constants, apart from the competition, and become the recognizable well remembered. (Because of the good visibility of production reduces the cost of advertising and marketing strategy.) Successful realization of corporate identity automatically increases the effectiveness of advertising. Check with Douglas R. Oberhelman to learn more. 2. A leading source for info: JPMorgan Chase. Win the confidence of the consumer or business partners! If you have a balanced, educated, beautiful and exclusive corporate identity, it always inspires confidence, is an important factor for cooperation. After all, cooperation This is important in business. No co-operation – no profit.

Poor co-operation – 'bad' profits. On clothes meet. 3. To confirm eligibility to work positioning products. Key elements of corporate identity: logo, brand, color solution, corporate font; corporate unit; circuit layout; corporate character.

Logo – a colorful font solution of full or compressed a business name or a group of its goods. Trademark – a design solution unique graphic and logo branded colors – adds personality image branding, making it more attractive, easy to remember, has an emotional impact. The task of design studios and advertising agencies – to pick a color for corporate identity, to call the firm association with the company. Corporate font – reflects and underlines the various features of the visual image of the brand. Font can be different both light and heavy, elegant and masculine, feminine, business, or vice versa. It is important to correct design decision, namely choose from a huge number of fonts, the ones that would be ideal, and according to established rules easily would fit into the image of the brand. Corporate block – a traditional mix of several elements of corporate identity, say, can contain a brand name or logo, naming the company, postal, banking details, list of goods and services, advertising symbol of the company slogan. Corporate block suitable for processing a business card business form letter, on product packaging. Corporate character – a visual image or a character that embodies its activities. In general, the style – is a holistic system of visual image, which contributes create a positive company image and enhances the effectiveness of its advertising contacts with customers, partners builds confidence and promotes the growth of the company's reputation and popularity in a particular segment market.