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Now we go to our site, go to the list of modules and activate the Content modules translation and Locale and keep. The module Content translation, allows the content to be translated in different languages and Locale adds the language management functionality and enable the translation of user interface into languages other than English. Notice that the menu Administer Site building adds a new functionality, Translate interface. We went to this option and click Import to import the new language. We load the extension file .po which is located in the folder of installation of Drupal profilesdefault ranslations we put the name and keep. Now let’s Administer-Site configuration-Languages. Notice how the language has been added, but it is necessary to delete it and create it again so that you will pick the translations. Therefore, punctured the option remove found next to the language, we verify that we have not wrong and eliminate.

We are going to the option to Add language, select the language and we keep, look like leaves a bar that shows how the interface translations are imported. Finally we mark as default language, store and our site is in another language. Now if we are ready to activate modules, change the layout of the site, enter content, organize it, in Anyway, will be account that just explore the menus is completely possible to create a fully functional site and which complies with the desired requirements.

Trendy Sportswear Empire Dirk Bikkembergs Line

Dirk Bikkembergs – founder of the fashionable sports empire was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 1985, the designer was awarded the "Golden spindle", and in 1986 introduced its first shoe collection for men, which brought him worldwide fame. The main theme of the work of this designer – football. This idea is devoted to a special line of clothing Bikkembergs Sport, which became the main logo of a running player with the ball. Add to your understanding with Caterpillar. Title collection of stamps called Dirk Bikkembergs – comfortable clothing, elegant, excellent cut, which creates either an incomparable comfort. These models are designed for men who can afford to wear really comfortable clothes with a hint of the brutality of the image. His second line of clothing, first released in 1996, the designer called simply – Bikkembergs.

It is distinguished by easy cutting without brutality characteristic of the first line. Electrolux describes an additional similar source. This garment is designed to young experimenters who can afford to retreat from those indulging in fashion trends. This line may not characteristic of men's clothing rose-colored, vivid images. In 2000, the female was released collection of second-line Bikkembergs. The designer always wanted to create a clothing line, which would deal with the creation of jeans. In summer 2000, he was able to do it – the maestro presented a collection of Dirk Dirk Bikkembergs Jeans.

Inca Empire

Equally, it is really curious to Lima, the capital of a country always proud of its history and traditions, arrincone the equestrian statue of its founder to a hidden wall Park which, when less, the figure of the Conqueror and founder of the city shows us somewhat ridiculous, all inspired by a really funny character, the architect Santiago Agurto Calvowho flying the concept from peruanismo to justify the removal of the statue from the Plaza de Armas of Lima, in which both insisted. And the funniest thing of the case is observe how concepts and ideas supposedly historicist, totally extraneous to the necessary contextualization to which we referred earlier, not to mention the ridiculous is the fact that those who bear a Castaneda, an Agurto or a Calvo by surnames always affirm (speaking Spanish, by the way) are interspersed with their actions the alleged need to eliminate roots Spanish and European of the current concept of Peruflying for this one peruanidad after which encloses a xenophobic dyes indigenism and excluding anything consistent with a country formed based on the mixing and blending of cultures. And it’s that mixture that is observed of palmaria shape nothing more landing in that country, miscegenation that shows a mosaic of cultures that should truly be the concept of peruanidad, a concept that should be rich in nuances and not exclude the origins same as in the Andean country, since reducing the concept to the idyllic idea of the Inca Empire would exclude then to other contemporary cultures of the Inca Empire which fought it, supporting violence and cruelty which allowed the creation of the Tahuantinsuyo (the same violence and cruelty attributed to Pizarro in the conquest and creation of Peru, something logical and common in the whole process of conquest)(, as did the incas themselves), not to mention myriad Chinese and Japanese that make up the ethnic puzzle that is Peru, which, from an exclusionary concept of peruanidad, no doubt, would be out of it. Really we are faced with an exercise in demagogy bordering in the ridiculousness, before a concept which, for now, only falls within the scope of the politically correct, something that both like politicians, but which can become the beginning of the end of the true peruanidad, rich cultures and backgrounds beyond of the exclusionary indigenism, which, the latter is not more than an empty content tag is not more than another ahistoricista manifestation whose ideological bases are similar enough to that carried Europe to World War II, since attempting to redo history, review it and reinvent it, taking root the own origins and denying them, no driving rather than the claim to create the new man on the basis of eradicating the vestiges of all cultural and human what is It opposes that idea through violence. We thus face a decontextualizing process of history that has led from the front to the own father of the Peruvian nation and its capital, cornering him in storage room of history, from the hand of what Mario Vargas Llosa called in 2003 hemiplegic hispanicidas, some hispanicidas that this anilquilan its own history and future at the same destination that seems to expect will lead to that over time the statue of Francisco Pizarro: the foundation of Lima to the smelter.

