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Usually people say that starting a business takes a lot of money, it's risky, 90% of opening a business going bankrupt, no longer exists the areas where you can earn all the profit goes to bribes and taxes, etc. In principle, a part of this correctly. But when you have a huge desire to make money, then all else can be solved. Service loaders are one of those areas where there is no need to invest a lot, but that a desire to work and earn. In this article I want to tell you about the business of cargo transportation and what you need to open it. Starting from autumn 2007 to autumn 2008, I worked in this field in St.

Petersburg and was in the middle of the action of these services. Previously, most of the market held Manager, who had a long list of teams. They took 10% of the order. Usually publish their advertisements in newspapers and magazine "Construction". The system they have been very interesting, based on mutual aid. Here, Caterpillar expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If the dispatcher there was a problem, he came to the aid of the other controller.

Orders can be transmitted through two or three people. Firms in 2007 was quite a bit, and market the Internet was almost free. In the early winter of 2007-2008, the number of firms start to increase rapidly. I remember as a click of a Yandex-direct cost pennies in the autumn, and in late winter, up to several dollars. Now moving on request at the top of the click is worth about $ 6.

The Directory

When we subscribe to some of these sites it is important visit them frequently, since they tend to make changes that, when we have some time do not visit them cause we surprises. Usually those changes are improvements in the service, but we have to adapt ourselves to them. Read more from Douglas Oberhelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Other social bookmarking service is, which helps us to discover and share common interest with others sites. The greater the amount of items or entries (posts) of blogs that let, the greater the chances of being seen by other people and attract them to visit our web site. Check out Reade Griffith for additional information. I must not omit to be constant in the publication of articles or posts if we wish to achieve the attention of readers, since there are many people who not only sign their blogs and web sites to these sites, but in addition, they continuously publish articles and very good quality content. Don’t worry about the fact that recommend sites of this nature in English, over time you will notice that, more than a weakness, is a strength and advantage for your business, if you’re in the Hispanic market.

In addition, we must not close our eyes to reality, we are in the XXI century, era of information, technology and knowledge and, moreover, that English is a universal language, the domain of which brings big benefits to persons who are dedicated to online or offline business and research. You will see that what I’ve uploaded to is not the article itself, but the link from the directory or path, in which the article is hosted. This way, people can not only read the article but you will come directly to your site where you can have other links of interest and possibly a form of capture to create your list of contacts. As I mentioned above, there are a number of resources related to social bookmarking, since his popularity is growing every day and the competition has forced these sites to offer additional services beyond the function as markers social; These services include, comments, the ability to import, export, add some kind of notes, send notices and links directly to the e-mails, the use of RSS, create groups and social networks, and many other functions are added continuously for the benefit of users.

Personal Branding

Branding allows look at many aspects of their activities, such as through a magnifying glass lets you see them with new opportunities. Personal Branding helps to understand their uniqueness, develop their uniqueness, and use its uniqueness. Personal Branding creates focus. A strong personal brand frees you from having to climb the corporate ladder. Allows the brand to gain a greater degree of social freedom. In many cases, a successful personal brand is a source of additional passive income.

Personal brand enables you to "become visible" in the eyes of the potential target audience. Allows you to substantiate its presence there, where you did not have before. A strong personal brand enables you to expand the scope of activities, incurring lower costs. Brand allows you to save personal energy. Man-brand more effectively moving in the direction of his "ideal client". Bright personal brand promotes a favorable perception of the corporate brand in the eyes of your target audience.

Personal brand clearly defines the core identity. The brand, which reflects your true values, creates a clear communication space between you and the target audience. How inoculated, the stronger your brand and more realistic, the less there is communication distortion. What more truthful your personal brand, the more likely that you will be with your audience. The more truly reflects your brand values, the more the audience trusts you. The more confidence people feel when they have deal with you. Personal brand can stand out from the information noise. Personal brand can be created not only in the sphere of professional activity. His, for example, you can create a personal life, friends and acquaintances. Whose name first comes into your head, if you ask about your friends? And at what point is your name in the list of your friends? But more importantly – what is your name they associate. Finding your way around how to create a strong personal brand filter can help a consultant on personal branding. Maybe it's time to stop marking time? Maybe it's time to build your brand? If you have questions – I'll be happy to help you understand. 2008 Valery Bo – Personal Brand Navigator If you have any questions on creating and promoting your personal brand, then send them here:


