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Books “History of ancient Mapuche”, Jos Bengoa. Editorial Catalonia (5) “The Speech of my country” Martin Alonqueo Piutrin. Editorial Kolping (4) “Piam …” Louis Vulliamy. Editorial Universitaria Cormoran (1) “Lagrimas de Luna”. Collection Domeyko Gassel. ” mche, birdman” Poetry Aillapan Cayuleo Mapuche de Lorenzo. Editorial Pehu n. Tales Araucanian people of the Earth ” Alicia Morel: Editorial Andres Bello. (2) “Lautaro, a young deliverer of Arauco”, Fernando Alegria. Editorial Zig Zag. “Mapuche People of Earth, where everything is Altar” Malu Sierra. Editorial Person. (6) “Mapuche, history, art and culture”, University of Santiago de Chile. Human Let Editorial. “Religious Institutions of the Mapuche people. Martin Alonqueo. Editorial Nueva Universidad. “Some mythical foundations of the value of the Earth among the Mapuche. Editorial Universitaria. (3) – Epew – Fable. New visual imagery of contemporary Mapuche poetry. Ediciones Piedra del Sol Articles Title: “World Mapuche”, by Armando Marileo (7) Title: “Tales from high school Pehuenches B ob o” By Irma Lagos, Universidad de Concepcion, Los Angeles. Title: “The Mapuche-Pehuenche. HYPERLINK “http://www.profesorenl” Www.profesorenl / chilehistorialpehueches.htm Title: Lonquimay. El Diario Austral. Wednesday, 1 December 2004. LXVIII-Nro.32.083 Title: “Complex Icalma Cemetery Ceremonial and were declared National Historic Monument. By Francisca Saburgo Brandes. Gong Journal on 6/2/2004 Title: “The Mapuche-Pehuenche Religious structures and their influence on local action. By Dario Jana “Mapuche Kimun” The world is Mapuche. Temuco, Chile / year 2 / No.30 / from 15 to 31 May 2005. “Mapuche history of dispossession. Revista Rocinante. Year II. No. 6. April 1999 “The Mapuche-Pehuenche religious structure and its influence on local action. By Dario Jana. Worldview, mythology and Mapuche language or the way to be Kimche nge Aymi (being wise man). By Jorge Vasquez Iturra National Director Department: Arts and Culture. “Complex Icalma Cemetery Ceremonial and were declared National Historic Monument. 6/2/2004 By Francisca Sabugo Brandes. Journal gong. Evaluation of surface water resources in the basin of the B o-B o. Technical report prepared by: Department of Water Resource Management SDT No. 183 Santiago, October 2004. Government of Chile Ministry of Public Works General Directorate of Water. “Diccionario Mapuche”. lreyes / mapuche.html sub.php id seccion 608 id portal 120 “Mapuche instruments” article extracted from “Worldview, mythology and Mapuche language. By Jorge Vasquez Iturra.

What we do to improve the environment

The actions outlined carried out thanks to the introduction of this new management system are: Water consumption: Placement flow reducers in unloading tanks in rooms. Placement flow reducers on taps and showers of the bathrooms of the rooms by reducing water consumption by 50 . Placing posters in the bathrooms of the rooms on water saving tips. Power Consumption Electricity disconnector with magnetic key in all rooms. Buttons timers in public restrooms. Disconnectors Sensor lighting on the ground floor. Solar panels for water heating. Awareness of customers, suppliers and employees of the hotel. Charles training to all staff to reduce consumption and for proper segregation of waste. Information to our suppliers and contractors of our waste segregation instructions and good environmental practice. Customer awareness of saving water and detergents, giving the possibility to decrease the frequency of washing towels. Awareness of customers on the segregation of installing waste bins suitable for proper segregation of waste at the rooms as well as informative posters instructions for proper separation of the same. It also has created a recycling in the parking lot. Product consumption and waste segregation. We have changed many other cleaning products that have eco-label, ensuring a lower environmental impact. It takes a thorough survey of consumer control and segregation of waste. We are rapidly developing as shares changing packaging much of the raw materials needed to reduce the volume of waste generation and that these are not harmful to the environment.

