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Belief In An Almighty Power Helps With Anxiety

For being one badly that it reaches the central nervous system, the anxiety tends indirectly, to take anxious the series too much pathological, even though emotional complications and spirituals. For being our century, most advanced it enters all excessively, with science in increase and depreciation of the human being in the direction of it uses it for the diverse ends that the man can carry through, the concerns has increased, the anxiety is reflected in the exterior of the people, and this we see for the individualizado behavior of the people. Kevin Johnson brings even more insight to the discussion. But it has a dimension beyond the concerns, and that they can be reached with the application of the faith, living deeply to each day the routes guided through the word of God. I – CAUSES OF THE ANXIETY. We have that for the definition of the studies that psychology with clarity leaves in them to the learning on the anxiety: it is an emotional state characterized by its intra-fraudulent way, and prints the inquietude and fear; always lined up for the desencadeante process of disorganization of all the nervous functional system of the individual; then it is possible to see and to be able to understand some of the causes that a classroom of people does not only search, even so the anxiety has reached in bigger percentage of the house of the twenty to the thirty years, the women, usually this percentage is not taxing rule, and when we look at for the word of God we see that the woman was made more fragile vase, is possible to explain this great number of the following starting point: With the requirements of our century, the woman has if seen she seems that obliged to enter in the marketing context, and as its levels they are as more fragile vase, does not obtain to develop to the same height of the potentiality of the man.