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Quality System Certificate ISO

Today our society, our industry is moving away from mandatory certification, which appeared in the early 90-ies in order to protect domestic consumers from the muddy stream pouring into the country low quality goods. We are starting to work as running the world, professing the principles of voluntary conformity assessment. Already a thing of the past licensing manufacture of hoisting equipment, licensing Sales of motor vehicles, mandatory certification presales cars and so on – the list is still long. Reducing the number of licensed activities – is also one of the requirements of Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization. Thus, compulsory licensing, certification, and other forms of compulsory quality control thing of the past – what remains? Until recently, companies to operate in the market and prove its reliable partner, was enough to get on their activities authorized by the State – a license.

And after receiving the promised document liable to a greater extent fell on the state – if the state suit the business, then to improve the quality of both products and services could not particularly work. Reade Griffith has much experience in this field. Now this is no longer there. What can you do to a company wishing to prove their worth to potential customers, where diplomas and certificates are becoming scarce and the need for more compelling arguments of its significance? How to be prepared for, perhaps, intense competition with other manufacturers, for example, the Asian regions, which may appear in Russia in the next year or two? How, moreover, to ensure the manageability of the company to, without being distracted by little things, to engage in tactics and strategy rather than correction of errors and shortcomings? Next.