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After so many rains you will surely bring your very dirty truck, right? And the truth is that I also. The truth is that I have not washed because I haven’t had time! Weekdays I work and the weekend because time if there is but desire not! The last thing I want to do the weekend is to wash my car. There are many car wash by all Monterrey but the truth I don’t like carrying my car washed there for two reasons: the first is because in many places they hurt much truck painting and the second and more important – is because they are very expensive. I can not be spending much to wash my car, imagine being spent and spent on washing your car and then now with the rains! It would end spending. The good thing is that there is a place here in San Pedro that meets my expectations, they are more than a car wash and cared much for my car and course the best thing is that they have very affordable prices. Good that I bring you today is that I discovered that they have a Facebook page and a discount on washing and vacuuming of your vehicle you can have to become a fan. Get your discount on washing and vacuuming like I, and place is very easy to reach and that same page can discover more promotions. Original author and source of the article