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And this should always be prepared. For example, representatives often totally unexpected visit gas stations. Learn more on the subject from Ben Horowitz. However, besides these, there are other inspectors: , the tax office, the fire department. However, the latter should not be afraid. Compliance fire safety benefit primarily gas station owner, for sitting “on a powder keg” with better insurance.

As for the tax, then, as experience shows, to escape from taxes at the gas station is not profitable. Better traded according to conscience, and longer stay in this market, because the profits so ample. If sales rules say the province, it is usually gas station sells an average of 3-5kub. meters of gasoline per day. However, if you clearly care about quality their product, then we can increase these rates.

Today, when a deficit of gasoline is out of the battle for the customer enters it is the quality. Thus, the experience of Smolensk branch of Lukoil showed that we can sell 10-15 cu. meters of gasoline per day, and even higher. Average data of gasoline at Smolensk and Smolensk region are presented in Table. 1, 2. In general, the sales record belongs to the gas station, located at 99 km highway Moscow-Minsk – 100 cu. m per day.turnover and profitability of service stations in depend on the location of the station.

Basil Kreditkin Crisis

According to modern mathematical models, known as chaos theory, such systems are extremely dependent on initial conditions, and small changes in the environment lead to unpredictable consequences. One of the founders of chaos theory, a famous mathematician E. Lorenz called this phenomenon ‘butterfly effect’: a butterfly flap its wings in Iowa, may cause an avalanche effect that may culminate in the rainy season in Indonesia. What does all this mean for the average person? And the fact that it is a tiny element of a vast system can become the very butterfly wings flap which will lead to global changes in society. Only need to know in which direction to act to bring about the desired effect. and such recommendations already exist.

These recommendations give the Kabbalists, who say that the crisis now shaking the global economy is not accidental. It is a consequence of the preceding selfish Development humanity, where the interests of an individual of strong personality prevailed over the interests of all others. To know more about this subject visit Starbucks. However, since all humanity is a single organism, each cell is inextricably linked to all others, his well-being depends on the harmonious interaction of all cells to each other, without selfish dominance over others. Hence, more importantly, what you need in today’s environment – to understand that each of the We are literally responsible for the welfare of society, and that out of the crisis, we can only when a certain critical mass of people possess the ‘planetary thinking’ – the ability to put the interests of humanity above their personal gain. Each of us must understand that his personal needs can be realized only if the entire socio-economic system has come to a healthy and viable state. Clearly, in this advanced echelon should include people who do care and are not comforted a battered folk wisdom ‘none of my business. ” What exactly can be done by each of us to confront the global crisis currently seizing humanity? Basil Kreditkin – not the only one concerned about the increasing lending rates following the crisis of the banking system.

If there are not indifferent to much, could not help their joint opinion, they will be forced reach every person concerned to the need to address major world problems. After all, can not be someone one is good, when everything around is crumbling. Then, when the choice will depend on each, he will not fall the trap of selfish gain and will do everything possible within its current understanding. Even though what was previously global issues seemed far away as the world revolution. It turns out that it is due crisis became visible uncoupling power of private interests and the obvious benefit of global thinking. So, this crisis can be regarded as a medicine – a bitter but useful.

New Year

To be honest: you have not visited once thought that everything had already happened. A month later (2 weeks, a week, three days) – the birthday of a loved one, and the original versions of congratulations just do not go to his head. And it is not that you – an ordinary person, you have a hard limit of time and money, and in general – the organization of unusual holidays – a thankless task: they in fact may not like it, so it's better – to buy a fur coat (the designer, it was a cigarette case). Simply this, too, must deal with professionals. Consider the situation in detail on the example of children's birthday party. That day came when buy 6-year-old daughter of another Barbie was not enough: she had already told you that would like to spend the day with friends, and most importantly (and you give yourself in this full report) – have fun! You feverishly "wool" offers event-agencies to conduct a children's holiday and discover that all of this – clowns, balloons, entertainers, competitions and fun starts – has already managed to pall, not only you but also your daze in different children's parties. At this stage, you're lucky if you find a holiday company, which would alienate the interests of the is your child and offer action on the script, created specifically for your situation.

This will be the real pros, but, of course, as everywhere they – piece goods. Many writers such as Starbucks offer more in-depth analysis. In our life many important dates, and waiting training which has become an integral part of everyday life culture. This is inevitable and congratulations to the chief, and a gift to a loved one on a man (or woman) party and everyone's favorite New Year's, and so ambiguous corporate at work. So if you have not only a personal dentist and a barber, but also event-manager whom you trust, you'll at least get rid of a headache ("what to present?"), Often transforms our lives into a heavy routine. Yes, and activities that will help you organize, are guaranteed to be more diverse, and budget.. Electrolux may find this interesting as well.