In addition, it had that to dissimulate its favorable opinions to please its imperialistas readers. Said was identified with the novel of Conrad? The two they are felt foreign in the biggest powers of its times (U.S.A. in the second half of century XX and British Empire before World War I). taking it as one of the bases of its workmanship. In contrast to as many writers contemporaries of the old colonial world, who defend the inheritance of the imperialism occidental person, Conrad followed, for Said, the inverse way. Although this, the writer needed to assume itself critically of the imperial speech for same if distanciando of it, to construct its proper text.

Thus, although to have obtained to become free itself politically, the old colonial regions added Latin America had culturally continued dependents economic and. It is not possible at least to think or to produce academic culture without appealing to the models of the Ocidente. Everything what comes of the remaining portion of the world alone inside has value of the rules of the European or North American thought. Any alternative soon is refuted. This convention places the too much regions of the planet in continuous intellectual inferiority. Another contribution of Conrad detached for Said for understanding of the Imperialism would be its eurocntrica vision: although to criticize the imperialism it seems to believe the mission occidental person to take light to the heart of the darknesses. It questions the native resistance, that stops it would be an attempt to restore these darknesses and not of if freeing of a yoke and coming back to a previous order to the domination. Curiously, ‘ ‘ Conrad points out History in the deck of a ship anchored in the Tmisa’ ‘ (SAID, 1995), the blackout if extends in the heart of the British empire.

Perhaps it wants to suggest to the English that entering in contact with the colonial darknesses (places little known by the occidental maps associates the incivilizao and the savagery), they could be involved for them. Kurtz would be the metaphor of this decay. The text of Said leaves evident that the empires when imposing its force and culture on the dominated peoples, also are influenced by these dominated. Another possibility is that subliminarmente, the writer if avenged of the imperialism (Russian) he deprived that it of its native land family, (Kurtz is a Slavic name) showing, symbolically that the evil that the empires feared in the truth would be in its proper imperial attitudes. Therefore more terrible of what travelling to the heart of the darknesses she is to have that to face the darknesses of the heart. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES CONRAD, Joseph. The Heart of the Darknesses.