This leads to a very clear conclusion and very objective, the demand on the Internet is far superior to the offer provided. The cause, unequivocally, is the lack of knowledge that have businesses on the use and management of technological tools. While almost 95% of the companies in a way or another are clear they must be on the Internet – the famous saying if you’re not, you do not exist-, nobody explains to them what are the actual values provided that be. Bombing the information, in many cases confusing, disorganized and inadequate to their actual situation, it makes shy of the approach and conviction that they themselves had about the need to be. Many people speaking ecommerce or selling online, this is available to everyone or only the big companies? Everyone can sell online, the difference lies in how to do it. When we talk of selling we are not talking about the standardized concept product ==> price, we talk about selling image of selling services, sell quality, sell a brand, sell an idea, sell a slogan, sell a work philosophy, we speak in making our business more competitive, we talk about reducing costs, talking about expanding our working area, we speak of greatly increasing the database of our customers, we speak of loyalty to our clients offering them an added value that our company to become leaders in our sector. In short, we talk to understand our presence on the network as a space for business and not as a fashion, we talk about creating a new method that will complement our traditional business causing the profitability of this increase and be more productive, without increasing our costs. Which gives a business a Web program to companies? A solution. A training solution, a solution which can overcome the ignorance that our companies have on the use and management of new technologies, learn to live with them as a working tool which gives us every day, which allows us to save costs and allows us to offer new services to our customers.

Examination Of The Treaties. Icq – Consultation

Because of the amount of information and entertainment services in the network to work for Americans is only 25% of the time. These data are presented in the study of the American company Basex, specializing in issues of information overload (information overload). The remaining 75% of the time Americans go to the following: 28% read junk mail, communicating through messengers and view social networks. This percentage also includes the time needed the employee to re-focus on work. 15% looking for information on the web. It often blame themselves search engines, which are almost half the cases provide unnecessary information.

20% of time spent on various meeting. Where are the other 12% of the time, experts Basex not explained. Electrolux describes an additional similar source. Analysts have estimated that because of such a distribution of working time, U.S. companies lose up to $ 900 billion a year. Gradually, this same phenomenon begins to emerge in Russia. In this regard, frilanserstvo and any other compensation based on payment for results, not the clock will be more and more popular.

In this regard, businesses should pay attention to remote services of lawyers. Not all legal services can be delivered remotely, but services such as services in the area of contract law: – the development of contracts (including standard forms) that you can be successfully applied in Later, – examination of contracts (analysis of the contract proposed by the contractor, subject to the provisions of the contract risks) – making the contract (the contract for the preparation of a specific transaction, including the development of the scheme deals allows achieving the necessary economic results with minimum risks). You can and should provide remotely. A striking example of a professional lawyer who has decided that the future of remote legal services: Examples of work: ICQ – advice from a variety of remote services in the field of law. Advantages over other types of legal advice, the following: – You will immediately begin to communicate with a lawyer through a convenient and familiar interface. – Availability of service through the mobile phone (except phones with Symbian 6-7) – A lawyer decides your questions in real time. – If you like legal advice, you can contact directly and personally to him next time. – The answer to your question is engaged in multiple lawyers.

Business Plans

After that, all will gather data, do market research, write a business plan, an investor finds himself all to build, organize and deliver brilliant initiator of the project management is running the business. And then there are individuals who believe that all that is required to engage an investor. Click here is a great source of information. Like, once he venture or business angel, it is a problem and, respectively. K Tragically, we do not live in a fairy tale, and such will not be unable to identify. For the simple reason that at all stages of the project there is such a contraption as a liability. Show me a consultant, receiving assume full financial responsibility for the way other people will realize its calculations? Do not show, because it is absurd. By the way, if the author of the idea really did not want to go into the organizational details of your project it should not apply to consultants, and to design companies, or experts in project management. Although, since the responsibility for making decisions on all phases of this attraction lies in the part of the structure, then control of the further management of the project will also be assigned to the performers.

Optimally – through to commissioning. Ideal for the investor – to a full recovery. Moreover, it is not the fact that the process business, whom he would from the start, do not need is other invited specialists. The question arises as to where in this scheme could see himself the inventor of a new business? High – as a hired manager, responsible for the processes.

Taxi Dispatch

Another bit of history which some ten years ago the market was a taxi, to put it mildly, underdeveloped. After the collapse of the Union of taxis which are long enough to remain in state ownership, does not have the funds to purchase new machinery and repair old and therefore closed one after another. For the case took an active private traders. The result is obvious. Today in the taxi market is already riding 60-65 thousand cars. However, the newcomers still have an opportunity to earn to dispatch a taxi. Credit: Keith McLoughlin-2011. This question is not even the leaders of the existing taxi dispatcher. "Quick" money …

To arrange a taxi dispatcher, is not necessarily immediately acquire their own taxis. This can be done later. Once the business will stand on its feet. Incidentally, most taxi dispatcher today do not have their own taxis. So far this is the most advantageous option. After all, the costs of organizing taxi dispatcher in hiring drivers in their cars are not that great. To organize the control tower to take off the premises, equip jobs, buy the necessary software solutions. Software You need to install the software.

In the software market of greatest interest production company Infinity. This company has been supplying Integrated software for the taxi with built-in call-center. After it is installed you will not be forever busy phone and frustrated customers. With the help of Infinity TAXI can avoid costly and time-consuming Process to establish radio communications. Installation of the driver on the phone connects to the server dispatch taxis by means of GPRS-Internet.

