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Border Customs

Roads, highways and roads. Magic or just a fabulous word-road. Moving has always been shrouded in romance, it is quite unchanged anticipation of opening something new both innocent. Roads are constantly calling us into the distance, to the latest discoveries and just fresh or new sensations. Even carefully we can not assume our very best life in the absence of roads. They went into our lives as something in general, systematic and ongoing as air and water, as the sky and our great land, the area where we live and inhabit. It seemed that the pursuit of romance many times we joked and not so playfully pushes to move.

Of course this move, we faithfully executed at dorogam. and hero of our story, love to travel soon led to the frontier outpost, where it is not between fallow Ukraine and Romania. Was a beautiful summer day. On the border was the place to be. Finally, in general, friendly Ukrainian border guard cheerfully opened the gate and our hero finally found himself in an unfamiliar world, who styles in common border. It seems the band obstacles that had to be free overcome, did not inspire a little bit respectable fears.

It was a booth with two windows. Thus, in one box was placed in the general, customs, and in another police or as you wish Border .Zorkomu downright customs administration is definitely not sit at the workplace. By the way, and the Office on this day were faithfully represented the captain of the customs service as a middle-aged ladies, and In addition to the body.

Network Business Education

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