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National Archaeological Museum

Was once, back in Old Russia, the elite mosaics considered a luxury affordable only to the rich, as the mosaic had to be brought from other countries, because in Russia, then it simply does not know how to do it. Now: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, mosaic marble, each available in Russia, as in all other parts of the world. Ceramic mosaic on the date one of the top sellers, on a series like glass mosaic, since they are easily to realize any creative ideas of customers. Mosaic of marble, from ancient times been an inalienable attribute of the luxurious palaces in the world, many of which still delight the eyes of people with its beauty and luxury. Marble mosaic material for both internal decor rooms or separate objects, and for interior and exterior of the premises.

with the help of this mosaic can easily recreate both East Asian and European atmosphere, making multi-colored paint, and intricate designs and patterns in their environment. Have survived a lot of mosaic masterpieces, the most famous is the 'Mosaic of Alexander the Great' – mosaic of Alexander of Macedon in the battle against the Persian king Darius III, this magnificent painting, found on Oct. 24, 1831 during excavations of ancient Pompeii in Italy on the floor of one of the premises of the house Faun (House of the Faun) and moved in 1843 to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, where it is stored at the present time. Another splendid mosaic creation – Nile mosaic. Nile mosaic – a mosaic mural size 585 to 431 cm, representing the mainstream of the Nile and the scenes of Egyptian life Ptolemaic. Nowadays, the real masters of the mosaic case able to create no less luxurious masterpieces, you can order anything on your taste and imagination, and you can trust the experience of the master, giving only a few pickups. Can for example, put a chic 'Persian rug' on the floor in the living room or bedroom that is sure to attract the attention of all guests and will leave no one indifferent.

Besides laying a mosaic – a very practical option, since it – high plasticity, a zero coefficient of water absorption, heat resistance and cold resistance, durability, ruggedness, resistance to chemicals and sunlight, regardless of weather conditions, Not being the influence of microorganisms and bacteria, a variety of colors, an unlimited scope for design ideas. Glass mosaic-an ideal material for reconstruction of bright decorative ideas for finish swimming pools, saunas, bathrooms. Mosaic – unlimited possibilities to create beautiful paintings, which can perfectly decorate the room as the exterior facade and the inner part of it. Contemporary styling mosaic – a true art, whose history dates back many years, these days it may just not lost its relevance but only improved.

Car Sales

If you are planning to sell your car, you want to resolve this issue quickly and most profitable, we propose SHOW YOUR OFFER throughout the city. 1. The first thing to do – spend 30 minutes of your time and visit PROAVTO studio, which is located on a Glushkov in the largest pavilion of ENEA. Shooting a car is made from all sides, focusing on all of its benefits. During filming, you fill out the form owner, which specify all the characteristics and features of the car. Questionnaire we use for scoring roller on the air. Next – the case for our experts in the field of manufacturing stories. High quality movies can estimate at car video site or watching a TV show "PROAVTO." 2.

In the near future, your proposal goes to the SEC "Kiev" to transfer "PROAVTO." Timing of the video – one minute. During this time, the car presents them in the air, parallel voiced announcer, as well as – on the screen available basic information about the car, the price and your phone line. Broadcast story goes every Saturday at 11.00. But that's not all! Additional output sent to the resurrection of 23.00 – 24.00. ensure that your proposal will see the maximum number of interested buyers. 3.

If interested buyer wants to know more about your proposal – the plot is automatically placed on the road video site It is on video portal you can submit as much information to alert customers to their cars. Your page is active as long as the proposal is valid. In the case of a sale, information continues to be posted on our site, but classified as "SOLD". To summarize, according to our possibilities: 1) Professional surveying the plot, editing, sound clips, and 2) broadcast in a television broadcast with your direct telephone, Saturday and Sunday, and 3) Placing the story in the car before the sale of video portals. Are you interested in price? Cost for the full range of accommodation is only 700 hryvnia. Team "PROAVTO" confident and is ready to prove it – so much is selling fast car with a mileage of your desired price, and a penny more

Site Copywriting

The customer site is often a lot of attention to design and almost do not think about quality content for the new site. This error leads to the fact that the developed site is not found during the search, and coming to a random visitors do not find themselves useful information. The unique and quality content is paramount to successful website promotion, and this should always be remembered. To write high quality and unique texts should take advantage of copywriting, provided by many web studios and independent experts. In this case the data obtained should not only be interesting and literate, but also optimized for search engines. Writing without SEO, that is search engine optimization, at the present time has no meaning. Often used instead of copywriting rewriting, that is rewriting the material available, but in this case should exercise particular attention. If the original materials belong to you, rewriting them to say, but with rewriting other people's material often violate copyrights.

However, deep rewriting, in which on the basis of ideas from various articles written a new article is almost not different from copywriting and is not illegal. The materials obtained can not only make available on its website, but use in articles posted on the other sites with links to your site. Search engine promotion articles in recent years has become increasingly popular, and unique text to more and more. Most often ordered for copywriting service a few articles that are placed on to promote the site, then use the rewriting are copies of these articles. It is the copy with added links to main site located at various sites. It should be noted that the services of copywriting are quite different in quality and value, and find the right artist is hard enough. Most often asked to perform a test copywriter job then given an order for large quantities. Since the promotion – the problem constant need for the services of a copywriter is always the case.