing the principles of voluntary conformity assessment. Already a thing of the past licensing manufacture of hoisting equipment, licensing Sales of motor vehicles, mandatory certification presales cars and so on – the list is still long. Reducing the number of licensed activities – is also one of the requirements of Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization. Thus, compulsory licensing, certification, and other forms of compulsory quality control thing of the past – what remains? Until recently, companies to operate in the market and prove its reliable partner, was enough to get on their activities authorized by the State – a license.

And after receiving the promised document liable to a greater extent fell on the state – if the state suit the business, then to improve the quality of both products and services could not particularly work. Reade Griffith has much experience in this field. Now this is no longer there. What can you do to a company wishing to prove their worth to potential customers, where diplomas and certificates are becoming scarce and the need for more compelling arguments of its significance? How to be prepared for, perhaps, intense competition with other manufacturers, for example, the Asian regions, which may appear in Russia in the next year or two? How, moreover, to ensure the manageability of the company to, without being distracted by little things, to engage in tactics and strategy rather than correction of errors and shortcomings? Next.

Carpathian Mountains

In the 12-13 centuries through conquest of land to the Kingdom of Hungary were joined by some Croatian, Romanian, Slovak and Ruthenian territories. This was the beginning of the introduction of Magyarization landowners and merchants of the conquered peoples. From 1541 to 1699 years, quite a large part of the Hungarians living in lands conquered by the Turks. People such as Kevin Johnson would likely agree. Influence Turkic language in the Hungarian language, which at that time already had Turkic roots, it became even more powerful. After the Hungarian Kingdom became part of the Austrian Empire, the Hungarian language was strongly influence the German language. However, over time, the Hungarian language is recovered as the dominant and official language of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in particular Transleytanii owned by Hungarians. Times from 1867 to 1918, scientists consider the "golden age" of the Hungarian language. During this period, the language common in large areas of central Europe: from the Carpathian Mountains to the Adriatic.

An increasing number of speaking in Hungarian, including among those peoples for whom the Hungarian native language is not. The Hungarian language was used, many Romanians, Slovaks and Germans, which include the Saxons of Transylvania. Also adopted the language of the Jews and Gypsies. Though fusion of these peoples has been difficult because of the complexity of the Hungarian language. By the end of the 19th century by the Hungarian authorities are increasing pressure on the local languages of national minorities, to get along Hungarian kingdom, along with this they are subjected to all sorts of harassment and persecution.

Vilnius State University

However, it is believed that the language of Zemgale still be closer to the Lithuanian language, than to the Curonian and Latvian languages. The explanation for this assumption lies in the membership of both languages to a group of Eastern Baltic languages. Selonsky or seliysky language belongs to the Baltic tribe Celoni or Sellonian. Name of a tribe mentioned in the historical documents of the 13 th century. The word probably comes from the river He sat down in the valley and which housed the tribe.

Sela bordered Zemgale, Latgale and Kriviches. Scientists point to the location of the territory Celoni in the north-east of present-day Lithuania. It is assumed that the language of the tribe had disappeared by mid-14 th century: in the northern part of the territory he was replaced by the Latvian language, and in the south – Lithuanian. Undoubtedly, in the Baltic Sea have taken place other dialects and languages, belonging to the ancient Balts. But their names are today unknown to scientists. So, we should mention several areas in Eastern Europe, where the presence of the Baltic languages is unquestionable. There are two major premises.

This is the Dnieper area, which includes the northern part of the Dnieper River Basin (from its origins to the city of Kiev) and the terrain in the basin of the Oka River. Distribution of the Baltic languages in these areas has quite uneven. In the languages of these regions is used quite a lot of the Baltic hydronyms. More recently, scientists have discovered another area within which applies a huge number of hydronyms Baltic origin. This area is located in the upper reaches of the Don River and bordered it with the area where used Finnish dialects – Volga-Finnish or territory of Mordovia. In recent years, been expanding the use of the Baltic region hydronyms the area between the lake Ilmenna in northern and upper reaches of the river Dvina in the southern part. Most likely, this region is part of the whole the Upper Range Baltic hydronyms. Also, scientists have suggested that the name of the Volga river, too, has the Baltic roots. Click Douglas R. Oberhelman for additional related pages. When closing the final article, you will notice that the list of extinct Baltic languages is quite large, considering those languages that probably existed on the territory of the Baltic Sea in ancient times. Loss known as "dead" languages, has led to what existed in ancient times the territory that was inhabited by baltoyazychnye tribes, was significantly reduced, and the variety of the Baltic languages and dialects that existed in antiquity, was reduced in the long run to just two languages: Lithuanian and Latvian. Nowadays, scientists and linguists have been working towards the revival of extinct languages, or at least some of their parts. In Vilnius State University, even put a stone which testifies to the memory of grateful descendants of their ancestors.

