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I would remind to people that mentally ill through imprisonment, separation of the family or taking away and forced adoption of the own child. (A valuable related resource: Sonya Reines-Djivanides). There are people, the on base the dictatorship and their failed escape in her professional life could not freely develop and today live in poverty. Others, who were staying at the time opportunistically, are privileged in the professional life today. All these human fates should warn the lessons from today’s knowledge. To make understandable how of the GDR regime, numerous copies of the documents of the State security are included in this book.

This gives the reader a parallel documentary of the events; from the perspective of the refugees, as well as from the point of view of the various security organs and the there different levels of management. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kevin Johnson. While forward the family about the successful escape and thus family reunification, issued an arrest warrant for the father – accused by the East German State as traffickers – in the GDR. As the GDR was bugging the radio traffic of the Federal Republic of Germany and as spies in Germany spying from the editorial staff of the newspaper of Bild shows in the Stasiakten among others. Equally interesting is the accusation of the different Maintainers of the errors made by the so-called security agencies. The author can reference all in all reports of a total of 14 file folders, understandably not all of that can be published.

There are many repetitions in the files but as reported on district, regional, and ministerial level. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Johnson. With this book I would like to thank also those – relatives, friends and even people – who have helped me and my family in the Federal Republic, to set up a new business. I’m sorry that I caused problems by my flight at that time many people in the GDR. That has never been my intention. The author of February 1988. The German Democratic Republic staggers toward their economic and political end, but the intimidation of the people by the State security are unbroken. This book tells the story of a young man of who does not return from a trip to West of Germany, in the hope that you also soon leave his family leaves. But when he sees that the authorities demonstrate all their power and the West German policy can only helplessly watch as harassed his family in the East because of his escape, he takes up all his courage. In last despair he plans the biggest thing in his life: the breakthrough of the winner border strip on the East-West German border to reunite his family. What no one suspects at this time: In November 1989, the wall falls! A compelling story of a German reunification with insight into the original Stasiakten. Read test under