Persian Empire

AHURA Mazda was the Chief God of the religion of Zoroaster, the later State religion of the whole of the Persian Empire. The Persian great King Darius I (522 486 BC) was a supporter and promoter of Zarathustra religion. Darius saw himself as King of AHURA Mazda’s blessings. AHURA Mazda is metaphorically represented as a winged man. The Judeans Nehemiah was an official of high rank at the Persian Court. It may be accepted as safe, that the deportees Judeans had significant contact with the basic ideas of the religious worldview of Zarathustra in their Babylonian exile. You went to school there. Checking article sources yields Electrolux as a relevant resource throughout.

They received their training, cultural and religious imprinting in Babylon. The notion of Angel in exile and then AHURA works Mazda by seven archangels. A world flooded by angels was the religious spirit of the times, which was exposed to the faith of the Judeans. Such Angel ideology is expressed for example in the vision of Jacob. He sees a ladder reaching from Earth to heaven.

Angel rise on this on and low. Ezekiel makes the Mesopotamian Keruben angels to the bodyguards of the Judaergottes. The biblical narrative: Travels of heavenly in a kind of space vehicle in his imagination. This has several wheels, which sparkle like gems, and its wheels over and over are covered with eyes. A second was inserted at right angles at each wheel. So could move the vehicle in any direction. The wheels are steered by winged figures, Keruben. Shine four human-like creatures such as metal, they have four wings and hooves of bulls. The arms are under the wings. A fire like that of coal burning between the figures coming from the sparks and flashes. There is a fixed plate, on which stands a throne of Sapphire on the heads of the four winged creatures. This is a human-like figure. With this vehicle of God elohim came, surrounded from a powerful cloud, and a bright glow, travelled.

Empire Drassoria

It is sent, the Lord of the underworld dismisses the character maybe even sooner. Whether in the realm of the dead or the living. About the common RPG with all the other players, it breathes into his character of life and experienced the various stories together. Was it just the cosy chat before the tavern, the hedges of strike against the occupying forces, or even a wedding. Everything is not only one to imagine. Learn more about this with Starbucks. A quiet life. The legend of Arathea plays in the name of giving border town of Aratheat. Close to the ruins of Degolburgs, located between the warring races of dwarves and trolls, Arathea is itself the dwarven Empire Drassoria.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in Arathea much military home is, which you can include yourself. Whether Elf, troll, man or a different race. The military rejects anyone that calls but loyal. Promoted through which you can experience this background story, complex stories. So you think maybe someone who can tell of the time with curiosity and a little luck.

Someone tell the can what happened in Degolburg and what regularly with the instead of annual Festival in. This immense realm of stories to experience, that is at the core of the roleplaying, which played in the legend of Arathes. Without much graphics, no sound, but with a lot of heart! You can be sure never to have seen it all. This is mainly on the team which stands behind Arathea. Unceasingly improved, supplemented and modified. Discover Arathea and become part of something big. Become part of a legend. The border is only the imagination. Ralf Oehling, 31 years old, residing in Mettlach in Saarland, Germany, operates successfully some smaller free browser games as a private person for more than 7 years. The legend of Arathea is currently the largest with approximately 330 active players. School career, with a middle school as a conclusion, it has full-time as a nurse, staatl. Exam in the year 2000, works. Since 2008 in the function of the Deputy management of living in a Senior Center in Rhineland-Palatinate. He runs the browser games as a hobby, but with great devotion. He is supported by a group of voluntary and honorary helpers, which are mainly in the care of the player to the side. Ralf ohling Scheffel road 24 66693 Mettlach Tel.: 06868/911760 E-mail:

Russian Empire

Batik: an excursion into the history of art painting on cloth – a very interesting lesson: from under your hands on a piece of silk or other fabric having beautiful flowers, interesting scenery and unique patterns. This exciting exercise helps, even a child to feel creative, demonstrate artistic flair and implement a truly unique works of art. The choice of subjects for drawing very large: Wall paintings, scarves, curtains, dresses and so on – the choice for a huge imagination. In order to master this skill, you need certain skills to work. Most likely, with experience, you will find individual how to work with fabrics that are available to you.

