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The minimum conditions to be eligible to obtain the business classification by the administration are the following: having equity greater than 6,000 euros. That the accounting net worth is greater than half of the share capital. Having inventory book or the registered accounts. The validity of the classification of companies is indefinite, provided that are maintained by the rated company the conditions in which the granting was based. Here, fuel tanks expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Although the term is undefined there annually justify the financial solvency of the rated company and every three years the technical and professional solvency. Provided that the company want to increase the groups or categories for which it is rated it may request a review of the classification of companies. The review may also apply Administration if you have detected any change in the conditions under which was based said.

To achieve the classification of work companies, minimum own funds required are as follows: category A minimum funding 6,000 euros category B minimum funding 12.000 euros category C minimum funds 24,000 euros category D minimum funds 72,000 euros category minimum funds 168,000 euros category F minimum funds 480,000 euros to achieve the classification of service companies is taken into account the average annuity and the categories are as follows: category A if the average annuity is less than 150,000 euros category B if the annuity average is between 150,000 and 300,000 euros category C if the average annuity is between 300,000 and 600,000 euros category D if the average annuity is equal to or greater than 600,000 euros. Additional information at Titan Feul Tanks supports this article. To achieve the classification of service enterprises takes into account the average annuity and the categories are as follows: category A if the average annuity is less than 150,000 euros category B if the average annuity is between 150,000 and 300,000 euros category C if the average annuity is between 300,000 and 600,000 euros category D if the average annuity is equal to or greater than 600,000 euros. Getting a company to achieve the business classification is an arduous task in which several supporting documents of good technical and economic health of the company should be presented, therefore it is advisable that it is a consulting firm specializing in these subjects be responsible procedures. These companies that are dedicated to manage classification records go to the Advisory Board on a daily basis with new records, what it takes to be informed at all times of the progress of any submitted printed, therefore if it makes missing present more documentation in any particular case, they resolve it as quickly as possible to keep that record its normal course and achieve the classification for the client company as soon as possible. A company that has managed the business classification, face to its customers has managed to enhance its credibility since being able to work with the Administration shows that the company is financially solvent and has the technical and human resources needed to carry out their work effectively..

Administrative Paradigms

General information, background and considerations the characteristics of the current economic scenario where many commercial activities, thanks to the participation of the companies that offer their products, services, promoting every day are generated a dynamic competitiveness, has led to new administrative paradigms, where the management of the Venezuelan business sector cannot ignore it if it really wants to ensure companies participation that will benefit them. The Venezuelan industry faces currently serious challenges towards its operability, survival and participation of magnitude equal to that industrial development pioneers faced several decades ago, coupled with other factors had not faced as the impact of the action by a State that recognizes Socialist, in addition to the effects of globalization with its new openings, the global economic and financial crisis. We are in the midst of a global technological and managerial transition that represents a quantum leap in productivity and quality. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Electrolux. It is not technological advances in the products or processes of one or another industry, those always has been, is developing a set of powerful generic technologies, universal applicability, able to transform all industries and all products and deeply modify the optimal forms of organization of the company and the conditions of competition in the markets. It is no longer possible to survive, as a company, or as a country, with traditional levels of productivity and quality. Whatever the political diligence capacity to adapt to the new global context, the survival and prosperity of companies depends on the capacity of its leaders to take on the challenge of its own modernization. That requires understand profoundly the characteristics of technological and managerial change and the nature of globalization on markets. Only you may thus distinguish the dangers of opportunities and only with that understanding you may design successful strategies to learn how to grow and prosper in this new context. In addition to the speed, it also changes the course of technological change.