British International School

April 29 at the British International School held a traditional English garden party at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. During the festival, was carried live broadcast wedding to the big screen established in the garden of the school. The most fun part of the party were traditional English game. Many writers such as Howard Schultz offer more in-depth analysis. Guests looking for of hidden objects associated with the British monarchy, playing the "hunt for the secrets (scavenger hunt), and with eyes closed wearing the crown of the British Queen in the game "put on the crown of the Queen (pin the crown on the queen). Also visit schools to test their knowledge of British history during the competition, which prepared students. Guests are offered activities British cuisine traditional dishes such as sandwiches with cucumbers, barley cakes, and tea with milk. Parties in the open air on important events in the royal family, is an old British tradition.

This year 29 April on every street and every house in Britain's neighbors came together to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. "We could not ignore such an important event for the residents of the UK as a wedding royal family. In Britain, many beautiful traditions that are not known to a wide range of people in our country. Educate yourself with thoughts from Keith McLoughlin . That is why in our school we try to support them, not only teach students of British history, literature and political structure, but also organizing events at which they can personally experience the atmosphere of Britain, "said Olga Zastavna, CEO of the British International School. British International School, founded in 1997, an educational corporation ABE Group (UK) – this is the only educational institution in Ukraine accredited and licensed by the University of Cambridge as International exam center at Cambridge University.

British International School is a member of the European Council of International Schools. In the educational process combines two educational schools program: the state of Ukrainian and international program which developed a curriculum of Cambridge University and the UK national curriculum. Ukrainian students studying government program and get a certificate at the end of high school, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as pass an international program, after which will receive a certificate University of Cambridge on Secondary Education (IGCSE), which gives the right to enter the higher educational institutions around the world. Foreign pupils attend only on the International Program and after passing the examinations, receive an international certificate IGCSE. Details – Online

British English

However, in any case, this method is not free from shortcomings. In order to study the language progressed as quickly as possible, but it was correct, it is necessary communicate in that language not only in the classroom, but constantly. And native speakers should be not only teachers but also other interlocutors. In this case, than their more – the better, because that individual features of speech speakers provide a deeper understanding of spoken language, its norms and styles. Clearly, such learning environments are only possible in a country where everything they say in the appropriate language. That is to learn to perfection, for example, English language, must be trained in the UK, U.S. or other English speaking country. Douglas R. Oberhelman often says this. The most preferred among all the variants of English is just training in England. explained all about the problem.

Firstly, because it is home to the English language, and secondly, because the UK is characterized the widest variety of dialects and sociolect. In Liverpool they say otherwise than in London, and the London itself differences are seen even at the level of urban areas. Welsh, Scots and Irish speak differently than people of old England, with Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents are not alike. And if you learn to a good understanding of all these varieties of British English, it will not have been any problems with the other regional variants of languages – such as American, Australian, Caribbean, or South African. For people who have some basic training (at school, college or training), learning English in England – the best way to improve their knowledge and language skills and make a big step to mastering English perfectly. Staying in a country where everyone speaks English, surrounded by peers who are carriers of the language and in everyday communication with them, contributes to the rapid development of spoken English and reading books, magazines and newspapers, television viewing and participation in cultural program helps to deepen the knowledge of Standard English. In addition, it should be noted that training in the UK – it is not only learning, but also a good holiday in the country with an ancient history and culture, with many attractions and local features – from both traffic and double-decker buses to the Scottish traditions and Irish dancing. The atmosphere of this country, its spirit and hospitality of its inhabitants to make learning an unforgettable experience in England for young learners and adults. Ilma – website promotion