Business Department

Develops marketing mechanisms and policies in all areas of the hotel to have a higher income. A group of people that make up a task force whose mission is to define the business strategy in order to optimize sales and resulting production of the Hotel (the search for higher returns). The Commercial Department is headed by the Commercial Director, who is the head of the company on commercial terms and that will be responsible for: – setting prices according to different seasons. (Try to avoid seasonality with seasonal adjustment policies arising in an occupation more and more divided) – recruit and train the sales team (Sales Executive). The Business Dir available to your business a variety of sales techniques that used properly, will help significantly to achieving the objectives set out by Directorate and Management.- To negotiate and sign cooperation agreements and contracts with travel agencies, Tour Operators, (Incentive Travel), etc … – Go to different trade shows, conferences or other gathering. The commercial team has the mission to promote the brand it represents, seeking to expand its business portfolio with the potential customers you get to know during the Fair, Congress, etc. .. Fairs (eg Fitur) are the ideal setting for attracting new customers for the loyalty of existing and also to study and evaluate the various policies of competing companies. – Image Design Company corprativa (Logo / Slogans, etc. ..) Once devised the “brand” is responsible for its positioning in the tourism market, carrying out studies Competition, which will help us know the status market in which we wish to introduce and outline our strategy furura.Should be carried out an SWOT analysis, in order to discover our virtues / strengths / opportunities and our weaknesses / threats. Because of the typological range of hotels, it is necessary to conduct a market segmentation, in order to define the type of customer we want for our establishment. Thus, you can do difrentes types of promotions appropriate to the type of customer (eg Hotel Hotel Business Travel unfit for End of Course)

-Definition of PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application developed by Microsoft for Windows and Mac OS, which allows to develop multimedia presentations. It is widely used in business and education. Microsoft PowerPoint package is part of Microsoft Office. PowerPoint allows you to manipulate text, graphics, videos and other objects, to create multimedia presentations. In general, the presentations are in the form of slides with a logical order. They are often used to project on giant screens or TVs, but can also be printed. The presentations can be stored and executed in formats: PPT (presentation), PPS (PowerPoint Show) or POT (template). In PowerPoint 2007 file format is. Pptx. Versions of PowerPoint 1993 – PowerPoint 4.0 (Office 4.x) 1995 – PowerPoint 7 for Windows 95 (Office 95) 1997 – PowerPoint 97 (Office 97) 1999 – PowerPoint 2000 (Office 2000) 2001 – PowerPoint 2002 (Office XP) 2003 – PowerPoint 2003 (Office 2003) 2006 – PowerPoint 2007 (Office 2007)

Recognize Opportunity (Taken from the book Passion For Launch) Chapter 2

I want to share another chapter of the book “Passion for undertaking”, this is Chapter 2 and is titled “Recognizing Opportunity”. We all live under the same sky, but not all have the same horizons. Konrad Adenauer Back in 1992, while pursuing my studies one day Fernando Oris de Roa came to give us a lecture. I remember the billboard read “Fernando Oris de Roa, president of the Continental cereal company, lecture 6 pm, Aula Magna. I had no idea who it was Fernando, who years later became the founder of San Miguel, the largest independent producer and distributor of lemons in the world. In this talk I discovered one of the less conventional one can ever know. I remember I was amazed with your ideas. For example, there in front of the rector of the university, we said it had to study too, it was better to be a “student of the bunch” because, if not, you missed doing other things that one would have that do well in their studies, but not too well. That afternoon, Fernando said something that stuck in my mind to fire: “While in the U.S. and Europe all seek to create the big idea in developing countries like ours, what is needed is for old ideas, and implement better than others . So we are in paradise! “. For me it was a shock, because at that time was focused on finding the major new bright ideas. With a group of friends we met on Thursday through a bar to any business thinking. We had been three. One was to create a letter denoticias (newsletter) for middle schools. Another involved a dog washing service at home, but when we started studying the market and found that there were many. The third was to bring camels to a fashionable resort.This itself was an original idea! Since the beginning of the austral summer coincides with the holidays and the beginning of the year, we thought that people would be willing to pay to have the Magi, mounted on real camels, visiting their homes. I do not remember how it started exactly, but we start to analyze it and consider it the most creative. We also happened during the day, vacationers could use camels for rides. To imagine that the models went to spa could impose fashion. Would not it be cool riding a camel, much more than in jetski, quadricycle or horse Fernando took the presence of the University to discuss the idea. He looked at me and said: – And how do you climb – What does that mean I asked, beginning to doubt my knowledge. – To what level are going to work How much puedefacturar with that How wide is the market “And so it went through a series of questions that ranged from what steps had to be done to import camels and how much it cost to keep them fed and healthy, to what we intended to do to them when the summer holidays … if ollevarlos kill my house … It made me see that, unless the rest of the year to get a job that gave me license to spend every summer with the camels, the money you win with the “brilliant idea”-mony that you divide by twelve months, not only by the three ocuatro of the season.

