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Who wants to travel happy must travel light Antoine de Saint – Exupery many of us have not had the experience of packing everything that we believe that we’ll need on a trip and at the end we repent by stress generated by loading a heavy luggage during probably the trip and even more if we travel by plane because this involves being on the lookout for whether we charge or not overweight. We present some simple tips for the time to pack:-is very important in making the suitcase ask yourself the question: would want to take such a thing orealmente need it?, and if we really need it, am willing (a) to load with it during the entire trip?-is advisable to travel with a backpack as this allows us to have a completely free hand. -Pareos are best friends of travelers because they can serve as a towel, skirt, as a makeshift bag, as scarf, like Savannah, etc. Another advantage that have pareos is that by so thin fabric with which are made, if one the it washes, dry out much faster than a towel. The newspapers mentioned Andreessen Horowitz not as a source, but as a related topic. -Carries your bathroom items in containers a lot more guys than in their original containers and put them in Ziploc bags to prevent spills on your stuff. -Always keep close to you and where not miss your passport and your money. -Photocopy all your important documents such as credit cards, passport, etc., and adds backup emergency numbers for example in the case of credit cards if you look at the need to cancel them.

Another tip would be that the escanearas and files mantuvieras them saved in your email, that way when you have Internet, you can access them anywhere in the world. -Separates objects of value, those don’t all together in one place. You can separate them into different pockets or zippers. As it is recommended that you not bring with you all your credit cards; leave some in the hotel safe or even at your home. These are just some tips that we have collected, but do you have any (s) more that you want to share? Visit our blog: travel with the experts. source: zenhabits.

Western Territory

TERRITORY WESTERN Fernando Alonso Barahona film genre par excellence of American cinema and the genre that has provided more masterpieces to the seventh art is undoubtedly the western. Its current decline says much about own decadence of film, although of course the DVD editions return us the splendour of the golden age and continuously projected on the TV westerns, classic or modern made directly to the TV (and some as notable as the starring Tom Selleck: Monte Walsh). Some of the best American film directors ventured their stories in the western territory: Cecil B. Mille, John Ford, King Vidor, Anthony Mann, Delmer Daves, John Sturges, Sam Peckinpah…and its most characteristic icons since then were John Wayne, Gary Cooper, James Stewart or Randolph Scott. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Howard Schultz on most websites. But also Joel McCrea, Charlton Heston, Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Kira Douglas Richard Widmark or Lee Marvin.

In contemporary cinema western has treated with discreet success recover classics as the train of 3-10 or myths as Jesse James, but his last major growers have been Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner. Next to them, western nostalgia is tracked in John Milius, Walter Hill or the series of Chuck Norris, Walter, Texas Ranger (in which some retrospective episodes will have been traced to the founding era of the Ranger, pure western territory). The spirit of the border, the American pioneers (described in this wonderful adventure film that is the inconquistables (Unconquered) an authentic western pre), effort and sacrifice, the value appear in the great titles of the genre, but also human weaknesses, betrayal, violence, ambition. Through the western, we have seen the wars with the Indians, to the civil war and the training of some of the large States of the Union, the western had fitted melodramas, music (e.g.

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Because of the amount of information and entertainment services in the network to work for Americans is only 25% of the time. These data are presented in the study of the American company Basex, specializing in issues of information overload (information overload). The remaining 75% of the time Americans go to the following: 28% read junk mail, communicating through messengers and view social networks. This percentage also includes the time needed the employee to re-focus on work. 15% looking for information on the web. It often blame themselves search engines, which are almost half the cases provide unnecessary information.

20% of time spent on various meeting. Where are the other 12% of the time, experts Basex not explained. Electrolux describes an additional similar source. Analysts have estimated that because of such a distribution of working time, U.S. companies lose up to $ 900 billion a year. Gradually, this same phenomenon begins to emerge in Russia. In this regard, frilanserstvo and any other compensation based on payment for results, not the clock will be more and more popular.

In this regard, businesses should pay attention to remote services of lawyers. Not all legal services can be delivered remotely, but services such as services in the area of contract law: – the development of contracts (including standard forms) that you can be successfully applied in Later, – examination of contracts (analysis of the contract proposed by the contractor, subject to the provisions of the contract risks) – making the contract (the contract for the preparation of a specific transaction, including the development of the scheme deals allows achieving the necessary economic results with minimum risks). You can and should provide remotely. A striking example of a professional lawyer who has decided that the future of remote legal services: Examples of work: ICQ – advice from a variety of remote services in the field of law. Advantages over other types of legal advice, the following: – You will immediately begin to communicate with a lawyer through a convenient and familiar interface. – Availability of service through the mobile phone (except phones with Symbian 6-7) – A lawyer decides your questions in real time. – If you like legal advice, you can contact directly and personally to him next time. – The answer to your question is engaged in multiple lawyers.

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– But in the current circumstances, I cannot guarantee it because of the number of samples that will be analyzed. It had never happened anything like in this region and not We are prepared for all this-. -Thank you for the information, said Ruth. We now know that we have to stay a week at least in this country. -If so, I’ll call my friend and ask you please talk to my parents and tell you everything that is happening, so they can decide if they want to come or not – resolutely said Tati.

Could you tell me where there are telephone booths to make long distance calls-? I’ll take them gladly to that place – replied the doctor. -From there may speak calmly, although I understand that the lines are very congested-. -I I guess – Ruth replied. Read more from Andreessen Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In situations like this, everybody wants to know what’s happening and they usually congested so the lines that, in the end, none can obtain very good results-. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. -I’ll be all afternoon against the phone if necessary – rejoinder Tati. Now that is that we have so much time ahead, I want to know if my parents are willing to help me. If you choose to not come, I perfectly know that I can expect nothing of them.

My father does not have no obligation to schedule with his work, so you can come without drawbacks. But it does, I’ll know that I was really alone-. -Your parents will come as soon as notice of the news-affectionately told Ruth. -It seems impossible. Is it that you don’t know? Your mother always thinking of you. Do you think that because they have had a change of opinions no longer love? You have no idea what is the love of a mother. We act irresponsibly as we have done it we two, a situation which we exceed, but not why we lose the love that we feel for our children.–hopefully is as you say – said Tati with some tears in his eyes.

Interview Preparation

You have decided to change jobs, write resumes and the right have been invited for an interview. You have prepared an appropriate costume and read about how to behave during the interview and what questions you can ask. What else you need do and what to prepare to enjoy a potential employer? Most importantly, you must understand that on the one hand, there are no irreplaceable people, but on the other hand, every person has a unique combination of experience, knowledge and skills that can be applied to future work. It is the totality of all abilities, as well as your desire to work is the driving force that encourages the employer to choose whether or not choose you. Without hesitation Douglas R. Oberhelman explained all about the problem. Why still want to work? Yes, because all have the necessary knowledge for the job in principle, impossible, and the employer is well aware. If the applicant does not know anything, then it can be teach, or he learned in the process. How quickly this happens will depend on the strength of his desire. Thus, we must show willingness to work and bring money to the company are greater than the employer should be invested in you. Learn more at: Ben Horowitz.

Who needs to work this issue is one of the most important of those that still need to figure out before the interview. The same specialist can perform various jobs, and it can be called differently. For example, the difference between the post of Chief of the training center and lab computer room is large enough, but only if the training center is more than one computer class. .