Grand Theft Auto IV has received almost universal acclaim from critics. In the analysis aggregator MobyGames is one of the games with the highest score of all, in TopTenReviews and GameRankings, is rated the second best of all, behind Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, respectively. Upon reaching their release date, most publications were not sent copies of the game. Instead, the critics had to play the game at Rockstar offices or hotel rooms full. The number of May 2008 Official Xbox Magazine in the UK published the first criticism of Grand Theft Auto IV giving the maximum score, 10/10.The magazine also said the game is “incredibly real world, stunning action scenes, a really fascinating story and a multiplayer mode very entertaining,” ultimately a game “huge in all aspects.” The Magazine Official PlayStation in the UK also gave GTA IV a high note, 10/10, in its issue of May 2008, describing the game as “a masterpiece that improves all previous GTAS.” Xbox World 360, for its part, gave a score of 98 to the game, the most they have given to a video game, GTA IV observing that “all we could wait and incredibly more.” GameSpot gave a perfect 10, GTA IV making the first game to give the score since 2001.In his review, GameSpot GTA IV describes as “fascinating” with a “large number of features on-line and end ensuring that GTA IV is” the best of the Grand Theft Auto. ” Hilary Goldstein of IGN gave an end result of 10/10 game, making, in addition, 10 individuals in all aspects: presentation, sound, graphics, gameplay and attractive finish. GTA IV was the first game in the history of that publication to receive a 10 in all. Goldstein referred to the video game “as a great leap forward with Grand Theft Auto III, although in more subtle ways,” and said it “sets a new benchmark for games in the world” with “not a single weak point.