Microsoft Office

We figured out how to select the text, now in the order we consider, why do we need, namely, with major operations that can be perform with the selected text. 2.1 copy, paste and wrap text. To make copies of the text to the clipboard (see Glossary) and then insert it in another place / another program, you must perform the following steps: select the text with which to perform the operation, then click the right mouse button and from the context menu select ‘Copy’, then move the blinking cursor text editor in the place where you want to copy the text, click the right mouse button and select ‘Paste’. If you want to transfer a piece of text, instead of the item ‘Copy’ must be employ the ‘Cut’ from the pop-up context menu. Some contend that Ben Horowitz shows great expertise in this. 2.2 Changes in size, type and writing the text. Similar buttons, as in the above figure (fragment from MS Word 2007), is in most text editors. Some buttons may be missing, but their functionality can be accessed through the Format> Font in most text editors (this menu is not in the programs of Microsoft Office 2007 like appearance). As can be seen from the figure, with these buttons and pop-up lists, we can make the text of the following (from left to right and top to bottom): 2.2.1 to change the font, change font size 2.2.2, 2.2.3 to increase the font size by one point; 2.2.4 to reduce the font size one point; 2.2.5 clean text formatting, bold font 2.2.6 do, to make text italic 2.2.7, 2.2.8 make the font underlined, strikethrough font to 2.2.9, 2.2.10 to place text in the upper register; place 02/02/11 text in lowercase 02/02/12 change text on a particular pattern (for example, each proposal will strictly start with a capital letter or all letters converted to uppercase) 02/02/13 change the highlight color font (by default – white), 02/02/14 change the font color (default – black)..

Holy Roman Empire

But in the end settled on the territory, and they are the barbarians, which assume the domain and control of all institutions, which reproduce the Roman order. Many of them were converted to Christianity. Structures are reproduced as they were within the life of the Empire, and begin the disputes among the various provinces for the domain of the entire Empire. There is an author that speaks of the micros cristiandades or micro Empires, which declined in each of the provinces. Carlo Magno perfectly learned that one of the forms of re institutionalize, completely and utterly the Empire was once again restore the relations between the Church and the Empire, and did so. And it places the Church in a privileged place in the social order. Gave priests the dimension of priestly caste. He reformed the liturgy, and the period of Carlo Magno are as: celebration the priest back to the people, separate from what would be the presbytery from the rest of the ship with a grating.

As placing the place perfectly for everyone. The use of latin in the liturgical celebration. Language that does not understand the people. The speech in a low voice during the consecration. They are symbols that definitively separated unto the priest with the rest of the people. Carlo Magno, when self-proclaimed emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and quite funny, did so in a way because it gave him the Pope Crown to make the Pope crowning to the. It does so by establishing a relationship of mutual legitimacy between the Church and political power.

The Emperor acknowledged the Pope, and the Pope recognized the emperor. When this process of imperializacion of the Church occurred again, it started the process, the feudalisation of the world. Should be during the time of the Empire in the hands of Carlo Magno, the macro structure imperial, and is support what would be the beginning of the feudal order. That is, mainly in the ranking of social relations, which were already, based on that so much dominated Earth, had delegates from the emperor. So the members of the imperial family, became the first feudal lords.

British Society

Therefore, the active methods of education of the children demand all that if a convenient material, so that, playing, they arrive to assimilate the intellectual realities that, without this supplies to the children, remains exterior to infantile intelligence. (PIAGET, 1976, p.160). 1.2.1 The winnicottiana vision on playing. Donald Woods Winnicott, pediatra and British psychoanalyst (1896-1971), worked during 40 years as pediatra, becoming in 1935 member of the British Society of Psychoanalysis, which it presided over. In its works, it is worried about the latent one and the maternal care. Teoriza on playing. For it, the origin of the symbolism can be in the way that passes of the subjective one for the objective, translated for the transacional object, the first toy. One grants, therefore that the act to play is one vastssima dimension in the human domain.

Relating the mental health, the Psychoanalysis and trick, affirming that to play it is, beyond a pleasure search, a form to deal with the anguish. According to Winnicott (1975, p.312), it affirms that ' ' Sadia&#039 is a necessity for the development of a personality; '. In its citation in the British Society of Psychoanalysis in October of 1966, Winnicott said: Freud, in its topography of the mind, did not find place for the experience of the cultural things, it gave to a new value the internal psychic reality and from this it came a new value for the things that are real and truily external. Freud used the word subliming to point the way to a place where the cultural experience she is significant, perhaps but it does not have fond the point of saying in them where place in the mind if finds the experience cultural. (WINNICOTT, 1958, p.325) In consideration to the term on cultural experience, Winnicott finds resonance the boarding of Vygotsky on the meaning of the toy, giving emphasis to the cultural experience as a representation of the symbolic world and the subjectivity human being presenting the possibility of ruptures with some dichotomies, including of the experience of independent systems as psychic and the social one, the objective and the subjective one.

