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Twitter is another ideal channel. It can comment new features or characteristics of his products and make them arrive in real time at his clients and leads. Another way to obtain a communication in real time is by means of a Live Chat in its site. He is not difficult nor onerous to implement. And if its site is constructed on WordPress, it is possible to install plugins that they will handle this, they will create tickets, and will administer its contacts. Chequee the level of satisfaction once realised the purchase. It does not hope that the client puts itself in contact with you, when something walks bad. It sends a customized, brief questionnaire, with four or five precise questions good, in order to evaluate the different aspects from the process of sales: level of general satisfaction with the product, delays in the time of shipment or unloading, quality of attention of the salesman, etc.

In order to stimulate the users to that they respond, it can offer something in return, to them for example, an extension of guarantee or e-book, if they answer the questions. Mantenga its site updated, with abundant and fresh information on its products and services: photos, schemes, manuals online, tutorial, section of FAQs, etc. Its site must become the Knowledge base of reference to which their users go in case of doubts. With these simple measures it is possible to increase the level of satisfaction of the buyers, and to stimulate to leads ” indecisos” to that finally they push the button to buy: the objective of any plan of marketing online.