Licorsa S.A Global liquor industry contractor, the same one that came with the concession until 2007 set to the law? If in the Huila it is no secret that this firm and/or its owner and/or its Manager was important funder (a) bird gubernatorial campaign, we can be sure the huilenses that no revenues of a juicy investment made by that firm or its owner or your manager on the last campaign is paying? Based on what basis were hired a new market with the signature Cico study, when only few months Fedesarrollo had done a similar and what are the reasons that the latest study will cost much more than the double of the first? Based on which of the two studies and why spreads for the recruitment will be made? that has been announced in regional newspapers? Do will be extracted from the two studies mentioned the most favorable for the contractor in order to draw up the respective specifications? Well, the truth, you may tire one ask questions about this whole subject that should have outdated the departmental government, although what Yes trasnocha today to the Tolima are these assertions of the departmental Comptroller about a possible patrimonial detriment caused by the inefficiency of the Government at the point of the liquidation of the previous contract. Hopefully the bird Government does not fall into an apology from always wanting to put responsibility in the previous administration, although if you feel tempted to do this should be before very well the fact that the previous Administration responded only by what happened with the concession until 31 December 2007. Henceforth, what has not happened yet, the enormous inefficiency or inactivity seen in the last 15 months on this issue, all that occurrence due to liquidation of the previous contract, including the possible patrimonial detriment announced by the Comptroller; What happens with the plant’s production, land, equipment, offices and devolutivos items between January 1, 2008 until today; the choice of the contractor in the recruitment process of the 600,000 units; the recruitment of the new study with Cico Ltda and everything that it can be derived, the choice of contractor full contract process to award the new concession (if that is what is going to happen) and scandals that may arise as a result of all these decisions, all this, Yes must answer the current Government of the doctor bird Sanchez. Here in this matter, we have no doubt, the Government has a new chance. New chance to shine in transparency or new chance in which we hope the huilenses that, as a minimum, don’t say us the same thing has been said to us with respect to the last chance.

Administration Department

Rodrigo Villalba know about 25 years ago and I’ve been eyewitness of much of his public life that to tell the truth is full of achievements of which the huilenses have even in your retina those culminated in his governorship. I remember that converted to the Department in the first to arrive at universal regime subsidized health coverage and to obtain the certificate of quality in the processes of recruitment and public health by ICONTEC, ISO 9001: 2000 and the certificate of quality in all processes of the Administration Department, NTCGP 1000: 2004. Another way to learn which Huila exceeded the national target for 2010 of 20 children by computer, providing an indicator of 14 children by computer in Huila and elevated to category of public policy the fabulous program of bilingualism was also running the computer program in class. The profile shown on the page of the Liberal Party, also stresses that in road area, in addition to the inclusion in the 2,500 plan, were they paved more than 170 kilometers new privileging the tours of the Department, while other resources they attended 3.085 kilometres in road infrastructure. Howard Schultz oftentimes addresses this issue. Other achievements include advances in districts of small-scale irrigation and consolidation of electrification projects that allowed to carry this service to at least 50,000 new huilenses. There was significant progress in terms of coverage of water supply and basic sanitation, as well as the improvement of the living conditions of the huilenses that led to a 20 percentage point reduction in poverty levels in his administration, complying with it to the Millennium development goals in the post of Minister of agriculture he excelled by projects such as the establishment of the PRAN which achieved to safe more than 100 thousand Colombian farmers whose farms were borne by the judges and the banks due to debts incurred as a result of the financial crisis of 1998 and in the same direction presupuestalmente strengthened the FONSA. Rodrigo Villalba has been without a doubt a successful politician, a successful manager of results, a huilense stood out as the most. His opponents often say that he is a lucky man and star.

I don’t think so because luck is something like winning a lottery once in life. But Rodrigo has been a constant in the achievement of their goals. I think that rather than luck he has talent, preparation and smell enough to know what is the right time to show what he knows. Not today vacuuming the Senate waiting for luck to remove it with the best vote but because he knows that he made a formidable Interior, has an excellent team, boasts a magnificent view and has the experience and knowledge necessary to lean back to the national stage in order to leave footprint. I will vote for him not only for being my friend but, above all, because I am convinced that your work in the Senate will be of maximum benefit for my people and my land.


They must be integrated to the reach, repercussions that computer science has caused and affected the new organizational culture, forcing to that one reformulates the functions of the classic departments, in order to give to passage to administrative processes more cnsonos based on results than it involves an adapted use of the time and the inverted costs. To all this, one is due to add, that is due to stimulate the self-knowledge of manager the future, aspect that no it must neglect, discovering its weaknesses that generate a behavior to him no agreed to its performance, reviewing its strengths, determining how one is integrated with its values, how to be able to influence, to persuade for that the human resource under its position is identified totally with the company, with its leadership. I consider, that is given the opportunities according to the enterprise behavior in the present scenes, so that the schools of Administration contribute a roll more determining than what until the present they are causing, otherwise, will not contribute solutions that the organizations require to have a proactive participation that favors to him. It is very valid to have presents/displays what one comments that is necessary to identify and to conjugate the diverse forms of organization of of the knowledge (disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinaria), all this so that it appears a new paradigm that favors to the companies..