Public School Management

MANAGEMENT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: A CHALLENGE WHEN KNOWING DEMOCRATIC Salete Pear tree of Branches SUMMARY This article brings some reflections on the conquest of knowing in a democratic management in the public schools, as well as the paper of the school in the construction of an inclusive society and of quality. The research was carried through through readings of workmanships of authors who think about the democratization of the school as an exit for a society more joust and fraterna, therefore is a bibliographical research. In principle, it makes an analysis of the implantation of the legislation that supports the democratic management in the public schools. At as a moment, it reflects on the dynamic reality of the process of change of practical the pedagogical ones for a management democratic in transforming practical the authoritarian one into a democratic management, consolidated with the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. Some consideraes related to the pertaining to school administration and the enterprise administration are presented, in what it says respect to the difficulties that surround the democratic management when managed as company. E, finally, argues the paper of the manager in the integration of the collegiate agencies and the advice, giving main approach to the participativo relationship with its pairs, as much in the construction as in the execution of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. As well as, the challenges of the Democratic Management as main impediment for its total efetivao. Word-key: School.

Inclusion. Democracy. Challenge. Practical Pedaggica.1-INTRODUOAs reflections on the paper of the school in the construction of a democratic management contributes for the insertion of the citizen in a society inclusive, capable to accomplish the practical one of the management of the systems of public education. The objective of this article is to make some reflections on the democratic management of the public school carried through by the managers, related to the Project Pedagogical Politician; beyond investigating the causes that become the democratization of public school a distant reality.

Network Business Education

Source: The Magnificent environment for small and medium-sized businesses is the Internet. Business on the Internet, which is conducted on the principles of information economics, called e-business (e-business) or the Internet – business. The main areas of e-business include the production of information products and information exchange, the most important component of which is electronic commerce. It should be noted that information exchange or market on the exchange of information made possible by the emergence of a market information products and services. In the Internet there are so many suggestions on how to conduct their own business, and Training the network business.

Education Network business to the Internet through free and paid distance learning courses. As a means of training are various online learning multimedia systems, electronic books and online tests to monitor the quality of education. One of the modern trends in education is the Internet – or training – online learning with the use of HTML – books and textbooks, created in format PDF, multimedia training – online programs – online tests for the detection of knowledge, formed by the trainees. The most common tool used in the process of distance learning an e-book. Creation and implementation of electronic (offline – Version) books in the Internet environment is a profitable business. In the Internet there are many free and paid applications for the establishment or electronic compilation (offline – Version) books. To create an e-book use different formats of information, such as: TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML, CHM, EXE, PDF, DjVu, FB2, and others. To create an e-book formats: TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) uses standard applications that are running Windows or MS Office.

To create an e-book format CHM (Compiled HTML) used by compilers of HTML files: ChmBookCreator and htm2chm, HTML compiler and decompiler CHM files Chm4You. The most common Internet e-book, which is used for training in mode offline, this book formats EXE. To create an e-book in this format use different compilers: SbookBuilder, Natata eBook Compiler, ExeBookWM-Publisher, eBook Edit Pro, Fast EBook Compiler, eBook Maestro, eBooks Compiler, EbookCreator and many other compilers. To create an e-book formats used a large amount of PDF (Portable Document Format), which can be used for training as in online, so offline. As the original documents can be used to open documents created in MS Word. Program to create PDF files: PdfFactory Pro v3.00, PDF Factory Pro v3.10, Primo PDF 3.0, utility PDF995. Graphical format DJVU (deja vu) is applied to build and deploy Internet scanned books (scanned large documents), without recognition (OCR) text. DJVU format is designed for compact representation of the graphic material. Software for creating e-book with Scanned documents in DjVu: DjVu Solo v3.1, Express Enterprise with DjVu, Light Edition (DEE 5.1 or DEE 5.1 LE). With the publication of e-book pay particular attention to its cover. High-quality virtual cover for the e-book sales significantly increases the number of books on the Internet. Creation e-book begins with a cover, since this is the first page of your e-book. The above-mentioned program to create the cover include: Scott's Box Shot Maker 2.0, Virtual Cover Creator 2.1, eCover 3D v1.0, Scotts Boxshot, eCover Engineer 4, eCover Studio v2.00, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX and others.