History MAPFRE

History MAPFRE born in 1933 as Mutual of Accidents at Work. After the Spanish Civil War in 1944, establishing its headquarters in Madrid and signs an agreement with the National Fund of obligatory health insurance. In 1954 and due to an increase in the cost of medicine and pharmacy, the entity is experiencing a major crisis that comes close to bankruptcy a year later when Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi is the director general of the organization, and performing a sane ndola political control of resources and expenditure. Torre Mapfre, MAPFRE territorial headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) Mutual subsequently diversified its business to other branches of insurance. But with the adoption of the Framework Act on Social Security in 1963 when the Work Accident Mutual cease to be private entities to become partners of Social Security in Spain. In 1966 he adopted the Social Security Act, as private branch of MAPFRE must be separated from the parent company which is now called MAPFRE Employer.In 1973 MAPFRE becomes the mutual insurance group as a matrix (cars) and two subsidiaries MAPFRE Life (personal insurance) and MAPFRE Industrial (other classes). In 1975 the founding MAPFRE. Global Investment in 1977 that becomes MAPFRE International investment groups abroad and in 1981 Central Investment and Loan becomes CORPORATION MAPFRE. In 1983, MAPFRE acquires the status of market leader in the Spanish and began its expansion in Latin America, mainly in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. In 1991, Employers Mutual, which is no longer part of the system to be collaborating institution from 1966 Social Security was renamed Fremap. MAPFRE is the leading Spanish insurance, covering financial, insurance, reinsurance, property and services, being one of the largest Spanish companies by revenue and profits. Since 2001 MAPFRE President Jose Manuel Martinez. Its headquarters are located in Majadahonda, Madrid.MAPFRE in 2006 began a process of demutualization, which led the organization to become a corporation and the company with greater shareholder of Spain. All the company’s business were integrated into MAPFRE SA, still controlled most of the actions company by the Fundaci n MAPFRE. In January 2008, MAPFRE absorbs Valenciana Mutual Automobile business.

Queries erased arguments

Queries erased arguments do not work well I mean for cases like this. The point is that we have a series of arguments and, finally, a librarian must make the leap and decide “who has won.” The problem is that this jump is impossible to give: We are defenders of the relevance and irrelevance defenders. No argument is ostensibly better than another and, although one librarian has finally decided to delete it, another in his place might have decided to keep it. The truth, I prefer the old system of voting. It is more objective. Filipo (Talk) 08:53, 8 August 2008 (UTC) I think it’s time to sink my teeth into this. I know it’s a very delicate matter, but at this stage, with several years of filming, I understand that this can not be free to continue using ethical criteria to decide what is encyclopedic and what not.The question, in my opinion, maybe I should go through a more demanding when it comes to meeting the Verifiability policy, surely the foundation of everything we have here. Thus, failure to comply with this policy (which would happen by specifying this project) could be the decisive criterion for deleting items. I repeat that this is complicated, but now that Philip opened this thread has given me thinking about it, because obviously the conclusion he has come into the present system is quite obvious deletion. – Camima (Talk) 09:14, 8 August 2008 (UTC) “Totally agree with Phillip. Mejor voting. Save time and user conflicts, as in cases where there is no agreement, it is difficult to assess whether our arguments are better than our opponents, that this procedure we face.Not only regards the relevance-as well noted Camima-if not the entire process of participation here, that should be addressed once and limit what, who, how and how many there are both smudge-professional-queries can be erased open, and make it clear that the proponents who would remain the responsibility to demonstrate the burden of proof, it is they who should argue individually and not automatically with the insertion of templates, because this project is hindered if remains what they intend to delete. Now there’s a real abuse that touches demonstrate procedural innocence certainly is sometimes destroy a solid foundation for building good, but it was always better and harder, as you know the architects, adding that remove, that’s why there is always time.Whenever I have clearer than what users are valuable here-far more than articles, and that we limit the opportunities for conflict between us will help us continue to grow that consultations must use delete with caution, that the free is large and there is room enough for everyone … and we have much time left to do better. Urdangaray (Talk) 11:51 8 August 2008 (UTC) It seems totally illogical to delete that character, and it seems to me a contempt for people who waste their time voting and arguing, when then will be a unilateral decision single person. And it is not like ls comparisons, but that has more relevance Wartortle, to name only one of the more than 200 pokemon! is in Wikipedia, a person of flesh and blood known for the vast majority of a country, it is almost insulting.Pacoperez (Talk) 12:48, 8 August 2008 (UTC) The problem is not erased queries by argument, but the criteria of relevance, such as Camima points. Think of the kind of free we want. Certainly it is an affront to clear comparative Pochol n when full of Pokemon, which are a few simple drawings. Go ahead I do not think any of the two cases have any relevance encyclopedic. But not only are the characters in the show business that are irrelevant, nor pokemons: these are the wrestlers Wrestling, porn actresses, actors dubbing the unknown bands, local businesses, minority sports … Right now I’m arguing with a user who wants to hang an article about a darts club. One of the pointers in Spain, appears to be well known. Why darts clubis not relevant and a third-team football if If there is clear relevance criteria would not have to be constantly discussing these points, the problem is that there is not.The latest macro-half and it was subsequently not developing a clear policy on which to draw. Over there is where I think they should start without haste, lest we miss out on any course, a survey looking at not the criteria of relevance, but the assumptions on which they should vote, trying to be as comprehensive as possible and, once achieved, apply to the letter.

