Blinds – one of the most modern and practical options for the design of the window. By the method of fixing shutters are divided into several types: vertical blinds, fotozhalyuzi, multifakturnye and composite blinds, horizontal blinds, roller (roller blinds) and Roman (Roman Blinds) shutters, lace curtains, blinds, "Pleated, Japan (Japanese curtain) and protective (shutters) blinds. If you dream, what would your apartment was not only beautiful, but today – you need to pay attention to the blinds. In addition to their undoubted superiority over the curtains, due to the fact that the blinds do not collect dust and is easy to wash, they are still good that are suitable for modeling various interiors. But few of us know when and where it was invented device that resembles today's horizontal blinds. This item appeared in the East, presumably from the Arabs.

These blinds are designed for darkening of the space in a residential area and fencing details of private life from the curious looks of random people. Typically, blinds are choosing either the color of the walls, either – the color of the other elements of decor such as furniture. Also, special attention should be paid to the texture of the material from which made blinds. However, the choice of colors – that's not the hardest. In a question-answer forum Electrolux was the first to reply. Much more difficult to choose the material from which to fulfill your blinds.

Also, do not just pick and the length of the blinds, because there is a purely technical limitations dictated not only easy to use, but also life. Vertical blinds are perfect for the kitchen. They can be made of fiberglass, as it practically not affected by fire, a well-washed and does not absorb fat. Decorate and freshen the interior, you can use fotozhalyuzi, ie, blinds, which caused a certain image or picture. If you are fotozhalyuzi for office space, this may be the company logo. If you want to put blinds on the rather complex picture, the best option to translate your imagination into reality will be vertical blinds are made of synthetic materials.