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LAN Computers

Firm 'Sksystems' has been repairing and servicing computer equipment both at home and in offices. Repairs, diagnostics, assembly of computers, laptops, installing and configuring software, computers treatment from viruses, setting up local networks, both wired and WiFi. Makes the actual connection and Internet settings. The main direction of the company 'SKSystems' is a comprehensive computer assistance (IT outsourcing). Our experts have years of experience and can administer a server already in place and client stations of your company, and re-set and tune computers quickly and securely. Signing the contract on subscriber service computer technology and computer networks, you will receive: 1.

Care – individual approach to your company guaranteed departures + specialist in your company to monitor computer operation Park, configure computers, set your desired software troubleshooting. When a contract for computer services in addition to routine and emergency visits can indefinitely use the telephone counseling service tech support. 2. Efficiency – Any urgent problems are solved within 2 hours after the registration application. 3.

Around the clock of the computer park of the company. 4. Reliable protection of corporate information. 5. Savings – you pay once a month, strictly set in the contract amount, which is much less than the salary system administrator. 6. Team of professionals ready to fulfill any task complexity. 7. Confidence that your company's computer stock everything in perfect order. We focus on the goals, objectives and specifics of your business and are ready not just to engage the support of the computer park, but also in need to propose ways of development that will help your company fulfill its mission. Call for any questions you will answer our managers. Rely on professionals.

Civil Code Estate

Beginning of the nineties was marked by the boom in illegal operations with real estate – just solder or murdered intractable apartment owners, have no desire to abandon their homeland, forged documents for the ownership of living space, real estate brokers in Moscow took a rabid interest in their work, hence the expression – "black realtor." Now the case for the real estate market recovered, did not become a mayhem, but the private realtor did not get a good name. Despite this grim picture, the Army private realtors constantly updated and is about half of the entire market in real estate. How does on In fact the situation with private realtors and what is the cost of services as opposed to the realtor prices of real estate agencies? Myth 1. Private services are expensive realtor. Realtor Services priori are cheaper than services agencies involved in the same activity, because private real estate agent does not remove the office does not pay for his rent, and does not contain all the staff – from cleaners to the guard to a lawyer with an accountant. Of course, there unscrupulous private brokers, especially in the provinces, which take for their services is 2-3 times more than the cost of their work, but the market will put everything in its place and will soon be gone these agents. They are not profitable will work.

Myth 2. Private realtor is not responsible for their actions. Almost all private realtors have the status of an individual entrepreneur with the right to conduct real estate activities, advisory services and so on. The exceptions are those who work in the real estate agency and "moonlight" on the side, working for themselves. And they both operate in accordance with staey 23 of the Civil Code, therefore, are fully responsible for their professional activities and actions. Moreover, it often happens that the real estate agency also registered as individual entrepreneurs, and the availability of office due to higher payment for their services. Myth 3. Private realtor unprofessional.

Due to the fact that the private real estate agent works alone, he should keep in mind the many regulations, laws, amendments to accounting, remember by heart the real estate prices in Moskve.Rieltor, a self-employed, often more professional than qualified real estate agencies. It works without external support. Another plus in the real estate agent – they can promote themselves and their activities exactly what he wants himself. Real Estate Agencies also tend to have a specific advertising budget, and do not exceed the prescribed limits. The final touch to the image of a modern private real estate agent – he just unprofitable to do my job dearly, as it is not paradoxical sounds. Good deal, when satisfied customer – is always the recommendation of friends, which means that the realtor will be able to earn more money.