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Identifying different parts of the British Empire

Queen Anne

Heavy, uncomfortable, most decorative products made of oak. 9. Late renaissance chair, the Netherlands, the beginning of the XVII century. So-called. chair of Rubens. Strikingly appropriate forms, with straight lines, a fully upholstered seat in velvet or brokatom. 10.

Chair in Early Baroque Spain, XVIII century. Representative form with a high back. The construction is hidden behind the articulations and patterns appear curved legs of this convenience is still early. 11. Franuzskoe seat in the baroque style (Louis XIV), the end of the XVII century. Further development of the type with a high back in the direction of greater convenience.

More soft elements, carving curves. 12. English chair in the baroque style (Queen Anne), beginning of the XVII century. More elegant form of a chair made of walnut with a high back. Soft seat and backrest curved lines provide greater comfort seats. Appear in pure form, cabriole legs. 13. The French rococo chair (Louis XV), XVIII century. The wide, comfortable seating chair adapts to the clothes women of her time. Convenience provide soft elastic elements tapestry upholstery. 14. English rococo chair, Chippendale, XVIII century. Perfectly developed the basic form of modern chairs. The size and comfort meet modern medium style decisions. Curved cabriole legs, a rich and elegant carved, mahogany. 15. Anglo6amerikanskoe colonial seat (the main form of “Windsor), XVIII century. Clear design, easy form that complies with ease, has not lost its value and to this day. Even today, one of the types of mass-produced chairs. 16. French armchair in the style of early classicism (Louis XVI), the second half of XVIII century. Under the influence of classicism Rococo forms are replaced by more simple lines. The back of an oval or rectangular, legs are straight and pointed, more moderate ornamentation. 17. British chair in the classical style, Hepluayt, last quarter of XVIII century. Straight legs, soft seat, contour lines are strong, the back shield-shaped or oval, Air light, bright wood. 18. Chair in the style of “tsopf” (nemetsko6avstriysky classicism, the style of Joseph II), the end of the XVIII century. Straight lines, sharp pins with grooves, slightly curved elements, economical, strictly klassitsistichnye articulations and ornaments. 19. Armchair Directoire style, the end of the XVIII century. The form dates back to the Greek type, but the execution is not as strict, the chair is much more convenient. Transitional form between classicism and empire. 20. French Empire-style armchair, early XIX century. Greko6rimskaya form, enriched with ornament. Egyptian forms and motifs attached to the classical elements. 21. Chair in the Biedermeier style, Vienna, the first third of the XIX century. All there is less dependence on ancient samples. Characterized by curved lines of quiet, shining wood, excellent woodwork. 22. Seat in the style in 1900 break with the previous styles, whimsical originality of the game lines and ornamentation. First, the purely formal modernist stylistic experiment. 23. Constructivist chair Ritfeld, 1920 New version of the basic form. In contrast, elongated unnatural, false forms of modern-tough, constructive effect. Convenience and form become the subject of theoretical speculation. 24. Furniture made of steel pipes, Mies van der Rohe, ca. 1930 form meets the characteristics of a new, flexible and lightweight material, the requirements of comfort and different from all earlier, the unusual shape of questionable sustainability. 25. Contemporary armchair, ca. 1940 A simple, natural, smooth, elegant and convenient form. Cushions are removable which is very hygienic. A good example of modern furniture seats.

Prefabricated Cottages Finland

One of the favorite recreational points of the current representatives of the mega-cities are country cottages, Finland – basically provides a fantastic collection of the most diverse types of customer with any of earnings and requests. Osobnyachnoe Finland helps build high-scale, because specifically calls upon the infrastructure of both rural tourism is among the extremely high in Finland. Hence, in the plains of Finland as well to find modest wooden houses in any dull little village, and the full House, which at first glance look like real palaces, and the inside will not let you sorry about the abandoned city life. Because – here it is, city life, directly at your fingertips. Rent houses in Finland – is the destruction of the rural problem of relaxation at a distance from the metropolitan ora and hassle. The harmonious atmosphere of the true nature not only helps you to stay in environmentally unspoiled region, but also – and this is just as important, and just calm down, shift to a more peaceful rhythm of existence, as minimum rest period. Still, private residences in Finland – a residence permit problems of large collectives. If you are going, say, to go fishing with an important number of friends, in particular the chance to remove built house and decides to a matter of life and the likelihood of this withdrawal and the absence of strangers. Visit Jonas Samuelson for more clarity on the issue.

