MANAGEMENT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: A CHALLENGE WHEN KNOWING DEMOCRATIC Salete Pear tree of Branches SUMMARY This article brings some reflections on the conquest of knowing in a democratic management in the public schools, as well as the paper of the school in the construction of an inclusive society and of quality. The research was carried through through readings of workmanships of authors who think about the democratization of the school as an exit for a society more joust and fraterna, therefore is a bibliographical research. In principle, it makes an analysis of the implantation of the legislation that supports the democratic management in the public schools. At as a moment, it reflects on the dynamic reality of the process of change of practical the pedagogical ones for a management democratic in transforming practical the authoritarian one into a democratic management, consolidated with the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. Some consideraes related to the pertaining to school administration and the enterprise administration are presented, in what it says respect to the difficulties that surround the democratic management when managed as company. E, finally, argues the paper of the manager in the integration of the collegiate agencies and the advice, giving main approach to the participativo relationship with its pairs, as much in the construction as in the execution of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. As well as, the challenges of the Democratic Management as main impediment for its total efetivao. Word-key: School.

Inclusion. Democracy. Challenge. Practical Pedaggica.1-INTRODUOAs reflections on the paper of the school in the construction of a democratic management contributes for the insertion of the citizen in a society inclusive, capable to accomplish the practical one of the management of the systems of public education. The objective of this article is to make some reflections on the democratic management of the public school carried through by the managers, related to the Project Pedagogical Politician; beyond investigating the causes that become the democratization of public school a distant reality.