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Online Shop Starts Business

Economic crisis that began in late 2008, had a significant impact on the labor market. Everyone or almost everyone felt it myself. Someone lost his job in the process of large-scale staff reductions, someone reduced wages, someone has disappeared from the lexicon of a word such as a bonus. Those who were fortunate to keep his job, received in return an increase in workload and other attributes of the crisis “Social package”. Their income has not been such as to recession. And while most people were afraid of losing their jobs.

And many companies sverhusiliya staff and quality work are taken for granted. Seemed would be quite a difficult situation. But a little more than a decade ago, the economic consequences of the crisis were even greater. Closed businesses, wages and delayed again and cut staff. It was then that people began divided into two broad categories.

The first thought that everything is bad, and nothing can not be changed, while the latter learn to live in new conditions. And now more than 10 years later these previously useless staff managed profitable companies, because they do not lay down their arms. (As opposed to Keith McLoughlin ). Today, although the economic downturn is not so pervasive, the situation is somewhat similar to the previous page. Someone was whining and complaining, and someone is using the situation of economic recession and increasing their professional level, studying, improving and mastering new skills. And someone even decided to open a business! Now make it much easier, because never before has modern technology been so accessible. If you think about starting a business, then an interesting opportunity is opening an online store. Competition in this area although quite large, but a couple of years it will be several times higher. Therefore, the chance to change their lives for better is better to use today. Although, of course, and Internet business without attachments will not do, yet their size will be significantly lower than in the offline business. If you do e-commerce, the amount investments will be even lower. Indeed, in this case, the goods sold are not many times, but only once. If you do not want to risk large sums of money, or you do not have a lot of money to start a business, if you have until it’s too big experience, the online business will be the most suitable option. How does an online store? About this will tell you my new e-book. What else has the advantages of such a business? First, is that decisions will be accepted by you and not someone else. Secondly, you do not need to think more about that at one point you get fired from work. Thirdly, this time your services will not go unappreciated. You’ll be doing things you love, and for You will be an interesting every minute of your workday. The main merit of the book “How to open an online store” that learning how to open an online store, you can do it even without technical expertise. You can open an online store, even if they never were a programmer, and an ordinary computer user. I was able to do so. And so can you.

Leave Online

Own web site no longer a privilege, but rather the basic necessities, especially for those companies or individuals who have chosen market for the distribution of individual products or services is the Internet. You will be faced with a huge army of the same companies – your main rivals. How to stand out from the crowd? How can I prove to the buyer that only your product quality? Of course, using a personal website that and will provide you among the other companies selling the same product or service. Need to think carefully usability of the Internet resource, as this depends largely on how long a user will stay on Your online resource and whether it will pay attention to information published there. Keith McLoughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. Sometimes even the style of layout or method of deriving the news may not like the user, and he will look for other resources. Any detail is important because it affects the number of visitors, and in the future, perhaps your regular customers. Any Internet resource, whether it be business cards, online shop, or simply your blog should be informative. Decide on the main themes, sub themes, etc.

Then you need to pay attention to the selection of colors. Beware of poisonous flashy colors, because what you are looking for creative and stylish, someone may not like it. If you have, for example, online business card is, of course, better comply with business ethics and in the texts and the color palette. Original will look lighter shades for the background and darker for of the font. Various Flash animations for such online resources is better not to apply. Decorate the site-user can be company logo, shape and color icons, brand names, trademarks and much more.

E-shop – it is multifunctional web site, because he was not only provides information on products, but also provides an opportunity to buy it. The design of this web resource should be fairly simple and convenient. Looked, read, purchased – Here are three basic steps to be performed by users on your Internet site. Therefore spend a fortune on an original design for the online store do not. It is not entirely justified. Where much You can "pomuchat programmers" is in the writing of various corporate sites. Here and here a visitor comes to read, analyze, browse. After that, when you have decided on the theme, design and type of future Internet resources can proceed to the selection engine. Then comes the stage layout. All images, icons, logos, etc. Should be in place. Writing site – a fairly laborious process, which requires special skills and and knowledge. So its a little speed, you should use a site builder. By this method, you'll save precious time and money. Website Builder – a special system that allows you to create sites with small budgets, plus a domain name for free. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire quality sites at a really low price. Design can be changed according to your wishes, even though every minute, it does not affect the textual information of the Internet resource.

Website Design

Colors and symbols refer to the senses rather than to logic and reason of man. Web site design – this is the clothes, on which is always welcome. Web site design – this is his very first campaign. Let us ask ourselves Asked what would happen if the Coca-Cola was split into two organizations, one of which got the ingredients and secret recipes, and another – the name, identity and reputation? Who will stay afloat? Of course, the brand – this is egregore, almost animate being with immense power and strength. Brand combines the functional needs of the emotional values. Often, competitors very quickly reach the high quality of their goods and services and superior benefits of the brand.

But investing in advertising, can not afford to take care of the emotional values of consumers. And if such needs as brand reliability, convenience, simplicity and applicability of the obvious, the emotional values are attracted when the match consumer lifestyles. Now back to corporate identity, which thinks designer, concerned about the fate of your brand. Experienced designer to think about before the advertisement of your brand to which you could refer to later and gain confidence. The presence of corporate identity as such – it is a pledge of confidence reklamadateley and consumers. Professional web design studio is very well-suited to solving all the above problems and has always kept pace with the times. They offer web design services of high quality, make the idea of web projects, and inspire breathe life into them. For this design studio uses existing technologies to modern graphics and design, creating attractive graphics – fonts and styles, logos and graphics, banners and stylish through which is a brand development company of the customer.