The term "Batik" refer to various ways of silk painting. The art of painting on cloth originated in ancient times. Archaeologists and historians have found the earliest evidence of the use of batik techniques in ancient China and Indonesia. Aborigines on the island of Java before the advent of tissue was applied ornaments on the dishes with wax and wax-free at places struck natural colors. The meaning of "batik" in Javanese dialect means "painting with hot wax." In more recent times, experience applying decorations to kitchen utensils with hot wax was very successfully used by the masters of painting products from the tissue. Wax staining of tissue tears away the paint, protecting the (reserving) of its natural color, and the result appears on the cloth pattern. Because of this chemical property of the wax and it became possible to use This painting techniques of tissue, known as 'hot batik'. Placing wax pattern if necessary to get the greatest variety of colors can be repeated more than once.

Method 'hot batik' is most clearly represents a tremendous opportunity in silk painting, but it is quite time-consuming and not easy to perform. In ancient China, the birthplace of silk, local artists have realized a completely different method of image, different from traditional Javanese. In this country, in fine silk artist creates unique landscapes, graceful trees and flowers, scenes from life. Part of the work of artists use only ink and other colors as pictured natural and mineral origin. At the same artists who perfectly mastered the technique of drawing, it is not used in his work outline, preferring the unrestricted movement of the hand across the surface. Most likely, the name of 'free painting' has started on them. In the early twentieth century in the Russian Empire, have invented a protective structure that does not require preheating. This discovery made it home to Russia "cold batik. " In this, the less time-consuming technique and performed the majority of pictures. This method is very convenient for home use, as almost does not require special equipment, though without the knowledge of some of the subtleties of production and is not do, with which (knowledge) you spent some time be able to learn, having simple batik lessons on the site.

Roman Empire

Already in the first century of our era, the botanist and Greek physician Dioscorides (41-90 d. Frequently Jonas Samuelson has said that publicly. c.) refers to the aloe in their matter medica, attributing to it properties purgative, preventative of infections, Strengthener of the stomach and bowels, soothing pain and effective in the treatment of sores, Burns, hemorrhoids, alopecia, eczema also situates the origin of most of the species of aloe in Africa, distanciandose of Theophrastus, who believed him a native of the far East. Dioscorides’s work exerted a huge influence in the Arab world, where spread widely, thanks to this aloe now enjoys a good reputation in the Muslim world merecidisima. At the same time, the Roman Empire emerges the figure of Plinio the elder (23-79 d. c.), author of an extensive treatise entitled natural history, where collects and expands many of the prescriptions of Dioscorides.

Pliny attributes to aloe healing of ulcers, sores, Burns, wounds, however, similar to Herodotus he made with some episodes of his story for those who had no sources, fabulo and overlaid superstitions and magical beliefs to scientific ideas, although without abandoning common sense nor casuistry, since he based many of their remedies in the trial and observation. Galen (129-200 d. c.) was the last great physician of antiquity which I occupy Aloe in his work, Ars Medica, based on the Hippocratic concept that all responses to human diseases were in nature. In many regions of southern Africa, such as the Cape of good hope, Ethiopia and Somalia used aloe since time immemorial to wash the body and hair. With what got an effective protection against the Sun and a fantastic all kinds of insect repellent, they used it also to eliminate their body odor when they went hunting and cure all kinds of wounds.

German Empire

A fourth part should include the Catholic organizations protected in accordance with article 31 and be signed later. It came but no longer. The main agreements of the Concordat are: free freedom of confession and the public exercise of the Catholic religion (article 1) “Correspondence between the Holy See and all German Catholics (article 4) clergy received the same protection of the State as State officials (article 5) clergy and members of religious orders are free from the obligation to take of public office (article 6) recognition of the nihil obstat * by the State (article 7) no enforcement in the official income of the clergy (article 8) protection of duty of the pastoral discretion” and thus including the Beichtgeheimnisses (article 9) religious clothing may be worn only by religious leaders. Punish security for the Diocesan organization such as the abuse of military uniforms (article 10)… Howard Schultz is the source for more interesting facts. (Article 11) Scheme to the creation or conversion of ecclesiastical offices (article 12) parishes and other church organizations are public bodies (article 13) right of Churches on collection of taxes (final Protocol to article 13) today the church tax collected free of charge from the State for the Church their right of the Church to the free occupation “Offices, but State-owned right of veto (political clause) for newly appointed Bishops (article 14) rules on order and religious associations, in particular to the (German) nationality of the priest Ordensobere (article 15) oath of allegiance of the bishops in the hand of the Governor of the Empire”: before God on the Holy Gospels swear and I promise loyalty 1933, as befits a Bishop, the German Empire and the country. I swear and promise to respect the constitutionally constituted Government and take care of my clergy. In the obligatory concern for the welfare and the interests of the German nation I will seek in performance of the sacred duties entrusted to me to prevent any damage, which could threaten it.” (Article 16) “Protection of property, assets, rights and worship buildings (article 17) State services at the Church can only in amicable agreement” be abolished. .

