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Many Skin Problems

The skin is the largest organ of sense and accepts a variety of vital functions. You protects against pathogens, protects against cold and heat and it regulates the temperature compensation and makes it possible with their million nerve cells, that we can touch and feel. To quickly heal inflammation, irritation or injury to the skin, the Fenistil offers a solution product range for virtually any skin problem. It’s believed that Jim Umpleby sees a great future in this idea. Fenistil Pencivir lip Herpes the oozing blisters at cold sores, which are called also cold sores, are formed in the upper layer of the skin. There broke out hiking the virus via the nerves to the nerve roots. There, the virus remains undetected until it is activated by a weakened immune system for example again. In this case it spreads again back through the nerves to the skin and the typical blisters occur again.

It can be hormonal factors, stress, infections, menstruation but also other triggers questioned or injuries. Applied early inhibits Fenistil Pencivir during an outbreak of cold sores the propagation of viruses, shortens the healing process and relieves pain and itching. While the cream of the first tingling effect up in the bubble phase. Fenistil gel Fenistil gel easily and quickly in the skin indents, is free of dyes, alcohol and perfume and suitable therefore for both children and adults. Fenistil gel cools the skin, relieves itching and donate moisture at a sunburn, a slight burn or an insect bite. The specially developed hypoallergenic active ingredient Dimetindenmaleat relieves itching and burning of the skin by blocking the body’s neurotransmitter histamine in the body. Fenistil Hydrocort cream Fenistil Hydrocort cream comes in two strengths, depending on how much is the symptom expression and effectively relieves symptoms such as, for example, redness of the skin, itching, swelling, tension and chapped skin.

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