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Characteristics of Scrum

Characteristics of Scrum Scrum is a reference model that defines a set of practices and roles, and can be taken as a starting point to define the development process to be implemented during a project. The main roles in Scrum are the ScrumMaster who maintains the processes and works similar to project manager, the ProductOwner, representing stakeholders (internal or external customers), and the Team which includes the developers. During each sprint, a period between 15 and 30 days (the magnitude is decided by the team), the team creates an increment of potentially deliverable software (usable). The set of features that go into each sprint is the Product Backlog, which is a set of prioritized high-level requirements that define the work to be done. The Product Backlog items that are part of the sprint is determined during the Sprint Planning meeting. During this meeting, the Product Owner identifies the elements of the Product Backlog that he wants completed and made known to the team.The team then determines how much of this they can commit to complete during the next sprint. During the sprint, no one can change the Sprint Backlog, which means that the requirements are frozen for sprint. Scrum enables the creation of self-organizing teams to drive the co-location of all team members, and verbal communication among all members and disciplines involved in the project. A key principle of Scrum is the recognition that customer during a project may change their minds about what they want and need (often called requirements churn), and the unpredictable challenges can not be easily faced in a predictive and planned. Therefore, Scrum adopts a pragmatic approach, accepting that the problem can not be fully understood or defined, focusing on maximizing the team’s ability to deliver quickly and respond to emerging requirements.There are several implementations of systems to manage the Scrum process, ranging from yellow notes “post-it” and slates to software packages. One of the biggest advantages of Scrum is that it is very easy to learn and requires very little effort to start using.

Organization Organizations are

Organization Organizations are social systems designed to achieve goals and objectives through human resources or management of human talent and otherwise. They are composed of interrelated subsystems that fulfill specialized functions. Systematic agreement between people to accomplish a specific purpose. Organizations are the object of study of Management Science, in turn from other disciplines such as Sociology, Economics and Psychology.


Google is perhaps the Internet search engine largest and most used. It offers a quick and easy to find information on the web, with access to an index of more than 8.168 million web pages. According to the company, now Google responds to more than 200 million requests per day. The name Google is a play of words between the number gugola (googol) (improvised term of nine years the nephew of Edward Kasner, Milton Sirotta, in 1938, representing 10 to the 100) and glasses ( goggles). There is also a search engine for images, newsgroups and directory. The technique that allows to locate a page in a good position from a Web browser is positioning (also known as PageRank), patented by Google.In addition to local sites of each country there is the Google personalized homepage in addition to the classic form, you can add links, streaming news and a look at the inbox of mail from Google, Gmail. Google uses several web spiders whose function is to collect and sort the information. The longest spider crawling Googlebot network is responsible for collecting the links then find on Google. It also has other robots as freshbot, which scans the major sites with frequently updated information such as news portals.


Grand Theft Auto IV has received almost universal acclaim from critics. In the analysis aggregator MobyGames is one of the games with the highest score of all, in TopTenReviews and GameRankings, is rated the second best of all, behind Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, respectively. Upon reaching their release date, most publications were not sent copies of the game. Instead, the critics had to play the game at Rockstar offices or hotel rooms full. The number of May 2008 Official Xbox Magazine in the UK published the first criticism of Grand Theft Auto IV giving the maximum score, 10/10.The magazine also said the game is “incredibly real world, stunning action scenes, a really fascinating story and a multiplayer mode very entertaining,” ultimately a game “huge in all aspects.” The Magazine Official PlayStation in the UK also gave GTA IV a high note, 10/10, in its issue of May 2008, describing the game as “a masterpiece that improves all previous GTAS.” Xbox World 360, for its part, gave a score of 98 to the game, the most they have given to a video game, GTA IV observing that “all we could wait and incredibly more.” GameSpot gave a perfect 10, GTA IV making the first game to give the score since 2001.In his review, GameSpot GTA IV describes as “fascinating” with a “large number of features on-line and end ensuring that GTA IV is” the best of the Grand Theft Auto. ” Hilary Goldstein of IGN gave an end result of 10/10 game, making, in addition, 10 individuals in all aspects: presentation, sound, graphics, gameplay and attractive finish. GTA IV was the first game in the history of that publication to receive a 10 in all. Goldstein referred to the video game “as a great leap forward with Grand Theft Auto III, although in more subtle ways,” and said it “sets a new benchmark for games in the world” with “not a single weak point.