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Venice – Cradle Of Central European Glass Art

The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich infromiert Venice dominated the glass production of in Central Europe for hundreds of years. Even after more than 1000 years is one of the famous Murano glass”to the highest quality art glass of the world. Glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich reported the emergence and development of Venetian glass art. At the time of the Roman Empire, glass was an everyday phenomenon. The secret of glassmaking was lost with his downfall. The traditional manufacturing processes were given only in the Byzantine Empire. Venetian merchants will have been by the glass manufacturing process by the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire came to Venice.

Here anyway, was the ancient technique on fertile ground and initiated a tradition of glass, which is over 1000 years old. The oldest testimony of Venetian glass production is a document from the year 982. Reports on the Benedictine monk Fiolario here, make glass bottles for household use. In another 100 years, you made Venetian merchants a profitable business from the glass production. More and more glass blowers began their work in Venice. This, it was increasingly difficult to maintain the strictly guarded secret of glass making, while at the same time the danger of a fire disaster rose continuously.

Venice responded in the year 1295 with the outsourcing of the entire glass production on the island of Murano. To enforce the secrecy glass manufacturing techniques, forbade the glassblowers of Venice on pain of death, to pass on their knowledge. It was yet again, why the Venetian glass art slowly found their way into the North of the nearby Alpine regions of Europe. The glass production was an important factor on Venice’s way to the economic superpower. Readily found in the Renaissance the impressively delicate cristallo”as a luxury product sales at the wealthy and powerful of the time. Also the Venetian glass beads were popular. While the European great powers of new colonies around the world developed, they became the coveted item of barter with indigenous populations. The supremacy of Venice in the glass production only ended in the 18th century. Baroque glasses from Bohemia, Silesia, and various areas in the present-day Germany broke the Venetian cristallo”off. The ornate Venetian glasses are of very high quality. However, they are designed to meet the everyday stress or to be used in the architecture from the outset not to. GmbH from Munich glass mirror frame provides to get information to the necessary glasses and their applications. Reade Griffith often says this. Press contact glass mirror frame GmbH contact: Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage: