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It has character of depth and detailing. The case study it is characterized by the deep and exhausting study of one or few objects, in way to allow its ample and detailed knowledge (GIL, 2002). As appraised above, it can be concluded that this research is classified as case study because it will be studied with depth and detailing an only subject. The collection of data of this study will be through documentary sources (of ' ' papel' ') that in accordance with Gil (1999) many enough rich times are capable to provide to the researcher given to prevent the loss of time with field surveys. Finally, these data will be treated qualitatively, codifying them and presenting them of form more structuralized and analyzing them (VERGARA, 1998). 5.ESTUDO OF CASE This section mentions the study to it of case of the considered problem. The content of this chapter was based on extracted information of the site of the company, the manual of quality and the effective norms of the company in the period.

5.1.Caracterizando the company Established in 1944, the city of Timteo, Mines Generalities, the studied company initiated the industrial activity with the first race of gusa in 1949. Currently she commercializes its products in such a way in the domestic market as in the external one. Its line of products encloses: Stainless plain steel; Electric plain steel; On plain steel carbon and. The company has evolved throughout the years in production, technology and in the application of products and services, for attendance to the necessities not only of customers, but also of the community, the employees, the suppliers, the government and other interested people in its organizacional performance. Always guided for the activity and process, product quality, damage to the health and security of the work of the collaborators, also she characterizes its participation in the market guided for the established lines of direction aiming at to the ambient protection.

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Petersburg. Built a great and wise king, he became the embodiment of majesty and monumentality. Acquaintance with the city does not without exploring the granite embankments and bridges, visit Hermitage, with its famous Atlantis and the Alexander Column, sung by Pushkin and other Russian poets. This column height of 25.6 meters and a diameter of 3, 66 meters was made from a single piece of granite, carved by hand in one of the quarries near Vyborg and brought to St. Petersburg on a specially constructed for this purpose the barge. Weight of the pillar is about 600 tons, and installed it on a pedestal 2400, using as aids 60 winches. Interestingly, the Alexander Column in no way secured, and more than 170 years, kept in place only by gravity and is ideally designed structure.

From Vyborg granites was manufactured and pedestal of the Bronze Horseman – the monument, which became the hallmark of St. Petersburg. And for the construction of the columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral in the same city used a stone brought from Karelia. Granite for Singing bridge between Kazan and 2 nd Admiralty Island, was brought back from Finland, with deposits Rappakivi.

It is this stone gave the grand structure of particular majestic appearance. Masterpieces of World architecture, made of granite, you can transfer up to infinity, but connoisseurs prefer simply to admire their monumental and admire the amazing beauty of the natural stone. Products from Granite is now manufactured a variety of products from Granite: tiles for exterior and interior cladding, counter tops, window sills, decorative elements of interior decoration and landscape design. According to statistics, approximately half of all monuments and headstones, on the ground are made from this very stone rocks. Superb mechanical properties, attractive appearance, variety of colors and shades allow you to use granite for various purposes, including for the device tracks and decorating the city parks and gardens. Pros and cons of Granite – is a stone that allows you to create a strong and durable products of various colors and shades, which has many unique patterns and gives the opportunity to use a variety of textures – from rough to mirror-polishing cleavage. From it you can make statues, pedestals and columns of large size, which is very important in decorative architecture. High resistance to mechanical abrasion and natural influences for long service life of products from granite and low porosity helps to care for them easy and inexpensive. Compliance with all rules of care for long retains the original appearance of products of this natural stone and prolongs its life. The disadvantages of granite can be attributed only labor-intensive extraction and processing, that significantly increases the cost of the products themselves. "The majestic power of nature" Famous artist and sculptor Michelangelo said: "The magnificent power of nature slumbers in the depths of granite slabs. And this indeed the case. Buildings and structures made with this stone, carry a truly unique effect. But originality is not an exaggeration. The fact is that according to geologists, the granite is considered a business card of the Earth. Many breeds "earthly" stone there and on other planets in our solar system, but only the granite was unique. Moreover, its prevalence can make extensive use of granite in the construction and monumental architecture. And the results of this natural stone is not only justified but also exceed all expectations!


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Dry mixes are: for masonry mortars, tile adhesives and porcelain tiles, leveling compounds, sealers, water-and heat-insulating compositions Improved sanitation and repair compounds. In one group of these materials in common is that they are based on a binder with modifying additives, and in some cases – with the granular and reinforcing fillers or pigments. Composition of dry mixes are available in ready-made, and after mixing with water they can be used in functions. What is the difference of dry building mixes from their traditionally employed counterparts? First of all, it’s finished composition, that in the construction plschadki only dilute enough. Second, most of them characterized by a “specialty” properties. And the components that provide various properties and appointment of building mixtures based on mineral binders are modifying additives: plasticizers, stabilizers, accelerating and slowing down the setting and hardening, antifreeze, repellent, sealant, bactericidal, air-entraining and blowing, etc.

For example, until recently the most popular in the performance of finishing used cement mortar, which is produced on site. This mixture is quite suitable for masonry and plaster when applied layers of 10 mm or more. Cement as mineral binder works well for compression, and silica sand with a properly chosen fractional composition of “helps” him in this. But the cement-sand mortar poorly resists stretching and bending loads, especially when applied in thin coats. Such mixtures have a low water-holding capacity: mixing water too quickly absorbed into the ground and evaporates into the atmosphere, which prevents complete hydration of cement.

As a result, the solution is not gaining the necessary strength. These deficiencies deprived dry mixes, modified with various chemical additives. Widespread use of such mixtures allowed to completely change the culture of production finishing and repair work, as well as improve their performance by 150-200%. For example, in Germany, consumption of dry mixes up to date, 90% of the total amount of compounds used in construction. What kinds of dry mixes are there? Production of dry mixes in the factory conditions produces a wide range of compositions for various types of work. According to the type of binder dry mixture divided into cement, cement-lime, lime, lime-gypsum, plaster. As filler can be used building sand, marble chips, ground limestone, mineral or organic fibers, metal fiber. By appointment mixtures are the following basic types: masonry; plasters for interior and exterior, tile, and for self-leveling floor screeds and devices. The special blends are: – to strengthen the weak bases – for sealing joints – to work on wet walls and saline – Waterproofing – decorative (for facade work) – putty mixtures (for repairs) – peskobetonnye dry mixture. Depending on the purpose of the mixture to be materially different technological and technical characteristics.