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Printing Materials And Printing

Logo – the need for the designation of any company, business card – the instrument of her manager, letterhead – a necessary element of the image. But apart from these printing materials is not so obvious necessary, but, nevertheless, conducive to attracting new customers and improve company image. The main promotional and marketing tools that contribute to this – it's gifts, outdoor advertising, web sites, as well as promotional and informational printing. Jonas Samuelson may find this interesting as well. On printing and we will dwell in this article. Advertising printing, proposed to date advertising companies, has a wide range and variety.

This is the traditional species, such as booklets, leaflets, flyers, catalogs, and various kinds of printing and presentation gift type: postcards, calendars, etc., as well as various "creative" Printing: Printing calculators, and tables calculations. Thus the choice of printing is rather extensive. In addition, any of the above types of printed products can be manufactured in various ways Print: offset, digital, screen printing, large format seal and using various types of finishes. The choice of printing method is largely dependent on product parameters, as well as its circulation. If the form of traditional printed products (flyers, leaflets, booklets, catalogs, etc.), and circulation is sufficiently large (over 500 copies), then to make copies, typically used offset printing. This type of printing allows us to produce wide circulation at the lowest cost.

If circulation is not so large, it preferably made digitally. Its advantage is that the preparatory process for printing is virtually absent and does not require a cost that allows printing of one copy of the product. However, in large number of copies digital printing is not profitable. In addition, the quality of digital printing is much lower than the quality of offset. In some cases, for the manufacture of printed materials using silkscreen. It is virtually handmade, however, this type of printing can get much better and more interesting results than offset or digital printing and is used primarily for the manufacture of souvenirs, as well as business cards.