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I give an example them: if I show in the news that in the primary schools the pupils have become a group of savages who attack themselves among them, who attack their professors, to the authorities, etc. and that the violence is product of tal o cual familiar cause and that in those familiar groups its epicenter is violence and disregard. And that such are guilty of this and that one, etc. Although, this happens (and perhaps of worse ways) Is necessary to include several things before determining on the basis of this news that the lost adolescents are. Click Ben Horowitz to learn more. I consider that the reality is a panorama of the moments that we perceived like thinking beings, the facts generally are essentially neutral, only the interpretation that we obtained of them generates the different aspects and states from the reality. Then, seeing it with this perception and of which I am I participate direct, to change to the way in that we expressed the serious life a good step to modify the reality and that way to apply involuntarily changes in the collective mentality. We can modify the mind of the human being through the form in which we expressed the reality. And therefore its conduct and as a result of this to modify its destiny not only like species but like conscious organization that is, individual. Note: I am totally conscious of the search on the part of mass media of the protagonism of the violence and the horror as marketing or political strategy and of sale but I do not limit myself its vision.