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Deutschmark Mersedes

One of the most important moments of any celebration, whether it is a simple party at some rich man or a gorgeous wedding can be a rental car. Everyone chooses a car to his liking, but one of the most beautiful and safe, for many decades, remains a limousine. Limousine – this is a machine that creates a holiday only for its magnificent appearance. So make your holiday memorable was really worth thinking about it lease. 34833278’>ARC Investment Partners. The first limousine was built in America, it was there, decided to cut it for the first time a new car and extend it by pasting. Modernization was so successful that machine operators did not sell the car, and began to fail it out to make money. Limousines are several kinds, and for the lease, it is important to consider the purpose of the event to make the right choice of vehicle, suitable for you. Classic Limousine has Special structurally elongated body, which increases by a special insert between front and rear doors.

The length of insertion, as a rule, is 1.27 meters. Sometimes there are inserting a length of 3.8 m and 4.19 m. Most common insertion length 1.52 meters and 3.05 meters. Representatives of the classic limo models are 1997. Not straight, angular body lines and square headlights – are their hallmark.

These limos are, For example, the British limousine Bentley and Rolls-Royce, as well as local limousines "ZIL". It is believed that the classic limousine must have a glass partition between the main compartment and front seats. Modern limousines, usually belong to a type of "stretch limo (Stretch-Limousine), they run out of ready-made body of standard cars. There is a third type of limousines – Limousine Pullman. These limousines – real palaces, the word Pullman now used when referring to the highest degree of comfort in vehicles. The name comes from the American inventor George Mortimer Pullman, who built the most comfortable four-axle wagons in the 19th century. Limousine from the standard car is particularly enhanced suspension, high performance engine cooling system, special brakes, interior heating and air conditioning. These vehicles usually make a special body company. You can order a limousine for a wedding, a corporate meeting, a limousine to the airport, or just rent a limo for a party. Limousine service – this is an excellent opportunity and please and impress your loved one. For corporate meetings are best suited limousines Deutschmark Mersedes. These cars are high-quality sound-proof coating and are equipped with bulletproof glass. For Honeymoon on renting a car for a wedding, is to determine over time, as time drivers wedding limousines painted by the minute. But companies that have always respected our clients, may, if necessary to extend the lease for an hour. Whatever joy or business event happening in your life will always be necessary limousine classic attribute of success.

Car Sales

If you are planning to sell your car, you want to resolve this issue quickly and most profitable, we propose SHOW YOUR OFFER throughout the city. 1. The first thing to do – spend 30 minutes of your time and visit PROAVTO studio, which is located on a Glushkov in the largest pavilion of ENEA. Shooting a car is made from all sides, focusing on all of its benefits. During filming, you fill out the form owner, which specify all the characteristics and features of the car. Questionnaire we use for scoring roller on the air. Next – the case for our experts in the field of manufacturing stories. High quality movies can estimate at car video site or watching a TV show "PROAVTO." 2.

In the near future, your proposal goes to the SEC "Kiev" to transfer "PROAVTO." Timing of the video – one minute. During this time, the car presents them in the air, parallel voiced announcer, as well as – on the screen available basic information about the car, the price and your phone line. Broadcast story goes every Saturday at 11.00. But that's not all! Additional output sent to the resurrection of 23.00 – 24.00. ensure that your proposal will see the maximum number of interested buyers. 3.

If interested buyer wants to know more about your proposal – the plot is automatically placed on the road video site It is on video portal you can submit as much information to alert customers to their cars. Your page is active as long as the proposal is valid. In the case of a sale, information continues to be posted on our site, but classified as "SOLD". To summarize, according to our possibilities: 1) Professional surveying the plot, editing, sound clips, and 2) broadcast in a television broadcast with your direct telephone, Saturday and Sunday, and 3) Placing the story in the car before the sale of video portals. Are you interested in price? Cost for the full range of accommodation is only 700 hryvnia. Team "PROAVTO" confident and is ready to prove it – so much is selling fast car with a mileage of your desired price, and a penny more

Driving Instructors

The Company is developing very fast every year faster. Develop the city. Develop even sat down. Vobschem world is not standing still. There are new fashionable profession. To create a successful present-day lifestyle Modern man needs to have an apartment or private house, and of course the car. After all, our crazy pace of life everyone wants to be modern. What could be more modern than to have your own car, and be driver.

But the drive itself is not easy. And especially do not drive the car just in big cities. After all, traffic on the roads in big cities just crazy. And it's very easy to get into an accident. Minimum escape Roseby is my car is worse than the smash someone else's car. Of course, this is the worst hurt in the accident.

Also do not forget about the bases on the roads. Also worth knowing in which cases should wait staff Road inspection. To do this, do not buy the rights from any use of this and go to driving school. Need to carefully choose a driving school. After all, there are driving schools, where nothing is taught, but simply offering to buy the right after courses. So it's best to go to driving school, which is already finished your friends or acquaintances, so they recommend you. And maybe even recommend a good driving instructor or teacher of the theory. After all, the avoidance Substituting the road is very important to know the rules of the road. And even carry a book with the rules of the road with the latest changes. But the main thing is to learn to ride well. Because Statistics show that accidents fall mainly inexperienced drivers. Therefore, we must learn to ride before sitting yourself behind the wheel. Also, if the instructor is not satisfied it can be changed, and to take sufficient number of lessons.

Foreign Cars

Three foreign car manufacturers are in the Russian top five best sellers for 2007. Last year, the leadership belonged automaker Ford, and this year it was the company Chevrolet, through its subsidiaries in AvtoVAZ. After this call them foreign cars, even language is not rotated. In Russia, through a dealer network of dealers had sold over 84 thousand cars, but many have been sold through used cars, we can only read the tea leaves. A large proportion of sales of such models belong to Chevrolet, as the Chevy Niva and Lanos. Carmaker Ford of America has the second highest rating in 2007, with gross sales of almost 82 thousand cars and sales growth of 122%. However, being in second position, Ford Motor Company with its model of Ford Focus still holds a place in the ranking of the best-selling car in the world. In 2007, the share of Ford Focus had 46,000 sales, which is not small compared with total sales of cars Ford.

sell used Ford Focus cars in general takes a few global scale, indicating that the quality or the price / quality ratio of this model. On the 3rd place is the Japanese concern Toyota, which managed to surpass the 2007 General Motors and take a place in the world in car production. During the first 6 months of the year they managed to sell over 72 thousand cars. Successful performance at Toyota also concern in the ranking of models: Corolla took 4th place, Camry won the 15 line, the SUV RAV4 – 17th place, but wagon Avensis took 18th place. Just 4 models are in the Top 20 sales – is commendable. Most of the cars was realized with the help of buy cars Toyota. It was a review of top-three among the leaders in sales of foreign cars in Russia in the first half of 2007. The above data will grow exponentially because more and more people can afford to buy a new car.