Growable Customers

Further, taking receipt of proceeds from a client for a certain period of time, the firm was able to calculate the profitability of relationships with each of them, thus, locate all the customers in decreasing order of profitability. According to the methodology consulting firm Peppers & Rogers, clients whose relationships bring the desired profit, named the most valuable customers (Most Valuable Customers – MVC). Meanwhile, knowledge of the current earnings of the relationship is not possible to tell whether there is a potential profitability growth after some time. Not accidentally, the company offers do not fall among the category of MVC customers select the one hand, the fastest-growing customers (Most Growable Customers – MGC), on the other – with potential buyers below zero ('Below Zero' Customers – BZ). The first requires an equally intense effort to maintain relationships, as well as MVC. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz.

At BZ can and need to save, such as providing less free services, replacing expensive private meetings sales manager e-mail messages, etc. (Peppers etc., 354-357). One result of the above firm of consulting projects for American Airlines has the following set of criteria that should be separated rapidly buyers from the buyers BZ. MGC should refer to all those who a) did not at least 12 trips a year, b) of these trips are not accounted for less than six on this airline, and c) buy at least half of the tickets outside the special proposals, z) airline participated in the program, motivating to make frequent flights, e) was part of a similar program of a competing carrier. Thus, the task of analyzing the economic benefits of relations with customer requirements to form the policies of their government.

Along with its responsibility, it is quite complicated, because the demands of creativity in the development of analytical methods, respectively, the abilities of the collection multi-faceted and extraordinary information for its needs. Conclusion This study was not originally aimed at the description of the list of steps that must be done to implement the strategy for managing relations with customers. Insight into the nature of the problem, not tied to the needs of specific industries could be just due to failure of the methodology used in writing a consulting report. Nevertheless, the reader may rightly ask

Strategy Problem

It will significantly mitigate the social impact of economic crisis. – This kind of theory. I have the same weight to real problems. The city does not pay for electricity, heat, our terrible debt. Wage arrears civil servants are growing uncontrollably.

And you tell me about some anti-crisis strategy. – Strategy – a way to solve real problems. What do you do to reduce the debts of the city for gas? – We have the solution. We give PSAs. – Help? – It is not very much.

– And the cost of public service ads are paid, of course, from the city budget? – What exactly do you propose to solve this problem? – Asks the official. – Separate solutions for this particular problem does not exist. It can be solved only in the context of the whole. We must consider all the economic opportunities of the region that are not used today. Then the solution will be found. – I prefer to to solve problems one by one, during their income. And I think this is correct. – And yet, that you lose if you refuse to half an hour of their beliefs and consider other possibilities? – I ask. Officer silent. He is ready to listen. *** It is easy to imagine a situation where the king of the ancient state, which occupies a fairly large area, was faced with numerous economic and political difficulties: poor harvests, and the barbarian raids crime swept the once thriving region. As a responsible leader, he first tried to solve specific problems: in other words, put out there, where the light is on and propped up where the falls. But many problems multiplied. One day he met a sage who told him that each of his particular problem, if we solve it separately from the others, is unsolvable.


He may contact you and pleasing to him located. So it is the system will allow you to see the light kotrolya and see the "enemy" and yet you have not suffered the exact same account. Nedostochno How to sign with rabotnikami.Nado throughout the year to monitor and adapt to it and most importantly the people and you should be accustomed to the new system. That's when it can be assumed that the new system has become a tradition and norm for all. Recommendation number 2: Simplify all documents in the enterprise and eliminate redundant steps of control. This will give you not only save sredst, obviously, but will respond quickly and fix problems in business with partners, customers and resolve internal problems.

Recommendation number 3: Enter the standard of quality workers and the rules of payroll, depending on quality, time and urgency in raboty.Nado all personnel documents to prescribe measures to assess the quality and conditions of dismissal, transfer or other sanctions. Recommendation number 4: The main work for themselves to do the work not only with partners and customers, but also work with their rabotnikami.Pod it is understood that you will develop your intuition – intuition, and for the year will be able to put people in exactly those positions where you can ask them for their abilities and capabilities and not on their promises. Recommendation number 5: The Shoemaker – should be sapozhnikom.Dvornik – janitor. Accountant Accountant. Janitor – should not be an accountant, a shoemaker should not be a manager.

Recommendation number 5 – just charge the work of a specialist, and no one who you think can do it, although the results of this expert you have not seen. The five recommendations is sufficient to start the journey. Although, as indicated in this article are brief, but are necessary You can catch the changes. Who is able to understand the relationship of the employee with a loss of the enterprise and enterprise management nepravlnoe with constant problems with personnel and contracts that will be instantly prozreet change the principles of their work. Year time and in full control. What to run? Managed business or a state of uncertainty and build muscle at the site "emergency survival"?