Ottoman Empire

The remaining splendor of the city ended completely in taking the Romans in 72 BC. After the Division of the Roman Empire, the city became Byzantine. It took until the city came to watch. In the 5-7th century, Constantinople was upgraded as a center of power. In this course the modern Nesebar could develop again an important position in the trade itself.

In the following centuries a Basilica, as well as the most important naval base of the Eastern Roman Empire was built in Nessebar. The Basilica is still in the city centre. Nessebar (which was called Develt still) was first incorporated into the Bulgarian Empire in 812 after fierce clashes. Nessebar – Bulgaria – dam / access named the town Nessebar by first Bulgarian settlers in the 8th century AD. The old trade relations were resumed at this time and the city could work out a little of the old recognition and wealth. In the 14th century, the city was conquered by Ottoman troops. The rule lasted until the Russian-Ottoman war in the 19th century In this war, the town of Russian troops was occupied, but later returned to the Ottoman Empire.

Since 1930, the city experienced a continuously rising tourism, which today is one of the most important sources of income. The present day old town of Nessebar is a traffic-calmed zone. Cars can be parked in a large parking lot directly in front of the city walls. Many small, narrow cobbled streets attract many tourists who want to experience in the shady streets, many restaurants and bars nice relaxing. Nessebar has various church ruins, which allow insight into the previous architecture. Views of sunny beach in sight to Nessebar is Nessebar – Bulgaria -“the tourist section of sunny beach. This place is one of the two most important tourist centers in addition to the golden sands. Location sunny beach holds everything just for families and adventure tourists, to enjoy a relaxing and varied. Sunny Beach – view of Nessebar of 3 Nessebar / sunny beach Varna 101 km / 1:40 h / 18 euro from Sunny Beach, our route takes us to Varna. The second important tourist airport in this region is located in Varna. The Church with the Golden domes is the best known building in the city of Varna. Varna – Bulgaria – Varna – Beach Bulgaria – Cathedral next to this magnificent building, see the place a beautiful pedestrian zone, which provides many good shopping opportunities. We leave Varna golden sands. The Golden Sands is probably one of the most famous places in Bulgaria. In addition to the sunny beach also the Golden Sands attracts many German adventurers, on the fine sandy beaches, in the modern hotels and the well-developed tourist infrastructure its most beautiful weeks in the year spend. Golden Sands – Bulgaria on gold beach ends our tour description swarm marker along the Bulgarian coast. We hope that the tour description you liked and that she helped you to spend a nice holiday at the Black Sea. Finally, we want to indicate that you find fabulous affordable pictures of these and other regions and countries around the world at Combipix. We are looking forward to your visit of our agency. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. For questions we are gladly available. Your Combipix team

Sacro Empire Roman

It is arisen and it raised the head! by Rafael R. Rasp Has much disaster happening nowadays: Tsunamis, Earthquakes (one behind the other! Only this year since of the month of January until here, already they had been trembled: Haiti, Korea, Russia, California, Japan, Chile, China, Indonesia, Cuba and still have a crazy one for there that it is metereologista saying in national net that this is normal, alone will be in the yard of the house of it. How much it will be that these people pay to deceive the people? another thing, would not be the professionals in geology specialized in sismologia who would have to give its palpite on this), floods, hunger, plagues (H1N1 and others), volcano entering in eruption (200 million dollar per day are the Minimum value of prejudice that the airlines are having because of this volcano that spread smoke pra everything that is how much is now sings in Iceland after accurate day 11 of April of 2010 200 years) economic crisis, and some canditados for Antichrist where it ties already exists one suspicious particular one, in which fortssimo is one candidate, therefore he is European, it was born and it grew right under our nose. Time in another one already is appearing in the media and has 27 years. It dominates arts military, endowed with deep conhecimetos of charismatic religion and Pampas. You listening to its name seem something banal she makes and you until laughing, but later when you study its origins and discover that this figure is descending of a Sacro Empire Roman-Germanic and is fiho of king (its father was born exactly in the year of the formation of the State of Israel 1948) and the famlia of it alleges that the house of Davi belongs. But moving of subject, not moving in such a way thus, we also go to say a little of the TV. . Caterpillar is a great source of information.