You remain solely with the closest to you friends. And for family groups can be selected cottages in Finland, for example, in fantastic Lapland country reindeer and Santa Claus. Striking landscapes will make holidays in Lapland really memorably stunning. As Lapland is located above the Arctic Circle in the north and you have all the ability to track one of the number of unusual natural phenomena on earth – the northern lights. Very often rent cottages in Finland in Vuokatti. International resort, a place where you can not only keep track of the unique nature of this country and breathe wonderfully clean air, but at the same time and relax normally in all natural variants: in this place is a complex of saunas and an aqua park, swimming pools, sports grounds. For lovers of fishing – pike, salmon to improve not only your food, but also the range of your production. And in all other locations in Finland you will be able to meet the arrival on skiing, snowboarding, and footpaths to master. For example, pedestrian routes in the southwestern region of Finland, one of the most wonderful archipelago on the planet with many tens of thousands of islands, will enable you to not feel the unpretentious charm of these places, but in truth find themselves in some kind of a different world, not like our everyday world.

East Shutters

Blinds – one of the most modern and practical options for the design of the window. By the method of fixing shutters are divided into several types: vertical blinds, fotozhalyuzi, multifakturnye and composite blinds, horizontal blinds, roller (roller blinds) and Roman (Roman Blinds) shutters, lace curtains, blinds, "Pleated, Japan (Japanese curtain) and protective (shutters) blinds. If you dream, what would your apartment was not only beautiful, but today – you need to pay attention to the blinds. In addition to their undoubted superiority over the curtains, due to the fact that the blinds do not collect dust and is easy to wash, they are still good that are suitable for modeling various interiors. But few of us know when and where it was invented device that resembles today's horizontal blinds. This item appeared in the East, presumably from the Arabs.

These blinds are designed for darkening of the space in a residential area and fencing details of private life from the curious looks of random people. Typically, blinds are choosing either the color of the walls, either – the color of the other elements of decor such as furniture. Also, special attention should be paid to the texture of the material from which made blinds. However, the choice of colors – that's not the hardest. In a question-answer forum Electrolux was the first to reply. Much more difficult to choose the material from which to fulfill your blinds.

Also, do not just pick and the length of the blinds, because there is a purely technical limitations dictated not only easy to use, but also life. Vertical blinds are perfect for the kitchen. They can be made of fiberglass, as it practically not affected by fire, a well-washed and does not absorb fat. Decorate and freshen the interior, you can use fotozhalyuzi, ie, blinds, which caused a certain image or picture. If you are fotozhalyuzi for office space, this may be the company logo. If you want to put blinds on the rather complex picture, the best option to translate your imagination into reality will be vertical blinds are made of synthetic materials.

Russia Stone

Russian Mosaic distinguished by the fact that fitting the finest records of the Urals gemstones due to the complicated work on curved surfaces to create a sense of monolithic volume. To the development of this art in Russia was a direct relation Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Ancient mosaic pattern can be found, perhaps, in all parts of the world. This is not surprising, because not only beautiful mosaic. By filling it with rocks, she has borrowed unprecedented longevity.

Therefore, the memory of the works of masters of mosaic art is not just for centuries, does not erase it, and through the millennium. At the new turn back to the traditions of the past is very characteristic of our time. That mosaic after temporary oblivion again released in the vanguard of architectural fashion. This case can be called a repetition of history at a new stage. Mosaic inlaid patterns, so similar to the ancients, are created using a fundamentally other technologies. Take, for example, processing of stone. In Rome, the slave labor-intensive operation on the formation of cubic tiles are not an obstacle to the creation of masterpieces – with the help of primitive metallic wedges and stone hammers naturally rounded shape with difficulty, but gave the correct geometrical shape. Architects of the XXI century is most often used for this purpose a completely different technique – saw cut stone elements on the machine. Ready-made cubes must pass in a special grinding device. Only after that will appear on the sawn surfaces of color and texture of stone, very similar to the old.

Previous Important

Its better to have on a vast open area or site, such as in front of the yard. In this case, he successfully combined with other decorative plants and flowers. To create such perennial grass used thin stem stunted grass. Most frequently used mixtures of Poa pratensis, red fescue or bent pine. But the mixture should not combine more than two components. Lawn grass in the lawn parterre different homogeneity, high density and velvety texture. However, it is the most whimsical kind of lawn that requires professional care.

First, the important ground on which to planted green cover. She should be fertile and cultivated. Better than before transplanting well drained and level the soil. Secondly, you need to regularly give a haircut lawn, carefully monitor its purity and state of plants. But it is important to understand that the parterre lawn is primarily a decorative function, so it is not resistant to trampling.

To avoid this, take care of the lanes in the places where to be constant walking. Landscape (ordinary) This turf grass is very practical and enduring. That's why he deserves his popularity. Lawn grass in gardening lawn is not as dense and velvety in the parterre, but color and uniformity, nor what he does not agree. This kind of grass easily experiencing frequent walking on it, not only animals but people. The choice of soil for this type of turf is not as strict as in the previous version, most importantly, to it was complete. Grass mixture allows to achieve perfect form and color of the lawn.