studied acting at

studied acting at universities Bethany and Goddard. In the second wave was professor David Mamet, author and theatrical director who would work on frequent occasions throughout his career. After graduating, Macy joined Mamet’s theater company, where he remained until 1978, when he moved to New York. He continued to appear in plays, and also made minor works in television, voice and voice-overs in commercials and some short productions. In 1985 he returned to coincide with Mamet, with whom he formed a new troupe, whose works were performed even on Broadway. At the same time continued working in television, now in major productions, and finally started acting in films for the cinema. His career in films was constant since then, mostly appearing in supporting roles, but also in some leading roles, as in Fargo, 1996.Macy married in 1997 to actress Felicity Huffman and has two daughters.

ISA Directive Update: The Swedish Code Compromise and Fund Pay

On November 12, 2009, the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, published an amended draft (the “Compromise Draft”) of the proposal for an EU Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (the “Original Proposal”), which was originally published in April 2009. The Alternative Investment Management Association had voiced concerns about the Original Proposal as being “rushed through” and “subject to undue political pressure” and warned about possible negative consequences. The Compromise Draft has softened the language of the Original Proposal on some of the more contentious issues.However, the most significant change introduced by the Compromise Draft is a proposal to regulate the compensation of fund managers To ensure that it is consistent with and promotes sound risk management, and does not Encourage excessive risk-taking. Particular emphasis is given to performance-related compensation (such as performance fees and bonuses), where some of the applicable principles include the following: at least 40 of the variable component should be deferred compensation over not less than 3 years, and should not vest faster than on a pro-rata basis.In case such variable component is “particularly high,” at least 60 of the amount should be deferred performance-related compensation should be based on a combined assessment of the performance of the individual and the business Concerned, and the overall results of the fund manager The performance assessment should be in September over a multi-year framework suitable to the life cycle of the fund manager guaranteed variable compensation arrangements should be allowed only in limited circumstances fixed and variable components of the compensation should be appropriately balanced, and the variable component of the compensation should be paid only if sustainable according to the fund manager’s overall financial situation, and justified by the performance of the related fund. While the proposed compensation restrictions in the Draft Compromise Have Been Characterized as controversial, other proposed amendments can be seen as progressive. This is particularly true for the removal of general restrictions that leverage the European Commission could impose on all funds covered by the Directive under the Original Proposal. Under the Compromise Draft, the use of leverage by a fund manager may only be restricted by the National Competent Authorities of a particular fund manager (in most cases this will be the UK FSA), on a temporary basis, and only when such measure is required in order “To ensure the stability and integrity of the financial system.” In addition, the Compromise Draft Full Version U.S. fund managers to market, within the Community, third-country funds managed by such managers, under applicable national laws in each country of distribution. Further, specific requirements of closed-ended funds (such as private equity funds) have been taken into account, and the requirement for the appointment of an independent valuator for each fund has been removed. The Directive is currently being considered by a subcommittee within the European Parliament, Which is expected to produce a revised draft itself. A combined compromise proposal will then be submitted to the European Parliament for a vote, Which is expected to occur in mid-2010.

Master sevilla

A few weeks ago, we called the Academic Director of Master in Human Resources Management from the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, to ask the development of multichannel media campaign master. In these first weeks we are beginning the work of positioning and SEM for your website, besides several e-mail campaigns and marketing abroad. The interesting thing about working in marketing and advertising is that it is necessary to dive deep into each project to make the most of the added values of each brand or product. In the case of Master Sevilla, we have found a subject quite new to us, such as Human Resources.