In many cases, popular presence on the web pages of graphic characters, a few others – watermarks fleshanimatsiya showing the details of your products or services graphically. High-quality graphics are usually performed by specialists of high class and often an alternative to textual information. An experienced designer can replace a bulky text description, for example, metal structure is being built – an animated image, to reflect all the projections of the goods, turn and tilt, and even find inside. If, instead of presenting the goods to service – to complement your designer site special effects, positive colors fill the site, condusive to shopping or order. Referring to the designer, trust the professionals. And note, I would like to lead a study of American psychologists, the role played by advertising in color: – With a probability of 60% under the influence of color a person decides whether to become acquainted with the product details or not – right combination of colors can increase the chances of advertising to be seen among consumers by 38% – The right mix of colors can improve consumer perceptions of advertising messages by 40% – Finally, the color can actually increase the positive attitudes towards the advertised products by 22%.

Web Site Fabrication

Over the past few years, Internet sites were transformed from one type of HTML pages with a couple, three of pictures and logo of the organization almost works WEB-art, with amazing graphics and a huge features. Now, the creation of sites is a multidisciplinary process in developing its design and smart content selection, ie, its content – pictures, media – files, and of course literate writing text, which in turn contributes positively to the search engine optimization of your website on the Internet. Today we will focus on creating sites – on the layout. Layout of any site must be discussed with customer and need to have their individuality. For the novice web designer need before making your first layout is worth a visit sites such topics as the one that you are going to do for itself to analyze the positive and negative aspects of those products which are already represented in the network.

Web site layout begins with a choice of screen resolution, which will be calculated and your website, provided that you do not will use the so-called "rubber makeup" of the site. That is the screen size and will influence the size of your pages. At this time, the CIS is the most popular screen resolution of 1024×768 computer pixels. Further important detail is the layout of all graphical elements and processing them for the WEB in specialized image editors. The layout of the design is carried out mainly in ph (pixels). Graphic design when creating the site must start with a selection of backgrounds. It is on the background to the success or luck you bear in his career (this principle holds studio web design agency "Tao", the creation of Sites Chelyabinsk). Background of your site plays an important role in the perception of information as well-chosen background makes reading your eyes rest, but not correctly matched background strain your eyes above the average, that inexorably lead to the loss of visitors, which is done product. Initially, at the dawn of saitostroitel'stva was adopted in gray shading, do not strain your eyes and increased readability site. After that, the period when the concise and competent approach to design was fill with white, which can give a good effect on contrast. This concludes the first article about web design in the continuation of this Topics cover all guess the layout and selection of backgrounds and graphic elements of the site.

Site Copywriting

The customer site is often a lot of attention to design and almost do not think about quality content for the new site. This error leads to the fact that the developed site is not found during the search, and coming to a random visitors do not find themselves useful information. The unique and quality content is paramount to successful website promotion, and this should always be remembered. To write high quality and unique texts should take advantage of copywriting, provided by many web studios and independent experts. In this case the data obtained should not only be interesting and literate, but also optimized for search engines. Writing without SEO, that is search engine optimization, at the present time has no meaning. Often used instead of copywriting rewriting, that is rewriting the material available, but in this case should exercise particular attention. If the original materials belong to you, rewriting them to say, but with rewriting other people's material often violate copyrights.

However, deep rewriting, in which on the basis of ideas from various articles written a new article is almost not different from copywriting and is not illegal. The materials obtained can not only make available on its website, but use in articles posted on the other sites with links to your site. Search engine promotion articles in recent years has become increasingly popular, and unique text to more and more. Most often ordered for copywriting service a few articles that are placed on to promote the site, then use the rewriting are copies of these articles. It is the copy with added links to main site located at various sites. It should be noted that the services of copywriting are quite different in quality and value, and find the right artist is hard enough. Most often asked to perform a test copywriter job then given an order for large quantities. Since the promotion – the problem constant need for the services of a copywriter is always the case.

Business Communicator Trade

In RuNet a new online service purchase / sale of various goods and services, business communicator Trade & Chat. This free program is designed to become the new meeting place for buyers and sellers in the XXI century. Trade & Chat accumulated in itself all advantages of electronic communication and identification of customers: bulletin boards, directories, online instant messengers, etc. As on the bulletin board, with Trade & Chat seller may also post your ad and the buyer review all proposals in their region. But unlike the boards Trade & Chat relevance of the information maintained by the users. If the goods are sold or not in existence, the seller can remove advert one mouse click.

As in the popular on-line messengers in Trade & Chat has a function of instant messaging. However, in this case, communication is solely commercial in nature. The program for communication with customers / vendors can be used as an internal system of correspondence, and ICQ-account, you can connect through the Trade & Chatnezavisimo from the main program. In addition to the ICQ network also supports Jabber and IRC. New business communicator's taste, as representatives of various spheres of business and private users accustomed to using on-line "flea markets". The main difference between a business communicator Trade & Chat from the traditional means of advertising is that the seller and buyer are just a click away. Find what you are posting, the user can immediately make contact with the author, if he is given point in the network.

Thus, on the one hand, the ad does not irritate the user, and exactly tailored to his needs, but on the other hand the seller is not necessary to pay for advertising and to seek customers because the clients themselves to quickly and easily find it. The business communicator Trade & Chat have 2 options work: the application and subscription. Application – is a small text ad that will be available for all users program. Subscribe – it's an opportunity in real time to receive all new applications in a given direction, placed in the program. Application and subscription, you can use both simultaneously and separately. Business Trade & Chat communicator is constantly being improved by the wishes of users are regularly added new content and improved functionality. Project management invites Internet users to test program and leave your comments, and suggestions on the official website of the business communicator or on the following coordinates. Coordinates: "Tal-Ekaterinburg" 620014, Ekaterinburg, St. Popov, 9 / 16 of.24 Phone: 8 (343) 376-35-81, 371-08-90 ICQ : 611-152-697 Skype: